Sanchez, Alex, Jr.

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May 2, 1987 - February 7, 2017

Sanchez, Alex, Jr.

Alex Sanchez Jr.

Junior went to be with the Lord on February 7th, 2017. He was surrounded by love and family as he went on to his next journey of being an Angel.

He is survived by his Mother Cynthia; Step-Father Roger; Brother Josh; Sister Erin; Sweet Daughter Elesina; Grandparents Doris, Hortensia and Reynaldo; Aunts Claudia, Kim and Melissa; Uncles Frank and Martin; and many other family members and friends.

He was a very kind, sweet and fun young man with the most beautiful smile. He loved cookouts and had a passion for computers. When he was little he would take them apart and put them back together just to see what was inside them and how they worked. He was an amazing person.

Until we see you again please know that we all love you and miss you Mijo.

A Celebration of life and Beautiful Balloon Release for Junior was held on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at North Dallas Funeral Chapel with Pastor Jesse Valdez officiating.

Arrangements are under the direction of
ARIA Cremation Service and Funeral Home
19310 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75252

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April 25, 2017 7:55PM

Hi mijo I miss you! I wanted to tell you for the first time in 19 years I celebrated Erins birthday with her. I can't believe how fast she grew up and into a beautiful young lady with a very sweet heart. Your tia Claudia shared a picture of her when she was liftle and omg she looks just like you;-) Claudia had a cookout for Erin at her house and your tio Frank grilled fajitas. Tu abuelita Tencha made elotes and aguas de tamarindo, sandia y jicama and i had the tamarindo it was delicious you would've loved it. Your tia Melissa made taco salad for everyone but i wasn't very hungry I just ate fajita tacos. I wanted to make guacamole but i didn't have time and didn't want to be late so i bought some and yea it was totally gross. I remember anytime i would say totally you would say (in a valley girl accent) yea and gag me with the biggest spoon lol it was always so funny. I miss those days. Josh Ele Chanel and Ava (Chanels stepdaughter) went too. Erin's boyfriend his parents and brother went too. We had a good time I know you were there because you're in my heart but i wish you could've been there physically. Eles soccer team is doing really well this season I think they only lost one gane which is great compared to losing every game lol. She's getting so big so fast. She's very stout like you and Chanel but Ele is going to be tall. Please watch over her. I love you son and miss you my than words can express. Not an hour goes by that I don't think about you. Be good and work hard up there. Mama loves you always! Besos


April 20, 2017 7:27PM

Hi mijo so many things blessings are happening and i wish you were here so I could tell you and I would get to hear your voice let me know what you're thinking. Its been a really tough week for me because I miss you so much and the emptiness is tearing me up inside. On Tencha's birthday Josh and i were on our way to ojedas and i got pulled over because the officer said I didn't make a complete stop at the stop sign (which I know i did) but anyway i lost the ticket so i had to call and find out what I needed to do to get it taken care of. I got pulled over on i30 but since it wasnt dpd it was a sheriff, i had to go through the Justice of the Peace and it was all the way in Lancaster talk about far I didn't know how or why it was so far out but i had fo go and sign up so I could take defensive driving. I had to go all the way down 35 and as i was driving i was not far from my exit and all of a sudden I heard your voice ask me hey Mom you remember that place? And I looked around and i saw the place where Tinas niece had her quince i just smiled and then you even said do you remember I almost got in a fight that night?? And i so remember that it was because some guy was trying to hit on Tina. But luckily nothing and we were able to have lots of fun that night. I have lots of pics from that day. Now i know why God sent me that way. It was so i could share a memory with you. I love you and God for that !thank you so much! After I took care of my ticket you also told me lets take a little detour and so we drove to your old apartment and told me that was the last place you were truly happy but also where your world fell apart. I cried so hard because I remember. I will never know how you truly felt when our life was turned upside down and I feel like a failure because I couldn't help you or save you. I couldn't help you get through that even though i tried everything I could i wanted to be with you by your side through this. I know circumstances changed you, it changed all of us but I always saw you as my Jr. I know now you're back to your kind loving fun self and its heartwarming. I love you son and thank you for all the wonderful memories and the comforting things you still do for me and even though your not physically here our special bond we have will never be broken I love you and miss you so much! Love Always Mom


April 17, 2017 10:24PM

Hi Mijo I feel really empty I feel a hole in my heart i wish we could have our life back and we could all be together again i dont understand why this happened to us I need strength and guidance more than ever you were the best son a mom could ask for I remember you would tell me everything I miss that closeness we had. I remember being your chauffeur to the prom you were so handsome and such a gentleman I remember taking you and Valerie to the school for the dance then going back to pick y'all up and everyone was going to Chilis and of course thats where we went. I remember I wanted you to enjoy your time and i offered to sit on the opposite side of the restaurant but you weren't having it you told me you wanted me there with yall that was a great night! I miss you so much I want to hug you and hear your voice I have nothing to fill this void this emptiness and its so hard. I don't know how to keep going. You are my baby and im supposed to take care of you im so sorry I couldn't save you. Im kissing you all over your face and holding you in my arms. They feel so heavy because im squeezing tight and you're not here. I just want to wake up and me be the one in a coma or something and see You Josh Ele and Joshua right there with me and all this was just a horrible dream! I don't know what to do. I love you i miss you with all of what's left of my heart please come visit me. Tina got a tattoo that says No Te Olvidare your name and dates we were blessed to have you and it has a cruz de madera with a red ribbon and your signature from a letter that you wrote to her one time. Its very nice and very personal. Your tio Frank has your portrait on his leg its very nice. I love both of them and i know you would too. We all love you and miss you more than words can ever say. Im sorry you suffered so much. Love always Mom


April 14, 2017 8:19PM

Hi Mijo I love you and miss you so much! Josh has been making screensavers with your pictures and beautiful backgrounds! He really knows how to capture you. I hope you're doing ok there I know you are God is great! I found this poem and it so reminded me of you I hope you like it:
God looked around his garden and he saw an empty place He then looked down upon this earth and saw your tired face!
He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. Gods garden must be beautiful because he always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering He knew that you were in pain He knew that you would never get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough the hills were hard to climb so he closed your weary eyelids and said "Peace be Thine"
It broke our hearts to lose you but you didn't go alone, for part of us went with you the day God called you home!
This poem is exactly how I feel right now! I know you're at peace! I love you with all my heart Mijo!


April 09, 2017 10:27PM

I miss you mijo! I want you to know we finished Eles room and its beautiful I wish you were heres to see it you would be so happy for her. Even though you're not physically here to be with her anymore this is a small way to let her know she still has us and will always have a special place with us. Things are so hard and my heart hurts so much only Gods strength, the beautiful memories and knowing you're not suffering anymore is the only thing that keeps me from breaking down. I can't wait to see your babyface again! Please tell everyone I said hello love hugs and kisses especially for you and your brother! Please visit me I need to see you


April 07, 2017 7:25PM

Mijo its been 2 long months since I seen you held your hand kissed you talked to you hear your voice and I miss you so much. Josh and Ele miss you so much too. We never imagined it would be this hard and I realize how much i took for granted. You were very strong and fought for a long time and I always prayed for a miracle and hoped you would make a complete turnaround and get better but that didnt happen. Josh showed me some pictures that you have on your facebook and you're so handsome and so grown up. I love seeing pictures of you and hearing memories. Guess who I had lunch with yesterday?? Tina!! She got a job in carrollton and she asked me for the name of the chinese restaurant you would always order from so we had lunch at chef chu. She had the shwimp fwied wice lol. She shared some of the things she's experienced since you became an angel and she sometimes feels your presence too. Now I know where you're at when your not here lol then today she told me she went to another of your favorite restaurants in carrollton Mena's she had chicken enchiladas with salsa verde...dang my tummy just growled. Aye mijito I miss you so much i miss talking to you. I will regret not doing the things we could've done for the rest of my life but also be grateful for having you the time we did. I love you so much


April 03, 2017 6:53PM

Hi mijo something strange happened today i was busy at work and i was walking to my desk and i told myself call and check on Jr. I even told myself whoa. I was so used to calling or texting you to see how you were doing and checking on you to make sure you were ok and now some days I know im just going through the motions just to get myself thru the day. I really wish I could see you and hear your voice. I kiss your fingerprint on my necklace every day throughout the day and I imagine it's your hand. Wednesday we went to Ojedas for Tenchas birthday she looked really pretty for her special day. Josh went with me and Claudia, Ian,John,Erin,Angel,Frank Melissa and the kiddos were all there. It wasn't the same because you weren't there and Eventhough the past few years you didn't join us very often for celebrations i still had hope that someday you would get better and join us again. That hope wasn't there this time. I did have the enchilada dinner though and since I'm eating for 2 now...don't freak out i mean for YOU and me lol but i was only going to eat a little bit but ended up eating it all cuz I know you would have too. I miss you baby. I remember your scent I remember your kisses on my cheek and i miss that so much. You're in my heart and imbedded in my soul. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again. You Birthday is a month from yesterday and I don't know what im going to do. I will definitely get you some balloons and maybe make mole to honor our special day. I say ours because for you it was the day you were born and thats plenty reason to celebrate and for me it was the day God gave me my biggest blessing of my life. You're very special to me. I love you mijo and miss you like crazy i want to break down on my knees because I can't hold you. Love you so much!


March 28, 2017 10:16PM

My heart hurts so much because I miss you i want to see your face and smell your scent and hug you so tightly hold your hand carress your face I don't understand why this had to happen life is do hard without you.. I love you I love you I love you I wish you could hear me


March 28, 2017 7:10PM

Hola mijito I swear visited here sunday buf I don't see it. I wanted to tell you all about Eles first soccer game she had on Saturday. Friday night we went to buy her shoes can you believe your daughter wears size 8.5?? I only wear sn 8 and she's only 10. She picked out her soccer socks a for some reason she got a large. We didn't think anything about it until we got home when Roger said to make sure her socks fit and when we went to open them we noticed the large was 10-12 mens. I was like crap we have to take them back but told her to go ahead and try them on and guess what?!? They fit. I was in shock. Chickie pooh is growing up so so fast. I was massaging her legs that night and she has nice thick legs like you did. :-) Saturday was a really nice day sunny not too hot not too cold and she practiced dribbling and keeping the ball up. She was so excited for her game. We got to the field and her team was just getting there too its a coed team and a mix of kids. They're pretty good players it was a high scoring hame like 5-6. Oh her jersey is yellow with a bulldog on it its super cute. They were winning the first half then the other team brought in a kid that everyone could tell he was much older and he came out and scored 3 points all by himself one even made one with his head. They lost the game but they all played very well and i know she will learn alot its competitive for her and thats what she needs. I wish you could've been there with us. We love you and miss you so much but you're in our hearts and with us every step.


March 23, 2017 12:24PM

Hi mijo it seems that the more days that go by the harder it gets no seeing you or hearing your voice. I cry every day because I miss you so freaking much! I can't call you or text you or offfer you something to eat. I think about what you must have been going through after the cancer came in and took over your life. I know you didn't mean to change and I know it must have destroyed your emotions. No one can say how you shouldve acted or behaved when something like that happens because only you know what you were going through. Everyone including me will have opinions on what to do but at the end of the day we each have our own journey. You were sick and I know treatments made you feel even more sick and I want you to know im very proud of you for being strong and holding on as long as you did especially because I know you were suffering. Im grateful for everything but I miss you so much and I don't know how im suppossed to do this it's getting harder. I pray for strength and guidance every day and thank God for making you his angel. I had dinner with Josh Sunday I ordered a necklace for him that says my brother my friend and it will hold a tiny portion of your ashes he loves it. He gave me some wireless earphones and i was thinking about a song that goes "i wanna put on my my my my boogie shoes oooohooohooohooohooh" remember that one? I remember the first time i sang that song to y'all you both laughed so hard because yall had never heard of boogy shoes lol it yalls laugh made me laugh we were a bunch of laughing fools lol good times mijo good times. Eles soccer practice went good she doesn't know anyone on her team but shes excited. She comes over tomorrow to spend the night. Cant wait to see her I haven't seen her in 2 weeks We've been remodeling her room and its not ready yet so I don't know where shes going to sleep yet but we'll figure it out. Maybe we'll camp out in the backyard haha jk you know im not a camper! Mama has to have a/c. I hope you and Ele are looking at the moon and saying good night to eachother like you both agreed to do. She misses you so much please visit her. I talked to Tina today she said she dreamt of you last night and it seemed so real she was so happy to see you and that you told her that you heard what she whispered to you at the hospital. She said she will always love you. I love you baby and think about you all the time you will never ever be forgotten! Please visit me I miss you

March 21, 2017 12:44PM

Mijo im thinking about you and there's so many things i want to share with you and I can't. Estoy sufriendo mucho. Te extrano mucho. Ayudame por favor. Necesito ver te. La vida no es igual. No se que hacer. Yesterday I received the gift of a necklace that has your thumbprint engraved on it and on the back it says my Son, Mijo, Baby Alex Sanchez Jr, 5/2/87 - 2/7/16 Psalm 23. I absolutely love it and will wear it and cherish it forever. It was given to me by all the girls I call my true friends that have always been there when you guys were growing up. You know who they are Norma Margie Delia Sylvia Susan Sara Marcella. One thing that stands out to me is the dash between the dates. I never really gave the dash much thought until now. Now I realize how important and meaningful that dash is because it signifies the dates we were blessed to have you in our life. That dash will forever be special to me. I love you and miss you so much. I wanted to tell you Ele is starting soccer again and has her first practice tonight snd hopefully a game Saturday. We haven't bought her cleats yet but hopefully she can come over before her game and we'll take her to get them. Her team name is the Bulldogs lol i love it and its coed so we'll see how that goes hopefully its very competitive and she will learn new skills this season. Ill let you know how it goes. Tell everyone I love them and miss them too. Love you and miss you muchisimo! Besos y abrazos!


March 17, 2017 9:45PM

Happy St. Patricks Day my little lucky charm. Mama loves you! We went out for dinner to flying fish today and Sherlocks is right around the corner they were having a celebration and there were lots of people dressed up it was fun to see you would've liked it. On the way there we passed by valley view mall Roger said they are about to demolish it the only thing left there is a movie theater. Its sad because that was our mall for years. He told me about a time he took you and Josh there to buy something for me of course lol jk but he said iit was really cold out and yall parked on the top of the parking garage and when y'all were leaving y'all noticed there were areas with ice and yall were doing donuts and had lots of fun then yall went to owens restaurant and you and Josh were sitting on the same side in a booth and kept elbowing eachother. I can so see that lol. You brought us so much more than happiness than you can ever imagine. Today someone from a company that i work with named Sylvia came to my office and although she didn't have the pleasure of knowing you personally she brought a card and a plant. I shared our stories with her it was very emotional but great to share. The plant is very beautiful and the leaves are healthy, big and shiny. I absolutely love it. For me it signifies you and as you know I haven't ever been much of a plant person but im going to take special care if this one and its going to be a special part of our home. Im going to find a nice vase to put it in and let it flourish the way you did. It may sound cheesy and although nothing or noone can ever replace you im going to try anything and everything i can to fill this emptiness that i have. I wish i could hug you. I go to bed missing you and wake up to the reality that you going away wasnt just a bad nightmare. I love you always and forever. Tell your brother i love him and miss him and I can't wait to see him again. I took one set of the flowers from your service to his grave but you know that because your presence is who told me to take them there. I know that God will bring us all together again someday when he's ready to make that happen. For now we will cherish and enjoy eachother and our memories of you and contnue to strengthen our family. I love you and miss you muchisimo.


March 17, 2017 10:07AM

Mijo I just want you to know I love you and miss you so much!


March 16, 2017 12:36AM

I miss you so much baby! Mornings and nights are always the hardest I have so many thoughts about things that we could've done differently and how if only we had done this or that things may have turned different. We didn't expect any of this to happen and i know we managed the best way we could but i feel powerless because I couldn't cure you. I know you went through so much pain suffering and loneliness and it breaks my heart in pieces just thinking about what you were through i am so sorry I couldn't do more to save you i love you with all my heart and when you left you took a big chunk of it with you. I went to home depot yesterday and as i was walking in i saw a handsome young man that reminded me of you my heart jolted and my immediate reaction was to go and hug you and kiss you but then i realized you weren't here anymore. Sometimes I feel like im going crazy because of things like that and for sometimes feeling your presence but I don't care because i love it!! Seeing your smiling face or feeling the warmth of your presence brings me peace and comfort. I had a dream that you were telling me about my dad "gramps" is what you called him. You said Gramps was telling you stories about how he would take you and Josh camping to tawakoni and how you both loved to throw rocks in the lake. He never told me about that but i do know him and grandma loved taking y'all with to tawakoni. Please tell everyone there with you i love them and miss them so much too. I miss kissing your face. I know you're working hard, having fun with your loved ones and staying busy up there but please know that I miss you and love you and think about you every single day. Please visit Ele and Josh they miss you like crazy. I love you son you are our angel love slways Mom


March 09, 2017 10:51PM

Its been a month and 2 days since Ive seen your adorable face, kissed your forehead or inhaled your scent. I remember the night before you passed your brother Josh came back and spent the night with us. I slept in the room with you every night and that night Josh was in there with us too. It was a school night and Ele was at home but grandma was there too she slept in the hallway. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and looking over at you then looking over at Josh i smiled so big because it had been so long since we all slept in the same room together. At that very moment I thanked God for making that happen for us. I eventually fell back asleep and we woke up at 6 the next morning and Josh had to leave to take Amina to school. When I went to give you your good morning kiss you felt different,your body was starting to feel cold and somewhat stiff but the nurse that was monitoring you all night said your vitals were the same. It was time for them to change your bedding and While they were changing you i sat down with grandma and i was getting palpitations in my heart and I started crying I told grandma I have a feeling today is the day. i got up and started folding the blankets and even started separating them by who they belonged too but I told myself no don't do that so i mixed them all up again. Claudia called to check on you and i just started crying. So she headed our way. I went to go potty and when i went back in your room they were finished changing you so I went over and held your hand and kissed your forehead and asked if you were hungry or thirsty then you started moving your mouth like you were trying to tell me something and I turned to the nurse and said I think he's trying to tell me something and the nurse came over and said you were gasping for heart sunk and I told you I love you and kissed you all over your face. You weren't alone and im thankful to have been there for your very first and very last breath. I cried so hard and didn't want to let go. Thank you for visiting me at that moment and showing me your journey you were going through at that moment it was beautiful!! God is great and he was holding you in his arms and healing you. I saw you healthy and smiling again and you were there with everyone that was waiting for you. It was very peaceful and comforting and I know you and God did that to let me know you were ok snd i could share that with everyone. I love you both so much for that. I remember rays of sunshine were beaming through the blinds very strong afterwards, they hadn't ever come through that powerful and i knew it was you on your way to heaven. In the past when people would tell me experiences I didn't understand it because I couldn't relate but I know its real I know that God is powerful and can do great things. Seeing you afterwards was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Once i finally sat up everyone was there and Your tio Frank even said "do you feel the peace in here" we knew you were at rest.Thats the kind of person you were and it still showed. You were very thoughtful kind happy and I love you for everything you brought to our life and I hope you know that you were and are loved very much. Im so sorry you suffered so much you didn't deserve that at all. I miss you everyday and love you always and forever. Thank you for visiting me in my dream even if it was just asking me to tell Ele you love her it's always great to see you. Please visit me again I love you


March 01, 2017 6:41PM

I really miss you so much mijo! I literally feel like I have a huge hole in my heart and only the ring around it is all thats left! My arms ache and feel so heavy because i want to see you and hug you, only hugging you can quench the thirst my arms need. I think about you all the time. I wonder what your doing and i see your smiling face and you eating we all know how much you love food. ;-) I went through our last text message thread and it reminded me of how sweet you were and how the simplest things made your day. I would give anything for one more hug,kiss,call,text, I love you, or wake up to see your sleepy head asking what's for breakfast one more cup of your coffee, one more chance to make dinner for you Or one more opportunity to go to Ojedas with you or one more of you cooking out fajitas anything at all would fill this whole I have in my heart. Its been 2 long weeks without you and I don't know how this is supposed to get better or easier even my cheeks feel sunken in and only a kiss from you could revive them again I feel so empty. I have so many people to be grateful for but im not complete because you're not here! I miss you and love you always! Please come visit me again I need to see you

Your Mom- Cynthia Aranda

February 27, 2017 7:26PM

Mijo I love you and miss you so much!! I wanted to let you know that thanks to Aria Cremation I now have you at home with me where you belong. I have a really nice wooden urn that holds your ashes and it has your name on it along with the date God blessed my life and let me hold you in my arms for the very first time and the date you went to be an angel in his kingdom. It has psalm 23 imprinted on it too. Thats the verse your Tia Claudia prayed over you and is very special to us. I have your urn sitting in the middle of lots of happy and beautiful pictures. You would love it! I feel a lot better now that you're here with me but the emptiness of not seeing your face or heariing your voice or kissing your forehead is still unbearable. Its comforting to be able kiss your picture and urn every morning and night and dont worry im still taking part of you to the beach sometime this year so you can enjoy the beautiful white sand and clear blue ocean with us! You are my baby and always will be. I love you Jr.


February 23, 2017 9:42PM

Mama loves you mijo! I miss you so much! I miss seeing your smile I miss kissing you on your forehead i miss your random text messages I miss you calling me Ma or Mom I miss hugging your shrinking body i just miss you! I carry you in my heart and I feel your presence with me! Thank you for allowing me to be your Mom and for being the happiest baby, the most kind hearted kid, the most well mannered teenager, the most handsome hard working young man and the most amazing Daddy to Elesina. Life threw us a curveball and we managed the best way we could. Even though my heart aches to see you, to hold you to hear your voice I truly believe you were chosen by the good Lord to live in his kingdom where theres no pain no suffering no battles. You deserve all the greatness and happiness that Heaven is giving you and for that i am extremely grateful! I know only God can decide when it's our time for the rest of us to join you and until then I will happily honor your only last wish to make sure Ele is taken care of. I will always Love you you are my first born and the one who made me Mom. I know your job now is to be an angel and watchover us and others but please visit me as often as possible. Love you Mijo! Im so happy you're healthy and smiling again! Thank you for everything! Love Mom

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