Sanchez, Alex, Jr.

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May 2, 1987 - February 7, 2017

Sanchez, Alex, Jr.

Alex Sanchez Jr.

Junior went to be with the Lord on February 7th, 2017. He was surrounded by love and family as he went on to his next journey of being an Angel.

He is survived by his Mother Cynthia; Step-Father Roger; Brother Josh; Sister Erin; Sweet Daughter Elesina; Grandparents Doris, Hortensia and Reynaldo; Aunts Claudia, Kim and Melissa; Uncles Frank and Martin; and many other family members and friends.

He was a very kind, sweet and fun young man with the most beautiful smile. He loved cookouts and had a passion for computers. When he was little he would take them apart and put them back together just to see what was inside them and how they worked. He was an amazing person.

Until we see you again please know that we all love you and miss you Mijo.

A Celebration of life and Beautiful Balloon Release for Junior was held on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at North Dallas Funeral Chapel with Pastor Jesse Valdez officiating.

Arrangements are under the direction of
ARIA Cremation Service and Funeral Home
19310 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75252

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January 10, 2018 7:31PM

Hola mijito! Agh if only you knew how much my heart and soul ache for something from you. Im glad the holidays are over I tried my best to make the best of everything I could but deep down I just wanted to see and kiss your handsome face. I really didn’t want to do anything but cry. It was the hardest holiday season ive ever experienced and im not looking forward to this year either. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to ever again. I can’t wait to get to heaven so I can be with you again I miss you so much. I had a huge disappointment at work this past week and work has kind of been an outlet for me because it keeps me extremely busy and it feels like it was a wake up call for me and i shouldn’t focus on that as much as I have been. I’ve even thought about counseling. Your tia Claudia gave me this book called “what you’re heart needs for the hard days” and it helps so much. Sometimes I feel like the book is speaking directly to me. I just wish you were here and we didn’t have to go through this. We had John and Ians birthday dinner this past Sunday and it was really nice. It reminded me of when we would have yours and Josh bday dinner at Olive Garden. It just so happens that’s where they also had their dinner. Of course its their special day but it’s just so nice to relive things like that. It’s more comforting than words can say. I may be crazy but I always feel its you doing things like that to comfort me. Like yesterday i was sitting on the sofa and this small piece of cotton just started floating in the air right in front of me. It looked like a piece of cotton from my robe that has sherpa on the chest flap but it was so random and brought such a smile to my face I just know in my heart it was you. Thank you and God for everything. I don’t know what direction im supposed to go in now because I feel so lost but im putting my trust and my faith in you and God to be my light. I know in my heart I have the right people by my side and this struggle will give me strength to be a blessing to someone else someday. Please be patient with me I will be ok and make you proud. Im doing my best please know that I love you with all my heart im trying my best to keep it together even though every day I just want to fall apart. Know tgat i kiiss you every single day. I know you’re busy being an angel and your heart is so full of childlike joy and happiness. I couldn’t be happier for you knowing that you’re blessed with being in a place that we’re all hoping to get to. I love you son I want to hug you and see you. Please come visit me in my sleep i need to see you. My heart and soul need to see you. I know you’re being good there. Please visit slime queen Ele. She makes so many slime variations she’s something else. Please visit her too she misses you so much . We talk about you every time she’s here. This past weekend we passed by that gelato/hookah place in Richardson and I shared that story with her. She laughed and of course she asked what kind of gelato you had and forbyhe life of me I couldn’t remember so I told her we’re going to have to stop in there next time and try a few of them to see which one we think you would’ve picked lol you’re always with us baby. I love you my beautiful angel! Love You and miss you with all my being- Love Mom


December 31, 2017 7:26PM

Hi Mijo! I so much wish you were physically here to talk to and share our life. For the first time ever in my life i took the whole week of Christmas off mostly because I am so lost and I feel like my presence is frowned upon and not understood. This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year where we’re celebrating Jesus birthday and now the new year and a time for new beginnings. Christmas at grandmas was ok but nothing is the same with you not here. Ele was able to come on Wednesday the 27th for grandmas birthday. Originally she was only able to come that day but Chanel said she could stay until Saturday. I know in my heart that God and you my angel helped to make that happen so thank you both so much for that. It was the best week ive had this year. We watched movies we had hot cocoa we went shopping we went ice skating we went and exchanged the shoes we bought her. I know you’re with us and I know you see what a beautiful young lady she’s becoming. Shes getting closer to my height. We exchanged her shoes because we bought size 8 in mens and they fit her but the way she’s growing she needed some that will give her a little growing room so we went with 8.5 mens which is 10.5 in women’s, crazy huh?!? Also since she’s “slime queen” we gave her a gift card to Michaels so she got stuff to make butter slime which is really thick but very light and airy, she also got stuff to make galaxy slime which is kind of bluish purple with specks in it. And she got some other stuff too. Its so fun to watch her eyes light up when she’s doing her arts and crafts. For grandmas birthday we all went to Texas Roadhouse since its her favorite place. It was nice. One night when Ele and i we’re getting ready to watch a movie we were getting comfy in her bed with the blanket Tina gave her and we faced eachother and told eachother how much we love each other and how much fun we were having and how very much we miss you with all of our hearts and I started caressing her face and baby let me tell you, I saw your face in hers I swear I thought it was yours I started crying and pulled her close and squeezed her tight and started kissing her all over her face. She asked why i was crying and i told her because I could see your face in her. She smiled and hugged me and told me its ok Nana..aww that girl is the best I love her so very much! She shared with me how sometimes she feels like im the only person who can understand how much she misses you and how much it hurts that you’re not here. Please be with her mijo she needs to feel a part of you. I know that only those that are suffering the loss of someone so special to them can understand the emptiness we all feel and im thankful that not everyone hasn’t had to suffer this way but please surround her with people that will be patient and understanding with her. She’s a beautiful soul and losing you is extremely hard for her. Please all of you angels watch over all of us. Same with Josh and Joshua. Josh doesn’t express himself much but i know he misses you and he’s empty just like i am. Joshuas mom is in Mexico and not sure when she’s coming back, its very hard for him too. I have faith that things will get better we’re still so very blessed. Thank you for everything mijo you’re kind heart comtinues to live on through everything. Oh I want to share the ice skating experience with you too. Remember how Roger used to take off every year during Christmas and he’d take y’all to the owens restaurant then to valley view to go Christmas shopping and peeling out on the rooftop of their parking garage, well last year or the year before he started taking Ele ice skating at the galleria during the holidays. Im so blessed that i was able to go with them this year and for the first time ever i ice skated too. Omg it was so scary my knees were trembling, Ele and I were holding on to the rails at first but then little by little we got further and further. She skated pretty good. We’re both pretty good at roller skating but ice skating is scary we saw people fall and it looked painful. Eventually she wanted to go faster so we were kind of skating separately and she was going to the side to go talk to Roger when a little girl in front of her fell so Ele made her own self fall too so she wouldn’t fall on that little girl. She said she didn’t get hurt but I think she did because she was very serious after that. I skated about an hour then my ankles started to hurt and I could feel a fall coming soon so I decided to stop. Ele skated a few more minutes then she stopped. I know you remember the funny thing about skating whether its roller or ice is the way your legs feel afterwards. Now imagine that at my age lol. It’s totally worth it though. We took pictures that i wish I could send to heaven. I remember one morning Ele was here and i woke up with a feeling of knowing i was with you in my dreams but I couldn’t remember the dream. It was just that warm feeling of knowing we shared moments together. I wish I could remember the dream but until i do I’ll cherish the feeling of sharing a special time together. I love you son! I know today is supposed to be a time to reflect and look for to new beginnings which i am but it also yanks pieces of my heart because you’re not here. Nothing is the same I feel so lost sometimes especially at these times. Sometimes iall i want is to be alone but having my family is what brings me joy. I miss you, your brother and everyone so much! I can’t even say happy new year because its not. My heart hurts. Im glad I took this time off because I feel like ive been trying to be strong for so long and i needed time to rest and grieve for you without any pressures of the world so thank you and our heavenly father for everything. I miss you i love you I don’t want to let go. Love Mom


December 25, 2017 10:34PM

Merry Christmas Mijo! Happy Birthday Jesus! Im sure y’all are up there celebrating bigger and more beautiful than we could ever imagine! Like Melissa said y’all are celebrating with Jesus himself! We miss you all so much and can’t help but be grateful know how amazingly beautiful y’alls paradise is: Last night at night at your tia Claudia’s they lit candles for y’all and reminisced on memories one of how much you loved pozole which your abuelita Tencha made for them. It was actually your last meal request from Tencha which she did make for you but unfortunately you took a turn for the worst and weren’t able to enjoy it. Claudia s nt me a picture of the candle lighting and it was beautiful. Today at grandmas i put your picture on the table and lit a candle next to it. It was really hard today because we’ve always been together on Christmas. Even the past few years when you didn’t join us for other celebrations, we would always be together on Christmas no matter what. I knew I wouldn’t get to see youand it was the most lost and empty feeling ever there were a few times the tears just rolled. We also had pozole for you that Rogers mom made for us. It was very good: Josh loved it, he misses you so much too! Remember when y’all were little and we used to decorate the tree together and sometimes y’all would make paper decorations and hang them on the tree. That was so special. Id give anything to have that again. I miss you son! I miss your smile your scent your voice your face your everything. Ele will come tomorrow and spend the night so she can be with us Wednesday for grandmas birthday. Frank and familia all got matching sweaters that say Young Destiny and they wore them to decorate her grave. We’re all doing what we can to help get through not having y’all here. Some days are better than others and I hope and pray I don’t ever ever get to the point where I want to give up. God is great and both of you have given so much love and experiences its pretty much impossible. I love you mijo again Merry Christmas! I love you so very much goodnight love Mom


December 23, 2017 1:40AM

Hello my beautiful angel im missing you so much I don’t know where to begin im broken im lost I don’t know how im supposed to get through this I need to see you and hear your voice I want a do-over I want you back here with us. I go through my days being strong trying to be kind and friendly but im dying inside my soul cries for you. I just miss you with all of my heart. Where do i go from here what do i do to make this better I want to be better because I know you would want me to. Please know that you are loved and missed so much. You’re in my heart in my soul and life is so hard without you. I know you’re happy and healthy again and tthat brings me comfort but missing you and knowing I won’t ever have you here again is tearing me apart. I read a poem about pennies from Heaven and now everytime i see a penny on the ground i pick it up. One day I found a quarter and I told myself that it was your way of showing me how much you miss us too. I know it may sound crazy but honestly im just looking for anything to feel close to you to know you’re with me. I miss everything about you. Long drives by myself are the best and worst. The best because its a time that I always remember our beautiful memories and it warms my heart seeing you and remembering your silliness and kindness and ah that handsome face is always so fulfilling but knowing you’re not here anymore is so painful and heart wrenching. I always feel so much better after talking with you I wish you could tell me how your days are. . I know im hurting and I miss you more and more every day but i also know deep in my heart you’re in paradise and not in pain and suffering anymore and that makes my heartache a small price to pay. I would always say I would give anything to take your pain and suffering away I just wish you didn’t have to leave. Don’t worry I’ll be ok I carry you in my mind my heart and my soul and you will always be there no matter how much time passes I know you will always be with me. I hope you enjoy all the joyous celebrations for Jesus’ birthday. Im sure your going to love it! Please tell your brother and everyone I love them and miss them so much and I love you Jr and i miss you with all my heart. Muchos Abrazos y besos Love Mom


December 12, 2017 9:29PM

Hi mijo how are you? I know you’re great! I feel your love i feel your presence and i know you’re happy being an angel. I know you’re serving the Lord with so much love and discipline I couldn’t be more proud of you. Ele came over Saturday and Tina came over to visit and she brought us something very special for Christmas. She had a blanket made for Ele that has pictures of you and Ele and all the pictures form a heart and in the middle of the heart it has Elesina on one curve of the heart and Sanchez on the other then in the center it has Love Daddy. Ahhh its so special and Ele loved it i wish I could describe the joy in her eyes and the way her face lit up when she saw it. We cuddled up with it and slept with it. We both love it so much. I can’t believe Tina did that for her. Ah how I wish you were still here and y’all were still together. She also gave me the most special gift its s 3d picture of you and I that we took on one of your birthday ls at Ojedas where your sitting on the chair and im hugging you around your neck. I so remember taking that picture we were a little tipsy celebrating your special day. Our picture is 3d inside this cube-like heavy duty glass and very good quality. It’s absolutely beautiful I cried when i first opened it because its you and its so special. I put it in your special place where your picture and other special memories are. Tima really brought joy to our home and to our hearts. Especially at this time of year. Joel came with her and we gave them their gifts too. I gave Joel some moose bullwinkle house shoes and you know his jolly little self had that silly surprise look on his face. It was so funny. Jr didn’t come but he texted me later and sent me pics of him wearing his shoes his were more like bear feet with claws. They were so cute! He looked very happy in his pics. I gave Tina some Northface touchscreen gloves she seemed to like them too. Im so getting some for myself lol especially because when its cold I hate having to take off my gloves. With those i wont have to. It was a very special visit and we really needed that. Thank you for that mijo! She’s doing really well for herself and the boys. She said she still feels your presence with her too.. Roger and i went to get a pizza for dinner today,we were going to just get 2 slices but our hungry selves ended up ordering a medium pizza so while we were waiting we went to check out a restaurant 2 doors down thatwe hadnt seen before, we wanted to see what kind of food it was and as soon as we walked in there was a guy sitting at a table by himself and since it’s chilly outside he had a hoodie on but I could see his face clearly and i swear he looked like you. Roger started talking about what they had on their menu and i know that guy could tell i was staring at him but I didn’t care i wanted to see him closer so I started walking towards his way pretending to go look at their salsa bar which he was sitting across from and when i got closer to him i just felt like it was you and I wanted so much to go hug and kiss him. I controlled myself because I didn’t want to startle him or end up in the psych ward so i walked by him and inhaled a deep breath as a means of comfort and couldn’t help but turn back to look at him. Oh mijo I feel in my heart that it was you. Maybe I just miss you so much that im finding you in anything but it felt so real. I love you with all my heart and I pray for your soul. I know you’re in heaven with God but I still pray for you. I love you with all my heart. You’re our beautiful angel and we miss you more than words can say. Please visit me again mijo i love seeing you. It comforts me and gives me strength to keep going. Until we’re together again please know that you are deeply loved and truly missed and our life isn’t complete because you aren’t here. Hugs and kisses to you and your brother my dad brother Destiny your dad my uncles grandparents...everyone! I love all of you. Love Mom


November 29, 2017 8:12PM

Hello my handsome son ah every time i see your face my heart is filled with joy i wish I could hug you so much. Today is your tia Claudias birthday woohoo. We were all at her house Saturday celebrating with her. Of course you were there with us, i wore your memory shirt :-) your tio Frank wore Destinys shirt so she was there too. We all miss both of you so much. Melissa made fiesta salad Frank made fajitas Tencha made frijoles rancheros Erin did Claudias hair and makeup Josh graced us with his presence I made arroz and a pineapple upside down cake. We didn’t have Ele this weekend so she missed it. Claudia looked so pretty for her special day. I love the family and feel so happy with them. I see you in all of them. Ah my heart. Everything turned out really good. Josh made it more special by being there with us. We’re all truly blessed to have eachother. Every month on the 29th i cant help but think of how y’all are all tied to that #. Tencha Claudia your Dad and Josh were all born on the 29th of some month and you were born on the 2nd and Frank on the 9th so there’s 29, all great beautiful days then there’s how your dad passed when he was 29 then you passed when you were 29 and how Destiny passed on May 29th which is also your dad and Joshs birthday. It’s unbelievable. When we were at Claudias Saturday Melissa told me Destinys best friend is pregnant and is having a boy and they asked Frank and Melissa to be the Godparents and of course they said yes, I asked Melissa when shes due she said March 29th, so crazy!! Melissa had forgot about that number until I mentioned it. Plus thats Tenchas birthday. I know in my heart y’all are still with us we just can’t see y’all. We all love you guys so freaking much. I think about all of you all the time. I kiss your pictures i hug and kiss your urn i hold the rock with your name on it i carress the angel plate Tina gave me i enjoy the plants and trees given in your memory i kiss my necklace throughout the day I close my eyes I see your face I truly deeply miss you with all of my soul. I can’t wait until we’re together again until then I will build our family and reminisce in the beautiful memories, I’ll cry when I need to I’ll smile when I can because just because you’re not physically here, our story is not over. I love you son. I pray all of you angels will watch over us, guide us, protect us and give us all strength. Besos y abrazos angelito mio! Love always-Mama


November 23, 2017 8:29PM

Hello my beautiful angel I wanted to tell you even though you’re not here I still shared my day with you. I was finally able to get myself out of bed at 2 because Rogers niece really wanted me to make her macncheese for their thanksgiving dinner today and I felt you telling me to do that for her and it would help comfort me because if you were here you would want that too. So I got up and started making it. Even though in my heart it was a tribute to you it did bring comfort to bring happiness to someone else even though i cried while making it it was still made with love and joy. I was thinking of all of our beautiful memories and I remembered the last time you Ele Josh Tina Jr and Jay were here on Thanksgiving and the kids were outside playing the house was crowded because it’s so small but it was filled with so much love joy and happiness. Ele had made little vanilla pudding cups with blueberries and strawberries on top and put those almond flavored wafer straws standing up sideways as decoration and to use as spoons. Y’all were so impressed with what she had done all by herself..ahh the beautiful memories. I ended up putting it on your radio station and cleaning the house. The music wasn’t my stylo but it was yours and I enjoyed it for you with you and felt connected to you. I love you!


November 23, 2017 12:06PM

Hi Mijo Happy Thanksgiving today is one of the hardest days of not having you here. I just miss you so much and its hard. I see you in everything i do and everywhere i go. I close my eyes and see your handsome face and cry because I can’t touch you or hold you. I love you with all my heart. I can’t enjoy today with anyone because im so sad and I don’t want to ruin anyones day I just want to be with you. I remember spending last Thanksgiving with you at Parkland hospital and it was great because you were here and that’s what mattered. At that time i had a feeling that would be our last Thanksgiving together but I didn’t want to even think about that. I remember when you were little and we used to go to tia Julies house and you Josh and Matt would just run around and play, and when we used to go to grandmas house at the lake and you Josh Roger David and lil David would have rock throwing contest into the lake. I remember one year we didn’t think you would make it over and we knew it wasn’t going to be the same without you there then at the last minute you called Josh and he went to pick you up and brought you. I was filled with so much joy We were complete. I never imagined it would be the way we are now it hurts so much. Oh mijo how i wish you were still here. I don’t think I can bring myself to have Thanksgiving dinner without you. I love you son you’re always with me and im always with you. I carry you in my heart body and soul always and forever my baby you will be. Give everyone my love hugs and kisses. Love Mom


November 13, 2017 8:14PM

Mijo I miss you so much my arms ache to hug you,my heart is so empty, my eyes are so clouded because I can’t see you. Thanksgiving is coming and my heart feels like its being torn in a million more pieces because that’s OUR favorite day of the year and you won’t be here. Im crying just thinking about it. I remember you used to not eat breakfast that morning because you were waiting for all the food we would make. I remember you would sit at the table with your plate just waiting for me to say its ready. Broccoli casserole and homemade mashed potatoes were your all time favorites out of everything then I added the corn souffle to the menu and that became another one of your favorites. I miss you so much I just want something/anything from you to give me some kind of comfort. I keep going but its getting harder and harder I feel like im losing strength. I wish you were here to see what an amazingly beautiful smart little lady Elesina is becoming. She misses you so much. She told me she had a breakdown at school because she was really missing you and it just so happens one of her teachers lost her mother when she was Eles age so she was able to understand and comfort her. I know that’s God at work. He put them in eachothers path on purpose. Please know that nothing goes unnoticed and i am extremely grateful for everything God and you are doing. It’s just hard sometimes because I miss you and my heart doesn’t know what to do but im trying I really am. Tomorrow is my brother Freddie’s birthday. Tell him Happy Birthday from all of us and that Tina and Cat are doing very well they both work for AAA and both are so beautiful. They miss him so much. They know he’s with them too. He would be so proud to see the beautiful young women they’ve become. I know he’s watching over them but still please let him know his babies ard not alone. Did I tell you Ele took her CBA science test and scored a100. CBA is curriculum based assessment. She was so happy and we’re so proud of her I know you are too. I miss you with every ounce of my being and I still have hopes that I’ll wake up and you leaving will all just be a bad nightmare. I would give anything for that to happen. I can’t wait to see you and hug you so tightly and kiss all over your and your brothers face. Please visit me again. I love you so so very much. Im happy that your nice and healthy again my beautiful handsome angel. Love Always Mom


November 07, 2017 10:29PM

Mijo we miss you so much! If only you were here to share our every day life we would be complete. We’re managing but nothing is the same without you. I kiss your picture every morning and waking up to your handsome face gives me so much joy and happiness in my heart. Roger and i had Canes chicken Friday night and we had a few pieces left over and the next day when i went to heat it up I remembered how much you used to like chicken n rice and one day i was at your apartment and you were getting ready and you asked if I could warm up your leftover chicken n rice. Of course I reheated it in the oven and when you took your first bite I remember you said “so THATS how you do it’ and you started laughing and then said ‘ive been heating it up in the microwave all this time and it always comes out soggy” after you were done you said “thank you mama” ahh i miss your voice and that beautiful smile of yours. Ele called me after school today and was so happy because she took her practice science test and got a 100 and she just wanted to share it with me. Shes so amazingly awesome and I wouldn’t change anything about her. Roger told me he called him afterwards. She tried to get some expensive shoes out of it with him! Lol she’s something else! I had dinner with Josh today at panda. Its very nice to see him and spend time with him. Hes looks great and misses you so much. We talked about you a lot and a coming to terms with you not being here. It tears my heart in pieces that your not here with us. Having him to share your memory with helps more than words can ever say. Ahh we just miss you. I am blessed to have all 3 of you as my sons and always will be. Distance doesn’t change that. I love you baby always have always will.. here or not y’all are my babies. Love hugs and kisses! Love Mom


November 05, 2017 8:46PM

Hello handsome son! Ahh taking deep breath because I know you’re with me. From the random foot tall flower that popped up overnight in the front yard, to the ironing board flipping the day I chose not to wear your tshirt because I didn’t want to iron,and the square flashlight rolling on the floor, the 11 calls back to back from the same # that were blocked by my spam protector i tried calling back and the call wouldn’t go through, the flashes of your presence I know its you mijo and I want you to know I love you so much for it. Normally those things would scare me but I welcome them because i know its you my beautiful angel sending love and comfort. The other day I remembered when you and Roger hid my Christmas present in your closet and i was looking for something and I went to your closet and when i saw a big bed sheet and y’all had somehow slightly secured it and i was like what the heck?? So of course I pulled it down and saw my curio cabinet behind oops lol I remember i was on the phone with Margie and was like oh my gosh girl I can’t believe i just found that. I think she was the one who told me to make sure to put the sheet back over it. Then when y’all gave it to me i acted as if it was the first time i ever saw it so excited and surprised..after the excitement was all over I remember i had to confess that i had already seen it and how I found itand I remember you told me I could’ve won a grammy for my acting lol..aww you were always so sweet. Everywhere i go I remember something special about you. The other day i was heading toward downtown and it was already dark and seeing the downtown skyline I remember when you were in the new parkland hospital and you had that amazing view of the skyline. I remember we had thanksgiving there. Ahh the memories are beautiful and I wouldn’t trade them for anything except to have one more day with you. You’re my baby and always will be. I can’t wait to see you again. Ele was a unicorn for Halloween and ah she was a beautiful one. Chanel painted Eles eyes blue and purplepink and put sequins on her forehead and unicorn pink lipstick and she wore a unicorn costume. It was really really cute. Shes very intelligent and on thea-b honor roll and gets restaurant certificates the way you used to. She talks about you all the time and wants a necklace like mine with your fingerprint. I love you and miss you and your brother with every drop of my being..tell everyone i said hello. Tell uncle Freddie that Christina is doing great and I know he would love Colin too. Tell him and my dad i love him bunches. Aye mijito I just wish I could see you and talk to you and carress your handsome face I would take anything. I love you keep being a beautiful angel. Love Mom


October 26, 2017 8:52PM

Hello my handsome angel! Im really missing you so much. Ive noticed i can be engaged in a conversation and your face will pop up in my mind and i just want to hug you and kiss your forehead my heart sinks and in a split second literally feel my body droop kind of like when you let the air outbof a balloon thats just been fully blow up. Im trying though mijo im really trying. Ele called me Tuesday and i always ask her how her day was at school and she told me it “not good” i asked why what happened she said she didn’t want to talk about it and i told her whatever it is its ok we’ll work it out and fix it, shes said “well you know that horrible thing we talked about!??! well it happened” i asked mother nature came to visit you?! She said yes i want her to go away it’s disgusting!! I just laughed the way she said it but also let her know its a natural thing and all women go through it, that her mommy did, i did, grandma did. She understands. I know if you were here you would be freaking out. If you were here you would be so proud of her. It all makes sense though because we had an episode this past weekend where we were talking about what we were going to order from uncle julios and she asked if we were going to get the chocolate piñata again and i said I didn’t think we would this time and she started crying and said why does it always have to be about her while she stormed to her room... it was crazy and i was like what tha heck?!? I went to talk to her and she was just mad and crying so i left her alone for a few minutes then she came to my room and cuddled next to me and was crying and said im sorry nana!!! Aww we talked about it and hugged and i gave her kisses... little did i know it was a preview of what you was going to happen on Tuesday. Which is also the day of the week that you became the most beautiful angel. .ah my heart aches for you l. I did take your memory card and the rock that the guy at work made with your name on it with us to uncle julios so you were there with us. I love you my most precious beautiful angel. Because of you i know angels are real and i believe in everything. Not seeing your face and hearing your voice is so hard and its the most piercing pain in my heart that ive ever felt but knowing for a brief time of my life you were my son and i was your mom. Even if i knew the outcome was going to be the same I would choose to be your Mom all over agaiin. No matter what any of my lives bring I always want you to be a part of it. If i turn into a bird i would still want y’all to be my bird son lol, if I were a book I would want you to be a page. I will always choose you. I love you son! Love mom


October 17, 2017 8:01PM

Ahh mijo its been 36 weeks today since i last held your hand and caressed your handsome face and hugged your tiny body. When I remember that last morning together it feels like im living it all over again my heart sinks I can’t catch my breath and I can’t swallow with this huge lump in my throat. I remember the experience you gave me right after you passed so vividly and because of that I know in my heart and in my soul you are doing great. Today is my birthday and it’s not the same without you here. I knew I wont get to talk to or see you and i feel so empty. Ele was the first person to call me at 630 this morning lol and I know deep inside my heart that you live on through her. Josh was the 2nd to call and I could hear emptiness in his voice too because you’re not here and everything is different. I know one thing for sure as long as I can remember every time I would talk to Josh he would always ask if I’ve talked to you. We don’t have that anymore. We all just miss you more than any of us can say. You’re still very much a part of us. We’ll have my birthday dinner Saturday at uncle julios and im thinking im going to bring one of your pictures to put inna chair at the table with us. Im sure people will probably look at us weird but I don’t care. I want my baby there with us :-)
Your tio Frank and Melissa recommended a movie to me called The Shack and Roger and I watched it Sunday. It really was a good movie and it brought so much comfort because it confirmed my experience with you and it let me know you’re at peace. Of course it made me cry like a baby but also brought joy. I had s really good sense of calmness afterwards. It also helped me to understand that not everyone gets to experience what you and God gave me. I can’t thank you and God enough for that. Please let me know what I can do to express my gratitude because everyone should be able to experience peace, love and the warmth that you and God have given me. The heartache and emptiness i feel is because I miss you so much but I know it’s the way my life is now. Im doing my best not to be bitter and I hope I can make you proud. I love you and miss you so much Jr and I can’t wait to see you again. Please tell your brother my dad my brother, Destiny your dad my grandparents and uncles i said hello and I miss them and love them all very much. Tell uncle Joe we’re going to his granddaughter Tatianas quince this Saturday. I’ll give them big hugs for him. Ohhh I had a dream that someone gave me a picture of you and Destiny sitting at a table. It was so real. Y’all were both sitting there with your arms folded on the table and y’all were both smiling and i was trying to figure out where y’all took that picture. Maybe it was just wishful thinking. I love you mijo! Please visit me! Love Always, Mom


October 14, 2017 12:00AM

Hi mijo i love u and miss you so much. Sometimes its missing you like crazy and wishing I could see your eyes and hear your voice or get a text and sometimes I remember our life and i cry because you’re not here anymore and I smile at the same time because we were blessed to have share so many great moments. We took Ele to the fair Friday and I got a little emotional when we were walking in because I remember the last time we went. You and Josh were in high school. I remember walking through the games and y’all played the basketball hoops and the ring toss. I remember Josh and I bungee jumped and we asked you to do it with us but you weren’t having it lol. You just said “nope ill stand down here and enjoy my turkey leg!” It was so funny Roger said the same and y’all kept telling us we were crazy. Ele is the same way. I asked her if she wanted to do that and she looked at me like i was crazy and said nope!! Lol She loves the rides that spin she will ride anything that spins and flips. She’s really such a good little smart and beautiful girl and still growing. All her grades are 90 and up except for math she has 85 but we’re working on bringing it up. I see you in everything i do and i just wish you were here. I just want you to know i love you son amd I miss you every single day . Love always Mom


October 04, 2017 8:11PM

I just want you to know I love you and miss you so much. I never imagined how to live my life without seeing you or talking to you ever again. I would give anything to have one more anything with you. This is the hardest thing ive ever had to do. There was supposed to be so much more. I miss you and I can’t wait to see you and hug you and kiss your handsome face and inhale your scent. I miss you Jr i want to talk to you this is so hard. Words can’t express the pain I have in my heart. I miss you and I love you. Love mom


September 27, 2017 6:48PM

Hello son it's very strange how everything is the same but nothing is the same. I still get up every morning the sun still shines i still go to work i still drive my usual route i put on my clothes the same way I still eat the same way but none of it is the same because you're not here when i wake up and i know that i won't be able to see you or talk to you, the sun is out but I feel like its a gray and hazy, when im driving all I think about is you sometimes happy memories sometimes things we shouldve done sometimes how things would be if you were still here sometimes I imagine us having a conversation. I get dressed and I wish I could see you. I know you're a tshirt kind of guy, I always liked you with a polo style shirt but either way always so handsome. When I eat I always think of you and tell myself Jr really liked this of i wish he was here so he could try this because I know he'd like it or Jr would NOT like this at all! I just miss you mijo with every ounce of my soul. You're a part of me and always will be. I love you son and just want you to know i really miss you. - Love always Mom


September 15, 2017 6:06PM

Hi Mijo seeing your handsome face in pictures makes my heart skip a beat and puts a smile on my face. Josh sent me a pic of you from your Facebook account and you look like a famous rapper lol its a right side view of you and you have on your shades and holding up the ILY hand sign and wearing a black tank top and a silver rosary necklace and a nicely defined beard and mustache and it displays your art work very nicely. It reminded me of when you used to listen to lil flip when he was underground and would say "mom watch this guy he's going to blow up" and sure enough he did. I love you so much and miss you with all my heart. I want to talk to you and see your handsome heartwarming face. Ele was here last weekend I picked her up from school and i told her grandma Doris had sent me a text that were going to visit and celebrate my grandpas 90th birthday in 2 weeks and that we're going to take a 5 generation pic. Him, my mom, me, Josh, Ele and Joshua if he can go. Right away she asked what about my daddy? She's always thinking of you and still wants to include you in everything. I think for a moment she forgot you were an angel now and I told her you will be there with us because you're in our hearts. Then she said "yea i could hear him tell me Smile like you mean it' lol it was so funny I told her yea I could hear you say something silly to make us all laugh right when we're taking the picture. And I can imagine you calling me the day of asking me what to wear..all last minute like me. I see you a lot of you in her like when you would have some ketchup right below your lip how you would lick it off instead of wiping if off lol right idk how y'all do that buf Ele does that too. And also how when you eating a sandwich you hold the same spot the whole time and eat all around that one spot only difference is you wouldn't ever eat that last spot and she does. Its just amazing how those little things can bring so much happiness. We bought a desk for her room that she picked out and she and i put it together ourselves and it came out good we were both so proud of ourselves we did high five and yelled teamwork makes the dream work lol. How much I wish you were here to share these things with you in person. We all miss you mijo. Please come visit us. Please tell Destiny I've been thinking a lot about her too and I miss her so much and wish we had had more time. Tell Dez, your brother,my brother, my dad, your dad, my grandparents and uncles i love them and my them and tell God I love him and thank him for taking care of you until i get there. Once I hold you in my arms again im never letting go. We never imagined our life without you and its the worst feeling ever and I would give anything to have you back. I love you son more than words can ever say. Love Mom


September 01, 2017 3:34PM

Hi Mijo my heart hurts so much I feel like I can't breathe I was at work today and i was in the kitchen making coffee and I felt a breeze and i froze and all of a sudden it was like i was reliving the moments when you passed and i was holding your hand and I could hear the nurse talking and I just started crying. I don't know how long i was standing there but it was so real I don't even know how to explain the emptiness in my heart its like the hole that already in my heart is contracting and wont let air through I miss you I love you and I want to hold you and kiss your face and I can't I need you to know how much you' are loved and how much youre missed A part of my soul is missing because you're not here. I will never be the same our life will never be the same you belong to us and with us. I miss talking to you and sharing things with you cooking for you hearing your voice caressing your big cheeks telling you to sit up straight. I sometimes check my phone to see if you texted everything is so hard without you here. I don't know how parents do this. Sadly my mom, Tencha Melissa and I have all lost our first born child and we struggle every day. Please make it stop Mijo!! I know you can help! No mother should suffer this way. Some days i feel like im walking around like a zombie just going through the motions and not really seeing anything else. I was remembering how your last food request was grandma Tenchas posole and arroz con leche and how much you enjoyed it. Claudia brought you smoothies and Ele and Erin fed them to you. I know its selfish of me but I would give anything to even have that back. I remember Tencha slept in the room with us and Erin slept in the hallway just so they could be close to you. Tio Frank and Melissa were there all day every day. Kim was there with us. I will always remember the memory of that morning and holding your hand and watching you take your last breath. I love you and miss you with every drop of my soul. I would give anything for one more day. I tell myself im ok with it and you're not in pain anymore but im not ok with it I only say that because maybe I will feel better but I dont feel better I feel worse I need you here please come back i love you


August 29, 2017 7:30PM

Hi Mijo how are you? I miss you so much! I know you're doing great there! I took Josh for a physical Friday hes been losing a lot of weight really fast lately and I thought he had type 2 diabetes because Roger had the same symptoms but everything came back normal and within range so we're very relieved thank you my beautiful angel for watching over him. We had breakfast with gma Tencha and tia Claudia Friday morning too. It was nice so to see them. Tencha eyebrows looked nice only thing they were still healing and perling a little. She was very happy with them. I picked up the monkey from school Friday and OMG you would not believe how much she's grown I almost cried because I can't believe it! She had on a pretty casual peach dress with a pretty light jacket with flowers on it and white addidas tennis shoes it was really really cute. It was like an outfit you'd see on pinterest. Chanel said she picked it out herself and Ele wanted to save it for that day because she knew I would like it. Awww! Her hair was straightened and she said this time she did it herself omg can you believe it?!? Remember when she fell in the bathtub and got that cut above her eye, well she told Chanel that kids were asking her about it last year and Ele wanted to know how to fix it so Chanel showed her how to use a brow pencil.. aww I feel like she's growing too fast. She showed us everything in her backpack and her schedule. We're so blessed to be able to always be able to share these things with her. I know you're super proud of her and watching over her. We picked out some pictures of you and her together and we're going to make a pillowcase with them. She loves you and misses you so much. Tina texted me today and wanted to let me know you've been on her heart very heavily lately. She had another dream about you and it seemed so real to her. I know exactly how she feels. She too misses you so much. Please continue to watch over her, Jr and Jay. You loved eachother so much and she still can't believe you're gone. I got a letter in the mail today that on behalf of the funeral home a tree will be planted in your honor.. that melted my heart and put a big smile on my face. Thank you Aria Cremation for that!! I am extremely grateful to you for everything you've done and continue to do. I love you mijo and miss you every single day! Please visit me I need to see you! Tell everyone I miss them and love them! Love always Mom


August 23, 2017 7:07PM

Hi mijo words can't express how much I miss you. I must have done something really really bad to feel this much pain. I would give anything just to caress your face, hear your voice, see your smile, hug you, smell your scent get a text, hear the words "ay ma" or something anything. Josh misses you so much he said he feels your presence with him too. Thank you for that. Losing you tore him apart, you guys grew up together, did everything together, shared secrets, clothes, a bathroom and when y'all were little even shared a bedroom. Your brudder loves you. Ele started 6th grade school today and i cant wait to hear how exciting it was for her. She was hoping for to get particular teacher and I hope she did. I wish you were here so she could share that with you too! Chanel sent me a pic of them and omg Ele is now taller than her lol. I knew it was going to happen but its just crazy funny. I can't wait to see her. Its funny because you and Josh were about the same age when y'all passed me up. Chanel is doing microblading which is kind of like tattooing eyebrows but they're strokes so it looks more natural than the plain line and Tencha was going with Chanel to get hers done today. I can't wait to see it. Grandma is in galveston. She went because we had an eclipse monday and she wanted to see it from the beach. We didn't get the full eclipse in our area only certain areas got to see in the full experience. I will say it was very weird looking outside like grayish. This guy at work had special glasses for it and it made they made it look very cool. I love you son i wish you could tell me about how your days are and what goes on there. Im know it's beautiful! Sending kisses for you and your brother all over your faces. I do that to Ele and she loves it too. Love you and miss you all with every drop of my soul. Love Mom


August 20, 2017 12:22AM

Hello son how much i wish you were here to talk to and share things with. Thats just one of the things i miss so much about you. Last Saturday was Rogelios birthday and we went to calle doce it was pretty good. His parents wanted to cookout for him but he didn't want to celebrate. Ele and Josh called him and that made his day. We're still waiting for Ele to come home. She starts school Wednesday so she'll be back in a day or 2 for sure. I get to pick her up from school friday and shell be with us all next weekend we're so excited. We cant wait to see her. I went to visit your tia Claudia and the boys today Tencha came over too and Reynaldo was there too. I was going to go pick up Josh so he could go with me but he overslept. He called while i was there though . It was so good to see them. I feel so comfortable around them. They all miss you too. This has probably been the worst week missing you. Ive been emotionally and physically drained sometimes I feel like I should stop writing to you and let you rest in peace but then i feel you saying to me no mom you don't have to that and that you enjoy this as much as i do. I was thinking about how Ele made you that goodie bad when you were in the hospital and she put those snacks in there for you. Shes such a sweet little girl. Shes growing so fast and i pray you and God will please always watch over her and guide her and i hope she will always be blessed with kindness in her heart. Shes your offspring and we will always be here for her. Tina talked to me about challenges she's having with her Jr and id like to ask if blessings can be sent their way. They could really use it. I pray for you and your soul every night. I pray for all of us even myself. I miss you so much. Seeing your pictures with your handsome smile always warms my heart. I love you and your brother and everyone. Goodnight!


August 09, 2017 11:10PM

Hi mijo i miss you so much every day I feel like im going to lose it. I keep going but its so hard. Ive changed my personality has changed my patience has changed I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I go to work because I feel its all i have and if I don't I will stsy home snd fall apart, i cry at some point every single day because I miss you so much. Roger told me you visited him in a dream and it felt so real. He said we were on a beach and you and i were sitting on a bench talking the whole day and we started walking and we got to a point where you told me this was as far as i could go I couldn't go beyond that point and you went off into clouds. How i wish we could have that day at the beach on a bench with you. I would give anything to be next to you. Josh isn't doing well and if you could please visit him and watch over him he really needs it. Ive been thinking about Destiny alot lately too. Please tell her that her smile always made me smile. It was so genuine and beautiful. I can't believe shes gone too! She was so easygoing and down to earth it was always fun to see her. She always had s spunk vibe. Ele is still in sa and I haven't talked to her I can't wait until shes back home so i can see her and talk to her. She starts school in a few weeks. 6th grade. I talked to Chanel at Eles last soccer game about preparing Ele and looking into magnet schools for high school or an early college program. You and i both know she'll excel in one of those programs and I know if you were here you would want the same. Maria is getting deported and lil Joshua will have to go to Mexico with her. Its such a horrible difficult situation please watch over them we hope they can come back in a year. I love you mijo words can't express the pain and emptiness I feel. My heart, my arms, my kisses all yearn for you every single day and every sinhle night. I cry in silence because I know you can hear me and see me and its just me and you. I feel your arms around me but I can't hug you back but please know that I really really want to. Please visit me. I love you and miss you with all my heart. Goodnight my angel. Ill see you in my dreams. Keep working hard and tell your brother and everyone I love them and miss them very much. Love Mom


August 03, 2017 6:21PM

Hi Mijo words can't begin to express how much I love you and how much I miss you my heart is so empty. I wanted to tell you that I know im not a messy cook or s messy eater but i kid you not, i noticed that every single time i wear your memory shirt i get food on it and not just a drop but like smudges or a splatter. I used to get so upset with myself for getting my special shirt dirty but now Its so crazy and funny and I finally came to the conclusion that its YOU trying to have some of the food lol. I love it and I love sharing it with you i just really and truly wish you were here so I could see you enjoy it and the satisfaction on your face afterwards. There's a smudge of brownies, splatter of spaghetti, a splash of orange juice and a spot where the grease stain of a juicy hamburger that Roger grilled that fell on it. It was actually a brisket burger. Omg I wish you were here to have one they're so delicious. Every time i try something new I always think of you. I'm blessed to still be able to share them with Josh and he truly enjoys everything too but you're the missing part of us and always will be. I think of you all the time and miss you with every drop of my soul. You can keep getting my shirt dirty i will just smile and know what you're doing. I love you son, my beautiful angel. Keep smiling and working hard up there we will keep you in our hearts always and forever. Love Mom


July 29, 2017 10:34PM

Hi mjio I miss you so much I think about you all the time and wish you were here. I had dinner with Margie and Sylvia today. We went to Nates for seafood the food was ok and it was really nice to see them again. I haven't seen them since your celebration of your life service. While we were at dinner Ele called it was so good to hear her voice I haven't talked to her in 2 weeks she's still in sa. She face timed me and she showed me her leg she scraped in really really bad she said it happened while she was skateboarding. Shes such a tomboy lol. She's said she's ok though. The other day I remembered the first time one of your friends called to our house and asked for Alex i was like who what!?! I only knew you as Jr. You were like Mom that was for me that's what people at school call me.. aww I miss you so much. I love you thank you for all the beautiful memories love Mom


July 14, 2017 10:11PM

Hi mijo its me again I wanted to share something else with you that I found on pinterest. It says grief is just really love. Its all the love I want to give you but can't. All of that unshared love gathers up in my eyes and rolls down my face, is in the lump in my throat, and the hole in my heart that i sent with you. Grief is just love with no place to go- that being said I accept that I will grieve the rest of my life because i wil always love you. I will continue to live my split emotions where I pretend everything is fine while my heart is in pieces. I'll always cherish being your mom and you being my son. Even though i I know you're with me and im with you. Love knows no distance. I know your resting in beautiful paradise in Gods hands, I miss you so much its sometimes hard for my heart to understand. Please keep working hard being a beautiful angel and know that Mama loves you. Please visit Josh and Ele.


July 14, 2017 9:07PM

Hello handsome son! Today was a ma and you day. A day to do absolutely nothing but think about you, grieve for you and remember special memories. I miss you and love you so much and you still find ways to amaze me thank you and God for that. One of the things i did was look on pinterest they have a lot of good quotes for grieving and cherishing memories it helps a lot because it helps me feel normal and uplifted. One pin i came across talked about how loved ones in heaven communicate and i must say you've blessed me with those experiences, you make me feel special. One thing I wasn't aware of was it said you can play with electricity and while i was reading that part Rogers mom called twice in a row so i had to answer it, i also had the tv on and greys anatomy was on and i kid you not when I answered the phone i sat up and the tv flickered and a picture of fireworks popped up with a red background it was only for a split second and omg i was amazed!!! Thank you so much everything you do and please don't ever stop. I love feeling your presence, imagining hearing your voice, seeing you happy and healthy and you letting me know you're with me. I remembered so many special moments today. I remember you as a baby and you were such a good one you loved to eat you loved to play you were such a happy baby, I remember when you were 5 and went to saltillo and they took you to the carnival and you and Josh got me that shirt it has the dallas cowboys in the back and my name in rainbow letters on the front over my heart i remember the time i woke up and went into the kitchen and you told me to sit down at the table you had made coffee for me I was so excited and wasn't worried about if it was going to be good or bad i was just happy and when i took my first drink omg it was the best coffee i had ever had even to this day i remember our little vacations to padre and how we buried each of you in the sand and I remember how much fun you had at sea world and schlitterbahn I remember you got student of the week at north garland I remember taking you to your first drivers ed class I remember taking you to your prom i remember you getting your first car and first job I remember when you had Ele and how happy you were and how your first words to me when you came out with her were mom i love her so much I remember when you worked at morrison sign company and how you taught me that signs have braille and how you helped make those all the signs at children's medical I remember when you got married you were so happy I remember when you got sick and our lives were turned upside down i remember how the treatments made you so sick I remember how your body was shrinking I remember your good days your hugs and kisses I remember the day your aneurysm ruptured and the dr offered to fix it but it would be a long recovery otherwise you were going to bleed out and pass and i said ok lets do the surgery but I remember the peace in your eyes and the look on your face when you told me mom im tired I don't want to do this anymore. You told me you weren't scared anymore and you were ready to go..I remember this didn't seem real and i knew you had suffered so much and the only thing I could do was respect your wishes I remember the special time we had with you I remember holding your hand as you took your last breath i remember your journey you took me on with you moments after you passed I remember your scent your voice your handsome face your kind heart your everything. Im broken because i cant see you but am grateful for everything you still do. I love you son! I carry you in my heart and soul.. please tell your brother and everyone i said hello and i love them very much. I thought I posted a message on the 12th but i dont see it.. to tell Dez Happy Birthday and we love her and miss her very much and to visit her mom Frank Marie Julie and tutus even though im sure she does i told Melissa what you told me.... love you and your brother bunches-love always Mom


July 10, 2017 9:09PM

Hi Mijo please tell my dad Happy Birthday and and I love him and miss him so much. I know it's been a long tome and i guess i buried the pain so deep then losing you is bringing everything ive ever lost out because I know sll of you are together and I know my dad is taking very good care of you and seeing you and being with you brought him a world of joy. He was the best dad this girl could've ever asked for and I remember so many beautiful things. I know i drove him crazy please tell him im sorry for all the stress i ever caused him and I love and miss him so much the tears are rolling. I know y'all are together in paradise and that's heartwarming. Nothing is the same. I love and miss all of you. Love mom oh i also wanted to share with you that this guy at work named Manish me made a rock that has your name Alex Jr engraved in it. Its so nice i love it. Its about 8" round and he did the engraving in red your favorite color the lettering reminds me of the kind that Valerie did your name in your room in garland. Which also remains me she was supposed to call me lol I talked to Sandy a few weeks she said they're all doing good Sandy is married Valerie is a dallas police officer. She saw you one time but didn't approach you because you were walking with a blonde girl hmm I wonder who that was lol she has 2 boys too. Brittany has 2 kiddos too can you believe it?!? Lil tomboy Brittany and Desiree lives in Cali acting and modeling. She's always been model material. I miss talking to you and sharing things with you. I can hear you saying "oh for real thats good". I know i sound up and down and all over the place but I really am lost coping as best i can. You will always br my baby and even though your body is no longer here I feel your spirit and I know you're ok. I thank you and God for that. I also thank him for giving me the best dad ever. I wish I could celebrate one more birthday with him. Im grateful for everything. -Love Mom


July 07, 2017 6:57PM

Hi mijito! Im really struggling today my heart hurts and I really miss talking to you and sharing things with you. Im really busy at work and it really helps but I still feel helpless because I couldn't save you. I see your pictures and I still can't understand how or why this happened. Im grateful for so many memories but sad that we don't have you here to make more. You should be here with us working and living a nice life and enjoying good food. Only God knows why this happened and why you suffered so much. Someone as kind and loving the way you were didn't deserve all the evils that you suffered. I know you're not in pain and struggling lifes hardships and it brings comfort but I still don't understand it. I just want to hold you and hear your voice and see your face and just hear the word Mom from you. I love you and miss you so very much! I just want you to know that. Love always-Mom


July 06, 2017 9:02PM

Hi mijo how are you? How much I wish you were here so I could hear your answer. I feel you telling me "im good Mom" with a big smile on your face. Ah I miss you so mych. Well Saturday was Eles 11th birthday and you'd be shocked to see how much shes grown. You know she's always been very intelligent fun and outgoing she's only getting better. i talked to her Saturday morning and it was pouring down rain here and I told her it was probably you crying because you couldn't be here with her on her birthday. She told me that she had a dream about you that morning and when she told me the details i cried and told her that was you visiting her and your eay of letting her know you love her and miss her very much. She was so happy to hear that, she said yaaay and had a pep in her step afterwards, thank you so much for that son! We all love you very much. Chanel let us have a small bday party this year for her and of course we had it at the waterpark. We have a new one here in farmers branch and that's where we had it. John and Ian came and grandma, Jennifer, Bear and Wolf too. Chanel brought 2 of Eles friends that she used to play soccer with and Christy brought her 3 girls. It was small but fun. We got her a unicorn strawberry cake and omg it was so friggin good lol you wouldve loved it. Roger bought pizza from Joes pizza and everyone loved that too. Chanel provided all the drinks. It was a team effort and it all worked out great! Ian noticed my necklace with your thumbprint and thought it was really cool. We thought about you the whole time and know you were watching over us with your angel self. ;-) we had Ele for four days and they flew by so fast. One day we had wolfs bday pool party the next we had Eles party the next we went to watch the wonder woman movie then foreworks that night then Wednesday we took her to the mall and Roger bought her an outfit for her bday. We had a great time with her. We tried to watch movies every night but we fell asleep not far into them lol her room is so fun but relaxing. I sleep with her when shes here. She said even when she's 25 shes going to still have me sleep with her. Haha. Grandma gave me some pictures of you and Josh one when you were 1 and a few from Gatitas graduation.. ahh they melted my heart. I love you and miss you with every drop of my being. Thank you for everything youve done and continue to do. We will always remember you and cherish you. Thank you for making me your Mom. Keep working hard being an angel and please visit me I need to see you and feel your presence. Until i see you and your brother again and hold you in my arms and kiss you all over your handsome face, always know that yall are in my hewrt and on my mind. Love you both so much! Mom


June 26, 2017 9:02PM

Hi mijo I miss you so much. I go places and i wish you were there with me i try a new food and i want to share it with you simple things that happen throughout the day i just want to share them with you. I wanted to tell you Josh was in a motorcycle accident this last week hes ok but it was the most scariest feeling. His arm iland leg are scraped up pretty bad but the worst part is the bruising all across his stomach. The handlebars went into his stomach but didn't puncture. He ended up going to the emergency room hbecause he felt something raised in his stomach area. Thank God theres no internal bleeding just pretty bad internal bruising. It was pretty scary! It could have been so mych worse and Thank you so much for watching over him please continue to do that. I was at your tia Claudias yesterday she bought the 2 houses next door to her and she just finished up the 2nd one. Its super nice i wish I could live there. I wish you were here to see it. I know if you were here as your healthy handsomw self i know you would've had part in the renovation. Frank, abueito and Josh all helped out. Please tell Carlos her and the boys are doing great and he couldn't have picked a better Mom to have his boys. John and Ian are teenagers now and are really great boys. He would be very proud. I remember a few weeks ago Ele said "Nana the countdown is on" i think it was at 27 days and of course she was referring to her l its just about here this coming Saturday. I can't believe shes growing weve had that beautiful monkey 11 years already. Thank you so much for helping to create so a wonderful unique adorable loveable person she reminds me so much of you and i thank God every day for leaving us with a beautiful piece of you. Shes still in sa but comes home Saturday and gets to come here Sunday we can't wait to see her. I kiss your picture every day. I love you and miss you so much. Please visit me i miss you good night my handsome son.


June 20, 2017 9:41PM

Hi Mijo i wanted to tell you I talked to Ele on Fathers Day but it was kind of late. Shes in San Antonio and she said she sent a balloon to you. We both hope you got ir. It was red and she wrote a personal message to you that said Happy Fathers Day Daddy Ilove you and wish you were here so I could celebrate with you She asked what i did for you and i told her i wrote you a letter. She said aw that's nice Nana! As we were talking i could tell her voice was becoming sad and i asked her if she was missing you and she started crying i tried comforting her as much as i could but I really wanted to hold her in my arms the way i know you would if you were here. She was a bit more sad because she wonders why you haven't visited her so please if you can it would mean the world to her. We both love you and miss you very much. I can't wait until she comes back so I can hug her tightly cover her face with kisses. I also wanted to share with you that I went to church with the familia Sunday morning and that day Frank and Melissa accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. They each received a bible and Melissa was thrilled that hers was pink. Her heart was full of joy after the service and you could see it through the sparkle in her eye and the smile on her face. It was a very special service. I wish you were here physically to share with us but i am happy because i know you're always with us because we carry you in our hearts. I know you're working hard being an angel and love what you're doing it's probably not considered work so keep resting in paradise son! Im smiling right now because i know you're in the best place any of us could ever be. I love you and miss you my angel. Gone but never forgotten. Love Mom


June 18, 2017 5:10PM

Happy Fathers's Day Son! I miss you with every ounce of my being. My heart aches for you to see you hold you hear your voice anything. I can't accept that you're not here! I kiss your pucture i hold your blanket and I smell your scent snd irs not enough. Im praying for strength and guidance I feel lost! I love you with all my heart I wish you were here i miss you. I can't wait to see you and be with you. Please tell my Dad brother grandpa and uncles I said Happy Fathers Day too! And I love and miss them you and your brother so much


June 08, 2017 9:18PM

Hi Mijo i know you see Sandy reached out, how special is that?!? I know that would bring a smile to your handsome face. We have beautiful memories with their family and I know Valerie meant a lot to you and I've always liked her. Im hoping to see them and share some of our memories with them. When i do ill be sure to share with you how they're doing. These past few days have been very sad for everyone especially for Frank Melissa Marie Julie and Tu-tu's. They had the memorial service for Dez on Tuesday and the funeral service on Wednesday. It was sad, personal and beautiful. The pastor that officiated was very good and they did the rosary prayers. They did a burial and it was very nice. They buried her right next to her boyfriend that she was in the accident with. They were high school sweethearts and were crazy for eachother it was the right thing to do. They had mariachis at the gravesite, released 2 doves and ordered ballons in the shape of a rosary to send to Destiny. It was huge too I hope she got them. I guess you could say it was the cadillac of all funerals and very special for Dez. I kinda wish I would've thought of the Mariachis for your service pero ni modo yours was very special for us and I wouldn't change a thing. I picked up Josh for both services and it was very nice to spend those days with him. We listened to the cd you made for me when i had the CTS it was nice. Josh said yup that's my bro. Aww.. -Also since Eles traveling back n forth to San Antonio this summer Josh gave her a portable DVD player to watch movies he even put a movie in it for her but I forget which movie. I miss you so much I wish you were here. We're keeping on but its just not the same. You were a big part of us, still are and always will be. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again and kiss you all over your face. I love you and miss more than words can ever say. Please visit me I need to see your face and hear your voice. Ele said she misses you and thinks about you every day. She's growing so much and i noticed Tuesday that she is Chanels height, can you believe it!?! She looks just like her too but then again I have a picture from Tuesday she looks just like you..that little chameleon lol Chanel had put trensas on Ele like corn rows and when Ele took them out her hair was so wavy curly like a perm she really looked like Chanel that day. Im so grateful that weware have her. Thank you for helping to create that beautiful chickie-pooh. I love you son! Besos y abrazos- love always Mom

Cynthia Aranda

June 08, 2017 8:29PM

Hi Sandy thank you for your kind words they really mean a lot to me. Its very nice to hear from you, please call me when you have time 214-418-4596


June 07, 2017 3:12PM

Although it has been many years since we have spoken and seen each other, I want to offer my deepest sympathy and condelences for your loss of, Alex.
My heart hurts for you, and wish we could turn back time. I hope you have some consolation one day you will reunite with him. Wishing you peace during this most difficult time.

Sandy Johnson (Valerie's mom) from N.Garland


June 04, 2017 9:43PM

Hi Mijo i see your pictures and your eyes seem so real and so alive your smile is so genuine and it seems like you're here and I really wish you were. Im dying inside my heart is in pieces I don't know how much longer I can endure this emptiness. I think I want to get a puppy but it will have to be an indoor one because we don't have a fence all around the house for an outdoor dog. Id love a german shepherd but we'll see. I need to have something. Please help me decide. Josh and i had lunch Friday at Ojedas he had sour cream chicken enchiladas and I just had guac we both had a margarita they have the best ones ever. Josh liked them too. Things aren't the same without you here with us. I love you and miss you. Ele is in SA for a few days she'll be back for Destinys funeral service and will go back til after her birthday. Please visit me i need to see you and hear your voice. Tina shared a dream she had Thursday night and she said it felt so real. It even sounded so real when she told it to me. Oh I forgot to tell you last week I was feeling a little sad and Ele said im going to make you happy and she put on this song that says 'because im happy" I know you heard it and omg she danced like a professional happy entertainer with moves for the words she had me in awe and really did make me happy. I felt so much better afterwards. Shes such a lovely girl. I know you were there watching her. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. I love you and miss you son you will always be my beautiful baby. Goodnight! Love You Always-Mom


May 30, 2017 11:11PM

Hola Mijo I miss you so much! I really wish I could see you and hold your hand and hug your head. I know that with you being an angel you know that Destiny and her boyfriend were in a car accident early Monday morning (on your dad and your brother Joshs birthday) it was very tragic and of course the family is broken. Please let her know we all love her and miss her and to please visit her Mom she really needs to feel her presence and know that shes ok like you do for me. I know she's there with you and is going to be an angel just like you are now. Please tell her I will always remember her beautiful smile and her outgoing personality she was always so sweet! Ele doesn't understand why this is happening to our family and I explain to her only God knows why things happen and we must continue praying and always love eachother please visit her and comfort her. Things are not the same for any of us. It's so hard to understand. I love you mijo and i miss you every day. I wish you were here. Dez had a picture board that had lots of pretty pictures and your memory card was part of it. It was very nice to see. I shared some of our nice memories stories with Ele this weekend and she was so happy to hear things about the great person you were and the bond we had. I also shared the experience i had with you moments after you passed and her eyes teared up and she said that was so nice of you to do that. She was very open and said you haven't visited her yet but she tells you good night every night. I reminded her of your special visit just to tell her that you love her. She's leaving to San Antonio after Destinys service and won't be back until after her birthday but she said she will call. We didn't get to celebrate your brother Joshs birthday we had planned to all meet at uncle julios but due to the tragedy we didn't go. We will do something after the service though. Please tell everyone I love them and miss them so much. Goodnight my angel hugs and kisses for you and your brother!


May 24, 2017 3:13PM

Hi mijo the emptiness hit me really hard again today! I miss talking to you and sharing lifes happenings with you. I found the cds that you and Tina made for me when we lived at the apartment. I haven't listened to it in a while because i played it too much when i first got it lol. I remember asking you to make me a girly cd like with lady gaga, rihanna, pink, lil suzy and youve got them all in there you were spot on with the songs. I can picture you sitting there making this for me. If only you knew how much I miss you. I got a phone call at lunch from Ele and she was so happy and excited to share some good news with me..she said guess what Nana i said what baby she said "I passed to the 6th grade" she was so happy and even asked for Rogers work # so she could call and tell him too. I know if you were here she would've called you first. This is so hard i never imagined how hard it would be not to share things with you. I love you son and i know you're excited and happy for her. I can hear you telling her thats awesome mamas and giving her a big hug. Please help give me strength to carry on I feel like im getting weaker as time goes on. I love you and miss you more than you will ever know. Please Know that you are loved always have been and always will be. I know you are happy and healthy it's just not seeing you or talking to you that tears me up inside. Love you Mom


May 21, 2017 9:45PM

Hola mijito como estas! How much i wish i could see you! Tina shared pics with me of your wedding day and you looked so happy! That was a great day! The kids were so little and Ele was so cute! J and Jr were so silly! You and Tina were so much in love! Yalls colors were beautiful! I remember that place was so nice and pretty! Y'all made a good choice for the location. Her parents were so kind to have had the reception at their house! Im happy you experienced love so much that you made her your wife. I know she was your true love. I wanted to let you know all the plants I have are doing great! Who wouldve ever imagined that right lol Saturday was Chanels bday and we didn't get to see her or Ele this weekend but we sent Birthday wishes! I talked to Ele earlier today and she told me she had field day at school and all the stations they had set up. It sounded fun. She said she got dragged in the tug of war but shes ok and had a lot of fun. They even had my favorite the potato sack races lol. Her last day of school is Wednesday and they get early release. She's going to SA for the summer and we won't get to see her on her bday again (3rdyear straight) but oh well it will still be special when we she comes back! I know she misses you and shes managing the best she can! Please visit her and let her know how much you love her and miss her! I miss you son keep working hard being an angel there. I see your beautiful face and know you're very happy and healthy there! You mean the world to me always have always and im so sorry I couldn't save you i will forever feel like a failure for not being able to take away your pain and suffering or help you battle your demon...te quero muchisimo and miss you every single moment with every breath i take! Love Mom


May 16, 2017 9:50PM

I just want you to know i miss you so much! I would give anything to see you or be with you! You were such a good kid and loving person and i miss that! My heart hurts for you. I feel your presence with me sometimes and i hear your voice telling me your ok and not to be sad and I feel your arms hugging me sometimes and it feels so real and it's so comforting! Thank you so much for everything you still do in spirit. That's the kind of person you've always been. Loving sweet unselfish thoughtful..simply one if a kind. I was thinking of when you worked at petsmart and you would always bring home animals. To this day I wonder what happened to that baby turtle that you brought home for me. He's probably there with you now :-). And those snakes omg you were very brave for wrapping them around you. Idk how you were able to sleep in the same room with them but you did it. I miss our conversations and our closeness I wish you were here. My heart is in pieces. I feel so old and empty. Im happy you're the n heaven with God where nothing can ever harm you again! I love you and miss you with all my heart. Please visit me. Love you more than words can say goodnight my beautiful angel mama loves you


May 14, 2017 8:46PM

Hi mijo I really miss you so much! Today is Mothers Day and you not being here just makes me feel lost. I took grandma out for brunch and it was nice but things just aren't the same. I was so sad and had no motivation whatsoever because I hadn't heard from you and I knew I wasn't going to. but I pulled myself together and did everything i could to make her feel special. I wanted to make her feel the way I would feel if i had both of you here with me. After breakfast Josh texted and wished me a Happy Mothers Day from both of you then i felt a lot better. I sent wishes to all the mommys I know and Erin invited me over for dinner with their family but unfortunately I couldn't go because we had already planned to go to Rogers. I love you and miss you so mych i wish i could have you back. Ele was here this weekend too. We had a special weekend with her. So she's really into making her own slime and she's really really good at it. One of the ingredients she uses is glue so this weekend i surprised her with a gallon of glue. She was so excited jumping up and down and spinning around it was so funny. It reminded of how excited Frazier would get when he daw i had gravy in my hand to mix in with his food. We also went to uncle julios for dinner and she's been wanting to get a chocolate pinata itd filled with strawberries pineapple blackberries and churros it is off the chain lol so we finally shared one of those. Saturday was her last soccer game of the season and she got a trophy for her collection then we took her to speed zone her favorite place! She loves the gokarts there. She's such a good little girl and growing too fast shes 5 feet tall now! She loves being here and we love having her. Please continue to watch over her and know that we will always be here for her. I love you son you will always be my baby and i carry you in my heart. I miss you so much and am grateful you're an angel now! Love you muchisimo


May 06, 2017 11:22PM

Hi mijo I miss you! I want to see you! I miss your face and your smile. I wanted to let you know I wished you Happy Birthday here on May 1st because I know these dont show up until the next day and I didn't want you to think I didn't remember your birthday because we both know that would never happen and i figured its Better early that late right! I ended up making mole (your favorite) rice beans flor tortillas and a chocolate cake. Ele Chanel Tina, Jr Grandma Erin and Angel came. The mole came out really good you would've loved it. We did a balloon release i hope you got them and we also sang Birthday to you! We all miss you so much! Jr brought me some beautiful roses and Claudia sent me a beautiful grand gardenia plant. Im really loving this gardening stuff i can't believe I never really got into it. Something special happened when we did the balloon release. We all released at the same time and they all soared beautifully but Jrs balloon got stuck in a tree and we were all like noooo and it didn't budge then Tina remembered the time Jr got stuck in the tree and you had to go up and get him. To us it was like you were letting us remember that memory and letting us know you were with us. I love you. We all hugged when Tina remembered that then all of a sudden the balloon started maneuvering its way out of the tree and it soared on. It was very heartwarming. It was crazy because we sll wore our tshirts that Erin had made in your memory but no one told eachother to wear them. Ele had wore hers to school that day and did her hair in two french trensas. Shes beautiful and growing every day. Chanel is putting her in indoor soccer now she only has one game left of outdoor. Of course we're going to buy her more shoes indoor cleats are different. I hear indoor soccer is rougher so please watch over then and always. She misses you a alot and always talks about you. She always says tell my daddy good morning or goodnight. She's so sweet! Oh Tencha Frank and Melissa were traveling back from vegas on your birthday so they weren't here. They went there so they could bring back her furniture. Josh decided to do something else that day. I love you mijo and I hope you know I miss you with every breath i take. Keep being an angel and please visit me. Tell your brother and everyone I love them and miss them very much. Good night sweet dreams love always Mom


May 01, 2017 7:57PM

Happy Birthday Mijo! We love you and miss you so much! My mind still can't believe you're gone but the hole and the palpitations in my heart are a harsh reminder that i wont see you hug you or kiss you. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I was so young and had no idea what i was doing or even a clue of what to expect all i knew was you were mine and i was going to love you and raise you to be a hard working respectable young man who loved and enjoyed life. The moment i held you in my arms the first time i was so happy and so excited you were finally here. We had an instant connection and when you opened your eyes it was a whole new world for both of us. You were nice and healthy 8lbs 3.5 oz with fat cheeks. I couldn't get enough of you. I remember the drs asked if I wanted you to sleep in the nursery or in yhe room with me. I nursed you because I wanted to give you every opportunity that i could for us to bond and for you to be healthy and bouy could you eat! Lol I remember your dad my mom dad and tencha were there and my dad ordered us italian food and it was so good. You were born at 5:02pm and i didn't even have breakfast before I went into labor and they told me I couldn't eat anything and i was starving I guess I should say we were starving I remember your dad kept teasing me that he was going to sonic across the street and i was so mad at him but i got him back when those labor pains came and the dr said to squeeze his arm. It was an experience. I love you and miss you idk what im going to do for your birthday i hope i have strength. Please be with me its going to be extremely hard with you not here i love you! I can't accept that you're supposed to be 30 years old tomorrow and suposed to be at a maturity turning point but you're not here and its so hard to accept. I love you


April 25, 2017 7:55PM

Hi mijo I miss you! I wanted to tell you for the first time in 19 years I celebrated Erins birthday with her. I can't believe how fast she grew up and into a beautiful young lady with a very sweet heart. Your tia Claudia shared a picture of her when she was liftle and omg she looks just like you;-) Claudia had a cookout for Erin at her house and your tio Frank grilled fajitas. Tu abuelita Tencha made elotes and aguas de tamarindo, sandia y jicama and i had the tamarindo it was delicious you would've loved it. Your tia Melissa made taco salad for everyone but i wasn't very hungry I just ate fajita tacos. I wanted to make guacamole but i didn't have time and didn't want to be late so i bought some and yea it was totally gross. I remember anytime i would say totally you would say (in a valley girl accent) yea and gag me with the biggest spoon lol it was always so funny. I miss those days. Josh Ele Chanel and Ava (Chanels stepdaughter) went too. Erin's boyfriend his parents and brother went too. We had a good time I know you were there because you're in my heart but i wish you could've been there physically. Eles soccer team is doing really well this season I think they only lost one gane which is great compared to losing every game lol. She's getting so big so fast. She's very stout like you and Chanel but Ele is going to be tall. Please watch over her. I love you son and miss you my than words can express. Not an hour goes by that I don't think about you. Be good and work hard up there. Mama loves you always! Besos


April 20, 2017 7:27PM

Hi mijo so many things blessings are happening and i wish you were here so I could tell you and I would get to hear your voice let me know what you're thinking. Its been a really tough week for me because I miss you so much and the emptiness is tearing me up inside. On Tencha's birthday Josh and i were on our way to ojedas and i got pulled over because the officer said I didn't make a complete stop at the stop sign (which I know i did) but anyway i lost the ticket so i had to call and find out what I needed to do to get it taken care of. I got pulled over on i30 but since it wasnt dpd it was a sheriff, i had to go through the Justice of the Peace and it was all the way in Lancaster talk about far I didn't know how or why it was so far out but i had fo go and sign up so I could take defensive driving. I had to go all the way down 35 and as i was driving i was not far from my exit and all of a sudden I heard your voice ask me hey Mom you remember that place? And I looked around and i saw the place where Tinas niece had her quince i just smiled and then you even said do you remember I almost got in a fight that night?? And i so remember that it was because some guy was trying to hit on Tina. But luckily nothing and we were able to have lots of fun that night. I have lots of pics from that day. Now i know why God sent me that way. It was so i could share a memory with you. I love you and God for that !thank you so much! After I took care of my ticket you also told me lets take a little detour and so we drove to your old apartment and told me that was the last place you were truly happy but also where your world fell apart. I cried so hard because I remember. I will never know how you truly felt when our life was turned upside down and I feel like a failure because I couldn't help you or save you. I couldn't help you get through that even though i tried everything I could i wanted to be with you by your side through this. I know circumstances changed you, it changed all of us but I always saw you as my Jr. I know now you're back to your kind loving fun self and its heartwarming. I love you son and thank you for all the wonderful memories and the comforting things you still do for me and even though your not physically here our special bond we have will never be broken I love you and miss you so much! Love Always Mom


April 17, 2017 10:24PM

Hi Mijo I feel really empty I feel a hole in my heart i wish we could have our life back and we could all be together again i dont understand why this happened to us I need strength and guidance more than ever you were the best son a mom could ask for I remember you would tell me everything I miss that closeness we had. I remember being your chauffeur to the prom you were so handsome and such a gentleman I remember taking you and Valerie to the school for the dance then going back to pick y'all up and everyone was going to Chilis and of course thats where we went. I remember I wanted you to enjoy your time and i offered to sit on the opposite side of the restaurant but you weren't having it you told me you wanted me there with yall that was a great night! I miss you so much I want to hug you and hear your voice I have nothing to fill this void this emptiness and its so hard. I don't know how to keep going. You are my baby and im supposed to take care of you im so sorry I couldn't save you. Im kissing you all over your face and holding you in my arms. They feel so heavy because im squeezing tight and you're not here. I just want to wake up and me be the one in a coma or something and see You Josh Ele and Joshua right there with me and all this was just a horrible dream! I don't know what to do. I love you i miss you with all of what's left of my heart please come visit me. Tina got a tattoo that says No Te Olvidare your name and dates we were blessed to have you and it has a cruz de madera with a red ribbon and your signature from a letter that you wrote to her one time. Its very nice and very personal. Your tio Frank has your portrait on his leg its very nice. I love both of them and i know you would too. We all love you and miss you more than words can ever say. Im sorry you suffered so much. Love always Mom


April 14, 2017 8:19PM

Hi Mijo I love you and miss you so much! Josh has been making screensavers with your pictures and beautiful backgrounds! He really knows how to capture you. I hope you're doing ok there I know you are God is great! I found this poem and it so reminded me of you I hope you like it:
God looked around his garden and he saw an empty place He then looked down upon this earth and saw your tired face!
He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. Gods garden must be beautiful because he always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering He knew that you were in pain He knew that you would never get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough the hills were hard to climb so he closed your weary eyelids and said "Peace be Thine"
It broke our hearts to lose you but you didn't go alone, for part of us went with you the day God called you home!
This poem is exactly how I feel right now! I know you're at peace! I love you with all my heart Mijo!


April 09, 2017 10:27PM

I miss you mijo! I want you to know we finished Eles room and its beautiful I wish you were heres to see it you would be so happy for her. Even though you're not physically here to be with her anymore this is a small way to let her know she still has us and will always have a special place with us. Things are so hard and my heart hurts so much only Gods strength, the beautiful memories and knowing you're not suffering anymore is the only thing that keeps me from breaking down. I can't wait to see your babyface again! Please tell everyone I said hello love hugs and kisses especially for you and your brother! Please visit me I need to see you


April 07, 2017 7:25PM

Mijo its been 2 long months since I seen you held your hand kissed you talked to you hear your voice and I miss you so much. Josh and Ele miss you so much too. We never imagined it would be this hard and I realize how much i took for granted. You were very strong and fought for a long time and I always prayed for a miracle and hoped you would make a complete turnaround and get better but that didnt happen. Josh showed me some pictures that you have on your facebook and you're so handsome and so grown up. I love seeing pictures of you and hearing memories. Guess who I had lunch with yesterday?? Tina!! She got a job in carrollton and she asked me for the name of the chinese restaurant you would always order from so we had lunch at chef chu. She had the shwimp fwied wice lol. She shared some of the things she's experienced since you became an angel and she sometimes feels your presence too. Now I know where you're at when your not here lol then today she told me she went to another of your favorite restaurants in carrollton Mena's she had chicken enchiladas with salsa verde...dang my tummy just growled. Aye mijito I miss you so much i miss talking to you. I will regret not doing the things we could've done for the rest of my life but also be grateful for having you the time we did. I love you so much


April 03, 2017 6:53PM

Hi mijo something strange happened today i was busy at work and i was walking to my desk and i told myself call and check on Jr. I even told myself whoa. I was so used to calling or texting you to see how you were doing and checking on you to make sure you were ok and now some days I know im just going through the motions just to get myself thru the day. I really wish I could see you and hear your voice. I kiss your fingerprint on my necklace every day throughout the day and I imagine it's your hand. Wednesday we went to Ojedas for Tenchas birthday she looked really pretty for her special day. Josh went with me and Claudia, Ian,John,Erin,Angel,Frank Melissa and the kiddos were all there. It wasn't the same because you weren't there and Eventhough the past few years you didn't join us very often for celebrations i still had hope that someday you would get better and join us again. That hope wasn't there this time. I did have the enchilada dinner though and since I'm eating for 2 now...don't freak out i mean for YOU and me lol but i was only going to eat a little bit but ended up eating it all cuz I know you would have too. I miss you baby. I remember your scent I remember your kisses on my cheek and i miss that so much. You're in my heart and imbedded in my soul. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again. You Birthday is a month from yesterday and I don't know what im going to do. I will definitely get you some balloons and maybe make mole to honor our special day. I say ours because for you it was the day you were born and thats plenty reason to celebrate and for me it was the day God gave me my biggest blessing of my life. You're very special to me. I love you mijo and miss you like crazy i want to break down on my knees because I can't hold you. Love you so much!


March 28, 2017 10:16PM

My heart hurts so much because I miss you i want to see your face and smell your scent and hug you so tightly hold your hand carress your face I don't understand why this had to happen life is do hard without you.. I love you I love you I love you I wish you could hear me


March 28, 2017 7:10PM

Hola mijito I swear visited here sunday buf I don't see it. I wanted to tell you all about Eles first soccer game she had on Saturday. Friday night we went to buy her shoes can you believe your daughter wears size 8.5?? I only wear sn 8 and she's only 10. She picked out her soccer socks a for some reason she got a large. We didn't think anything about it until we got home when Roger said to make sure her socks fit and when we went to open them we noticed the large was 10-12 mens. I was like crap we have to take them back but told her to go ahead and try them on and guess what?!? They fit. I was in shock. Chickie pooh is growing up so so fast. I was massaging her legs that night and she has nice thick legs like you did. :-) Saturday was a really nice day sunny not too hot not too cold and she practiced dribbling and keeping the ball up. She was so excited for her game. We got to the field and her team was just getting there too its a coed team and a mix of kids. They're pretty good players it was a high scoring hame like 5-6. Oh her jersey is yellow with a bulldog on it its super cute. They were winning the first half then the other team brought in a kid that everyone could tell he was much older and he came out and scored 3 points all by himself one even made one with his head. They lost the game but they all played very well and i know she will learn alot its competitive for her and thats what she needs. I wish you could've been there with us. We love you and miss you so much but you're in our hearts and with us every step.


March 23, 2017 12:24PM

Hi mijo it seems that the more days that go by the harder it gets no seeing you or hearing your voice. I cry every day because I miss you so freaking much! I can't call you or text you or offfer you something to eat. I think about what you must have been going through after the cancer came in and took over your life. I know you didn't mean to change and I know it must have destroyed your emotions. No one can say how you shouldve acted or behaved when something like that happens because only you know what you were going through. Everyone including me will have opinions on what to do but at the end of the day we each have our own journey. You were sick and I know treatments made you feel even more sick and I want you to know im very proud of you for being strong and holding on as long as you did especially because I know you were suffering. Im grateful for everything but I miss you so much and I don't know how im suppossed to do this it's getting harder. I pray for strength and guidance every day and thank God for making you his angel. I had dinner with Josh Sunday I ordered a necklace for him that says my brother my friend and it will hold a tiny portion of your ashes he loves it. He gave me some wireless earphones and i was thinking about a song that goes "i wanna put on my my my my boogie shoes oooohooohooohooohooh" remember that one? I remember the first time i sang that song to y'all you both laughed so hard because yall had never heard of boogy shoes lol it yalls laugh made me laugh we were a bunch of laughing fools lol good times mijo good times. Eles soccer practice went good she doesn't know anyone on her team but shes excited. She comes over tomorrow to spend the night. Cant wait to see her I haven't seen her in 2 weeks We've been remodeling her room and its not ready yet so I don't know where shes going to sleep yet but we'll figure it out. Maybe we'll camp out in the backyard haha jk you know im not a camper! Mama has to have a/c. I hope you and Ele are looking at the moon and saying good night to eachother like you both agreed to do. She misses you so much please visit her. I talked to Tina today she said she dreamt of you last night and it seemed so real she was so happy to see you and that you told her that you heard what she whispered to you at the hospital. She said she will always love you. I love you baby and think about you all the time you will never ever be forgotten! Please visit me I miss you

March 21, 2017 12:44PM

Mijo im thinking about you and there's so many things i want to share with you and I can't. Estoy sufriendo mucho. Te extrano mucho. Ayudame por favor. Necesito ver te. La vida no es igual. No se que hacer. Yesterday I received the gift of a necklace that has your thumbprint engraved on it and on the back it says my Son, Mijo, Baby Alex Sanchez Jr, 5/2/87 - 2/7/16 Psalm 23. I absolutely love it and will wear it and cherish it forever. It was given to me by all the girls I call my true friends that have always been there when you guys were growing up. You know who they are Norma Margie Delia Sylvia Susan Sara Marcella. One thing that stands out to me is the dash between the dates. I never really gave the dash much thought until now. Now I realize how important and meaningful that dash is because it signifies the dates we were blessed to have you in our life. That dash will forever be special to me. I love you and miss you so much. I wanted to tell you Ele is starting soccer again and has her first practice tonight snd hopefully a game Saturday. We haven't bought her cleats yet but hopefully she can come over before her game and we'll take her to get them. Her team name is the Bulldogs lol i love it and its coed so we'll see how that goes hopefully its very competitive and she will learn new skills this season. Ill let you know how it goes. Tell everyone I love them and miss them too. Love you and miss you muchisimo! Besos y abrazos!


March 17, 2017 9:45PM

Happy St. Patricks Day my little lucky charm. Mama loves you! We went out for dinner to flying fish today and Sherlocks is right around the corner they were having a celebration and there were lots of people dressed up it was fun to see you would've liked it. On the way there we passed by valley view mall Roger said they are about to demolish it the only thing left there is a movie theater. Its sad because that was our mall for years. He told me about a time he took you and Josh there to buy something for me of course lol jk but he said iit was really cold out and yall parked on the top of the parking garage and when y'all were leaving y'all noticed there were areas with ice and yall were doing donuts and had lots of fun then yall went to owens restaurant and you and Josh were sitting on the same side in a booth and kept elbowing eachother. I can so see that lol. You brought us so much more than happiness than you can ever imagine. Today someone from a company that i work with named Sylvia came to my office and although she didn't have the pleasure of knowing you personally she brought a card and a plant. I shared our stories with her it was very emotional but great to share. The plant is very beautiful and the leaves are healthy, big and shiny. I absolutely love it. For me it signifies you and as you know I haven't ever been much of a plant person but im going to take special care if this one and its going to be a special part of our home. Im going to find a nice vase to put it in and let it flourish the way you did. It may sound cheesy and although nothing or noone can ever replace you im going to try anything and everything i can to fill this emptiness that i have. I wish i could hug you. I go to bed missing you and wake up to the reality that you going away wasnt just a bad nightmare. I love you always and forever. Tell your brother i love him and miss him and I can't wait to see him again. I took one set of the flowers from your service to his grave but you know that because your presence is who told me to take them there. I know that God will bring us all together again someday when he's ready to make that happen. For now we will cherish and enjoy eachother and our memories of you and contnue to strengthen our family. I love you and miss you muchisimo.


March 17, 2017 10:07AM

Mijo I just want you to know I love you and miss you so much!


March 16, 2017 12:36AM

I miss you so much baby! Mornings and nights are always the hardest I have so many thoughts about things that we could've done differently and how if only we had done this or that things may have turned different. We didn't expect any of this to happen and i know we managed the best way we could but i feel powerless because I couldn't cure you. I know you went through so much pain suffering and loneliness and it breaks my heart in pieces just thinking about what you were through i am so sorry I couldn't do more to save you i love you with all my heart and when you left you took a big chunk of it with you. I went to home depot yesterday and as i was walking in i saw a handsome young man that reminded me of you my heart jolted and my immediate reaction was to go and hug you and kiss you but then i realized you weren't here anymore. Sometimes I feel like im going crazy because of things like that and for sometimes feeling your presence but I don't care because i love it!! Seeing your smiling face or feeling the warmth of your presence brings me peace and comfort. I had a dream that you were telling me about my dad "gramps" is what you called him. You said Gramps was telling you stories about how he would take you and Josh camping to tawakoni and how you both loved to throw rocks in the lake. He never told me about that but i do know him and grandma loved taking y'all with to tawakoni. Please tell everyone there with you i love them and miss them so much too. I miss kissing your face. I know you're working hard, having fun with your loved ones and staying busy up there but please know that I miss you and love you and think about you every single day. Please visit Ele and Josh they miss you like crazy. I love you son you are our angel love slways Mom


March 09, 2017 10:51PM

Its been a month and 2 days since Ive seen your adorable face, kissed your forehead or inhaled your scent. I remember the night before you passed your brother Josh came back and spent the night with us. I slept in the room with you every night and that night Josh was in there with us too. It was a school night and Ele was at home but grandma was there too she slept in the hallway. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and looking over at you then looking over at Josh i smiled so big because it had been so long since we all slept in the same room together. At that very moment I thanked God for making that happen for us. I eventually fell back asleep and we woke up at 6 the next morning and Josh had to leave to take Amina to school. When I went to give you your good morning kiss you felt different,your body was starting to feel cold and somewhat stiff but the nurse that was monitoring you all night said your vitals were the same. It was time for them to change your bedding and While they were changing you i sat down with grandma and i was getting palpitations in my heart and I started crying I told grandma I have a feeling today is the day. i got up and started folding the blankets and even started separating them by who they belonged too but I told myself no don't do that so i mixed them all up again. Claudia called to check on you and i just started crying. So she headed our way. I went to go potty and when i went back in your room they were finished changing you so I went over and held your hand and kissed your forehead and asked if you were hungry or thirsty then you started moving your mouth like you were trying to tell me something and I turned to the nurse and said I think he's trying to tell me something and the nurse came over and said you were gasping for heart sunk and I told you I love you and kissed you all over your face. You weren't alone and im thankful to have been there for your very first and very last breath. I cried so hard and didn't want to let go. Thank you for visiting me at that moment and showing me your journey you were going through at that moment it was beautiful!! God is great and he was holding you in his arms and healing you. I saw you healthy and smiling again and you were there with everyone that was waiting for you. It was very peaceful and comforting and I know you and God did that to let me know you were ok snd i could share that with everyone. I love you both so much for that. I remember rays of sunshine were beaming through the blinds very strong afterwards, they hadn't ever come through that powerful and i knew it was you on your way to heaven. In the past when people would tell me experiences I didn't understand it because I couldn't relate but I know its real I know that God is powerful and can do great things. Seeing you afterwards was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Once i finally sat up everyone was there and Your tio Frank even said "do you feel the peace in here" we knew you were at rest.Thats the kind of person you were and it still showed. You were very thoughtful kind happy and I love you for everything you brought to our life and I hope you know that you were and are loved very much. Im so sorry you suffered so much you didn't deserve that at all. I miss you everyday and love you always and forever. Thank you for visiting me in my dream even if it was just asking me to tell Ele you love her it's always great to see you. Please visit me again I love you


March 01, 2017 6:41PM

I really miss you so much mijo! I literally feel like I have a huge hole in my heart and only the ring around it is all thats left! My arms ache and feel so heavy because i want to see you and hug you, only hugging you can quench the thirst my arms need. I think about you all the time. I wonder what your doing and i see your smiling face and you eating we all know how much you love food. ;-) I went through our last text message thread and it reminded me of how sweet you were and how the simplest things made your day. I would give anything for one more hug,kiss,call,text, I love you, or wake up to see your sleepy head asking what's for breakfast one more cup of your coffee, one more chance to make dinner for you Or one more opportunity to go to Ojedas with you or one more of you cooking out fajitas anything at all would fill this whole I have in my heart. Its been 2 long weeks without you and I don't know how this is supposed to get better or easier even my cheeks feel sunken in and only a kiss from you could revive them again I feel so empty. I have so many people to be grateful for but im not complete because you're not here! I miss you and love you always! Please come visit me again I need to see you

Your Mom- Cynthia Aranda

February 27, 2017 7:26PM

Mijo I love you and miss you so much!! I wanted to let you know that thanks to Aria Cremation I now have you at home with me where you belong. I have a really nice wooden urn that holds your ashes and it has your name on it along with the date God blessed my life and let me hold you in my arms for the very first time and the date you went to be an angel in his kingdom. It has psalm 23 imprinted on it too. Thats the verse your Tia Claudia prayed over you and is very special to us. I have your urn sitting in the middle of lots of happy and beautiful pictures. You would love it! I feel a lot better now that you're here with me but the emptiness of not seeing your face or heariing your voice or kissing your forehead is still unbearable. Its comforting to be able kiss your picture and urn every morning and night and dont worry im still taking part of you to the beach sometime this year so you can enjoy the beautiful white sand and clear blue ocean with us! You are my baby and always will be. I love you Jr.


February 23, 2017 9:42PM

Mama loves you mijo! I miss you so much! I miss seeing your smile I miss kissing you on your forehead i miss your random text messages I miss you calling me Ma or Mom I miss hugging your shrinking body i just miss you! I carry you in my heart and I feel your presence with me! Thank you for allowing me to be your Mom and for being the happiest baby, the most kind hearted kid, the most well mannered teenager, the most handsome hard working young man and the most amazing Daddy to Elesina. Life threw us a curveball and we managed the best way we could. Even though my heart aches to see you, to hold you to hear your voice I truly believe you were chosen by the good Lord to live in his kingdom where theres no pain no suffering no battles. You deserve all the greatness and happiness that Heaven is giving you and for that i am extremely grateful! I know only God can decide when it's our time for the rest of us to join you and until then I will happily honor your only last wish to make sure Ele is taken care of. I will always Love you you are my first born and the one who made me Mom. I know your job now is to be an angel and watchover us and others but please visit me as often as possible. Love you Mijo! Im so happy you're healthy and smiling again! Thank you for everything! Love Mom

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