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5 stars

I can’t say enough about how helpful and professional Dusty Martin, the funeral director at the Aria Cremation location on NW Highway has been. From my initial call, he was kind and informative. My friend died at home while on hospice and she was picked up in about an hour after receiving the call from the hospice nurse. The person who arrived to pick her up was also very professional/respectful and allowed us to take as much time with her as we wished. When I met with Dusty the next day about arrangements, he explained the process and options available without being pushy or trying to “sell” extras. Throughout the process, he kept me informed and, for example, was careful to be certain I understood the cost of the obituary I wanted and offered some options for reducing that cost if I wished. When I stopped by for another reason and started talking about some of the problems I was having with the pictures and media I hoped to use at a memorial lunch I was planning, he not only listened patiently but offered technology advice and let me use his personal media player.   I have had experience arranging cremations for four others using two other local companies, and this experience with Dusty at Aria has been by far the best one I have had.

The Peterson Family
Aria NW Highway
February 2018

Hello, Dear Crystal and Amanda,

We do not have enough kind words to truly THANK you for all (so much) you did for us at the time of Dr. Phillip Hart’s death! We most surely could not have gotten through that sad time without you!! We are most, most grateful.

You are so thoroughly knowledgeable about all the facets of such a grievous situation. You were understanding and comforting and dependable in leading and assisting all of us. your friendly support and energetic efforts were true blessings to our family! We will always THANK and remember you.

Mary Hart and the Family

P.S. We are anxious to recommend you and your service company to those in need.


Aria Preston
November 2017

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for handling all the nitty gritty details of mom’s service. You did a terrific job listening, being patient, and guiding us through the process. Of course your photo editing and DVD design were fantastic! Thank you so much for everything!

Becky Freeman

Aria Preston
December 2016

Just a quick note…

I really appreciated all that personal attention you all gave my family and I. During this very difficult time. It couldn’t have been nicer. Thank you for also being so helpful.

Best Regards,
Laurie Palmer & Family


Aria Preston
November 2016

To Amanda; to the employees at Aria,

Thank you all for your compassionate care of our family after my father’s death. Since I have never been through a cremation before, I especially appreciated your care in helping me understand both the legal & physical processes involved.

Peace to you,
C. Downs


Aria Preston
August 2016

Dear Crystal,

Thank you for all of your help when I was making arrangements for my husband’s cremation. You were so compassionate and knowledgeable. you made a very difficult time much easier.

His ashes are now in the columbarium at our church – a beautiful place that I visit often. I appreciate your care and concern.

Kay Schafer


Aria Preston
May 2016

Amanda Clement & Pastor Jerry Hays,

Thank you both for being so amazing to my family & I. You made a really difficult time for us seem so much more easier. I appreciate you both so much and everything you’ve done and said. The professionalism, kindness, dedication, and pure genuine hearts shown to us have been refreshing. I can’t thank you enough! I know my mom was there in spirit that day, and you both made her day of remembrance that much more special. Thanks, again, from the bottom of my heart!

<3 Rusty, Heather, Time, Ethan, Hannah & Jacob


Aria Preston
April 2016

Dear Crystal,

Thank you so much for all your expertise and guidance with our sister-in-law Pam & Michael Thomas’ funeral arrangements. Everything was lovely at his viewing and we really appreciate your knowledge of the veteran’s arrangements at the National Cemetery. – You made things easy for Pam at a very difficult time – especially having no plan in place! We’re very fortunate that Chaplain Brian at Medical City pointed us to you.

Please know you mean so very much when families need you the most 🙂

– Suzie Thomas


Aria Preston
April 2016


Please know how much your support has meant to us. You have a generous and loving soul and I hope you will accept for you and your family a small gift of appreciation for all your services.

Words can only express a fraction of the gratitude I feel for having known you in our great losses of Eric and Melanie Albright.

May God bless you and yours richly and fully.

Kathleen Cherry


Aria Preston
April 2016

(Addressed to Crystal)

Thank you so much for all you did to make our time after Alan’s passing bearable. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and the care you took in guiding us through the funeral process. We will always remember your kindness. The funeral was a great comfort to us and the care you gave our “loved one” meant so very much.

Thanks again.
Alan Blommer Family
Mary, Alan Jr., Scarlet & Roy Shaina, & Ashley

Aria Preston
March 2016

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