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Dustin Martin
Funeral Director

Dustin Martin was born in Grants, NM and has been a resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1996.  He is a 1997 graduate of Dallas Institute of Funeral Service.

Since an early age, Dustin has had a deep passion for the funeral industry.

“It wasn’t until my father passed away that I witnessed firsthand the value of a compassionate funeral director and their role in creating a funeral service to honor a life that was lived.  I was 12 years old when my father passed away and had never been involved with the death of a loved one until then.  The funeral director took my Mother’s hand and walked her through the entire process, dedicating himself to the needs and wishes of my family.  I have wanted to be a funeral director all of my life, but it was this act that flamed my passion and my love for the funeral industry”.

Today Dustin has been a licensed funeral director for over two decades.  He has assisted hundreds of families honor the life of their loved ones by creating a meaningful, memorable service that reflects the life of the person that lived.

“I do not believe in “cookie cutter” funerals.  I believe that a service should be individually arranged to highlight a loved one’s life legacy.  I overheard a funeral director once say “Unless it is illegal or unethical, we should be able to provide our families with exactly what they want”…. a quote that to this day is still a part of my funeral service career.”

“I have been blessed in my life to achieve my life-long dream of being a funeral director.  I thank God every day for letting me provide a compassionate service that I have always dreamed of doing and the opportunity to help those that need me the most.  I have been divinely favored”.

10116 E Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX 75238

R. Driver

Excellent customer service, they made you feel like you were their only customer. Very helpful and explained what we should expect during the process. They basically took care of our needs during this time. They contacted DFW National Cemetery for us which made it a smooth experience. Definitely will use them again.

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