Raymond, Larry R.

July 16, 1947 - July 29, 2016

Larry R. Raymond, age 69, of Richardson, Texas died on Friday, July 29, 2016. He was born in Dallas, Texas to Robert and Mattye MaudeΒ Raymond on July 16, 1947. Larry served his country in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and was a Purple Heart recipient. He leaves behind his beloved wife of 44 years, Carla F. Raymond, his son, Matthew Raymond, daughter-in-law, Robbie Raymond, sister, Jeannie Blue, and his faithful Border Collie, Domino.

Arrangements are under the direction of:
ARIA Cremation Service & Funeral Home
19310 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75252


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Carla Raymond says:

Oh, my precious Puddin’, the love of my life, my heart is broken and I will love you for eternity. You were and still are my “bestest” friend and husband and I will be with you again. My Puddin’ was a gentle giant, he was 6’6″ and had a heart of gold, loved to give to other people items they collected. He was a superb freelance photographer and a “pun” artist. I miss him beyond words, but I feel his presence in our home. I love you honey. Now, get the sleep you’ve needed for so long. Always, your Carlie~ xoxoxoxo

Ruth Blackwell says:

This spinning ball has one less good man. Safe journey, Larry Bob

Julie says:

Puddin’ we here at the Jones household feel blessed to have known you even though we never met you in person. You know that Carlie and I have been friends for years as we were drawn together by our love of singing.You were both so blessed to have each other. We know that Carlie is deeply saddened in her heart, but she believes she will see you again. It’s because of that belief, she will be ok in time as she promised. We are not happy for Carlie’s sadness, but we rejoice knowing that you no longer suffer. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and friend to Carlie. Thank you for your service to our country. Thank you for your kindness. God bless you, Puddin’ and may you rest in peace.

Matthew Raymond says:

Thank you Dad for always being a fantastic father. You will always be fondly remembered. May you be a guide to others.

Carla Raymond says:

My Puddin’, I feel so hollow inside this morning. I don’t know what I’ll do without you. I’m trying each day, but it’s so hard. I love you and miss you more than anything. Send me a “sign”, okay? Domino looks for you through front door πŸ™ Thank you for being a wonderful, loving father to our Matthew. I hope you’re at total peace, my beautiful darling Puddin’. Your Carlie Forever!! xoxo

Dan Hoyt says:

This is Larry: “Daniel-san, your folks called, just letting you know that you’re going to go see Tremors VII: The Shakening tonight at the Promenade.”

Robbie says:

Larry–thank you for being the best FIL a girl could ask for. Love, Robbie

Amanda Roman says:

Sweet Carly,
If only all of us could experience the kind of love you and your Larry shared. He was a war hero, a loving husband, a wonderful father, and a great friend. Keep the memory of his laughter close to your heart and his smile always in your mind.
With love, Amanda

Jeran Alexander says:

Carla, Larry was such a gentle giant. I’ll never forget him walking, strolling rather, across the street to bring a book to either return to Homer, or to swap with him. I’ll also always remember his droll sense of humor. You and Larry were truly blessed to have the kind of love you expressed to each other. I know you will miss him.

Your Carlie says:

My sweet Puddin’, I wake up and go to sleep with you on my mind, in my heart and in my soul. I miss you babe, I so miss you. Love you for eternity, that will never change! Domino looking for his “Larry Daddy” and I tell him that you’re all gone to the other side and he’ll see you at Rainbow Bridge~ Your Carlie xoxo

Gabriel and Wendy says:

Although his passing leaves a huge hole in so many hearts – Larry lives in my childhood memories, his art, the love and devotion of his wife, his impact on his son, and in countless other ways.
Our hearts break for you Carla!

Amanda F. says:

Larry Bob, my memories of you are behind a camera, taking photos of Matt, his friends, and plenty of other artistic randomness in the early 90’s. My little brother remembers you as a favorite customer from years past at his photo processing counter. He told me a story- When he and his girlfriend left the store and moved to Nevada (2006?) you brought them each a Nevada state quarter “for good luck.” The little things totally count and your memory lives on through your kindnesses.

Carlie says:

Good morning my darling Puddin’ πŸ™‚ It cooled off a little, but no rain. I wanted it to rain for you since you loved storms so much. I took Domi for a good long walk and then he did his “run” back to front porch. Sweetheart, I love and miss you more than words can say. I’m doing my best and keeping my promise to you, being “okay”. Honey, look at all the good friends that have commented on this page. You were/are so loved by so many. I’ll talk to you later in the house and outside~ Forever and ever, I’m with you. Your Carlie (Weeble)~

nancy coon says:

Larry Bob was a unique, one of a kind man… he had a sense of humor like no one else. He loved life, his country, and mostly his wife and son… He had such talents in pun art, and photography and just being Larry! There are no words to express how we will miss our Larry Bob…. Rest in peace dear friend…. Love, Nancy and Scott

Carlie says:

My Puddin’, it’s raining hard, so I opened the garage door so you could “sit” in your chair and watch it:) I love and miss you so very much, but I feel you with me today honey. Your Carlie forever~ xoxo

Carlie says:

I am totally lost without you, my Puddin’. Find patience with me honey, because I know I need to let you rest in peace~ I love and miss you every second of the day and night. Your Carlie xoxo

Amy says:

I am fortunate to have known Larry, even though it was for a short time (short periods of time over years). He had a great sense of humor and some really interesting stories. I do have one little regret; I did not visit his “office” until after he died. He kept that garage organized and it seems so comfortable that I wish I had spent some time with him there. Safe travels!

Amy says:


I have been talking to you but somehow my words have not yet shown up here. As much as I work around technology, you wouldn’t think that I was so technologically handicapped, but I am.

Anyway, I wish I had told you how much I appreciated your sens of humor and stories while you were alive. I think you knew it but it is always nice to hear someone say what they feel. As a war veteran, you had some harrowing experiences that I was privileged to hear about. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

I wish you safe travels and peace.


Carlie says:

Puddin’, do you remember Juan Gabriel? The great entertainer from Mexico? His music and concerts made me smile so much. Well, honey, he died last night, so maybe he can sing “Noa Noa” for you, eh? I love you darling Puddin’….forever and ever. Your Carlie xoxoxo

Carlie says:

Happy September my sweet Puddin’~ We always looked forward to Autumn, and so I hope you know it’s coming and I pray you are okay and enjoy it. Maybe you’ll let me know? I miss you so much, yet when the cool comes with the wind, I will miss you even more. Perhaps the wind will send you my way as the leaves fall. I love you and I will never stop loving you. Your Carlie xoxo

Carlie says:

Puddin’, I love and miss you beyond my wildest expectations πŸ™ As the days go by, it seems to get harder. Oh how I wish we were having coffee together right now~ My love forever~ Your Carlie xoxo

Carlie says:

Today, my Puddin’, is your 49th day and then you have your freedom to “fly” w/o pain of any kind. Fly my sweet husband, fly with wings of gold and a smile like the sun. I will love you for eternity and hope to see you again in the same plane where you are now. Forever love, Your Carlie xoxoxo

Carlie says:

“I just called to say I love you, I just called to say I really care, I just called to say I love you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart”~ Autumn is here and I know you are with me, someway, somehow. “6812”, sweet Puddin’. Your Carlie forever~ xoxoxo

Jeannie says:

I miss my big brother. I also cherish every moment we spent together, both as children and as adults. Larry, you will forever be alive in my mind and heart. You will never be forgotten. I love you.

Carlie says:

My darling Puddin’, today it has been 2 months since you passed over to a different plane. Please be happy, contented, and we all know you are well now πŸ™‚ It’s a beautiful day and I’m taking Domi to park in a little while. I love you, I miss you, so, so much. I’m keeping my promise to you πŸ™‚ You are in my heart, soul and mind, so where I go, there you go too. “6812” honey. Your Carlie xoxo

Carlie says:

“October gave a party, the leaves by hundreds came, the chestnuts, oaks and maples and leaves of every name”~ My Puddin’, I hope you can see the beauty of the colors of one of your favorite months. I love you so, I miss you so, as the sky turns more blue~~~Your Carlie xoxo

Carlie says:

My darling Puddin’, our Domino died yesterday 10-5-16, due to a stroke. I know how much you loved and adored your “Boysie”, and I hope and pray he is with you now, honey. Take care of him. You and Domi will always be with me and I will love and cherish you both forever and ever. This is beyond grief, losing you and Domi within 2 months of each other!! Be with me. Your Carlie and Domino’s Mom xoxoxo

Carlie says:

Puddin’, what are you and Domino doing today?? I miss and love you both so much. A very pretty Autumn day here. Gatwick stays with me now. I love you, your Carlie xoxo

Carlie says:

Three months ago today, I lost you, my precious Puddin’. We are Spirit Hearts and we will be together again, honey. I miss you so very much and talk to you all the time. I miss our Domino too and I hope you two are having fun together, like you did when you were alive on this earth. Take care of each other. My love forever~ Your Carlie and Domi’s Mom xoxoxo

Carlie says:

My sweet Puddin’,

Yesterday was Veterans Day and I sung a song in honor of your service to our country in Vietnam. Thank you, my Marine, my darling Puddin’ for your sacrifice there and here for our FREEDOM!! I love you and I miss you so very much. Tell Domino I love and miss him too~ Your Carlie/Domi’s Mom xoxo

Carlie says:

My darling Puddin’,

I hope your first Thanksgiving on the “other side” is peaceful and full of wonderful sites. I hope you and Domino have a good run and good food. Today is already hard for me, but Matt and Robbie are here and I’ll be okay. I think of the 44 years of this day and how you always enjoyed the dinner and a nap. So today, take a good nap, my love. I miss and love you forever. Tell Domi that “Mommy” misses and loves him too forever~ Bless you both, my dear loves~ Your Carlie/Domi’s Mom

Carlie says:

Oh, my Puddin’, 4 months ago today I lost you. I love and miss you and we’ll be together again one day, yes we will honey. Know that! Your Carlie xoxoxo

Carlie says:

Merry Christmas on the other side, my precious Puddin’ and our beloved Domino. I miss you this day more than you can imagine honey. My first Christmas without you in 44 years. You know my feelings. I hug you and kiss your cheek and give Domi kisses this morning. I will love you both forever~~ Your Carlie and Domino’s Mommy xoxoxo

Carlie says:

My darling Puddin’, I can’t believe you have been gone six months yesterday. A half year feels so long and short at the same time. This is my hope and wish for you:

You are FLYING like the mighty hawk that you love so much. You are FREE, you are filled with PEACE, you are HAPPY, you have NO PAIN and that our Domino, your “Boyse” is flying with you! When I look up I will see your beautiful smile, your beautiful eyes and that gorgeous flowing hair you always have:) When you look down I hope you see me and maybe I’ll hear you say, “hi WEEBLE”~ You will stay in my heart and one day I will fly to meet you and forever will be ours~ I love you baby….”6812” my Puddin’ πŸ™‚ I love our Domi. Your Carlie & Domi’s Mom. xoxoxo

Carlie says:

My beautiful Puddin’,

You are my FOREVER Valentine and I am lost this first Valentine’s Day without you πŸ™ I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH, MY DEAR BESTEST FRIEND, HUSBAND AND LOVE OF MY LIFE. I hope where you are, you know that and that today we’ll be together even more in our hearts. I have the “LEAF” Valentine sitting in front of TV that you made me last year. Freedom and “6812” honey. YOUR CARLIE FOREVER xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Carlie says:

It’s April and oh, oh how I wish you were here to plant me my “surprise” like you did every spring. I can still hear your voice saying, “don’t come outback, Carlie, don’t come into the garage, don’t look on front porch”. What does one do without their love’s voice? I will plant in the elephant for you this April. I will love you eternally. Give Domi a big hug for me. Your Carlie and Dom’s Mom~ 6812 xoxoxoxo

Carlie says:

I love you MY PUDDIN’. It has been nine months today when you let go and flew away. My love is with you forever honey. I miss you so very much. Nothing will ever be the same without you and me together. Freedom, peace, happiness, no pain, that is what I hope you have now, and Domi, your “Boyse” is with you. I’m living ODAT, but I am okay, as I promised you~ 6812 my sweet Puddin’. All my love, YOUR CARLIE. Tell DOMI that mommy loves and misses HIM too! xoxoxoxoxo

Carlie says:

My precious Puddin’,

Another first without you and for our son. Thank you sweetheart for being the best Dad any child could hope or wish for!! I miss you so very much and will love you for eternity <3 Hug Domi for me, okay? Your Carlie/Domi's Mom xoxoxo

Carlie says:

My sweet Puddin’, be FREE on this first 4th of July on the other side. I love and miss you so much and this month has many special days we had together, but all days were special w/you. You and Domino run and play today. Your Carlie/Domi’s Mom xoxoxo

Carlie says:

My sweet Puddin’. The 15th would have been our 45th anniversary or “versary”, as you called it~ And the 16th you would have turned 70, which you wanted to do but nature had another plan for you:( I didn’t write in here on those days, it was too much for me. Gatwick and I stayed alone on the 15th, but J, J, & R and I had a birthday party for you πŸ™‚ I set up a memorial on the dining table πŸ™‚ And now the “day” is getting closer. Forgive me for moving slowly on these days. Oh honey, how I love and miss you so very much. Fly high with your “boyse”. Freedom! Your Carlie & Domi’s Mom xoxoxo

Carlie says:

My darling Puddin’..one year ago today you “crossed the stream” at 12:25 PM CST. Nancy called, Jenny came over, our son and DIL called yesterday…..tough today, but I walked thru it with you and many tears…but I now truly know how peaceful you are and all the “bad” is over for you. Come home anytime you want, anyway you want, and if you don’t, just know, I’ll love you until the end of time and I will see you again, someway, somehow. I miss you so much. I promised you I’d be okay and I plan to move forward until it’s my time to cross the stream…..until then, I want to laugh again and have fun again. Just wait for me while you’re having fun on the other side…okay? Goodbye my darling Puddin’ for now…..tell Domi goodbye too…..for now. My love, my best friend, my Puddin’ and Domi’s Mom. Your Carlie xoxoxo

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