Stemmler, Harry L.

Harry L. Stemmler was born in Köln, Germany 85 years ago.  His mother was Lore Esser Stemmler, and his father was Urban Stemmler.  They all suffered enormously during the nazi war, and had to hide constantly with lots of fear and anguish.  They escaped by chance by a compassionate truck driver and arrived in Paris, France where they had some relatives and friends who helped them go to the U.S.A. with the money from Lore Stemmler’s sister, already in the U.S.A. and married to the owner of the Kauffman Brothers Department Stores.  In the U.S.A., he had several jobs and later Harry Stemmler enrolled in the army, stationed in Augsburg, Germany.

Later Harry opened a ladies fashion store “Town and Country”, but around the boutiques there, a mall was built, and he had to close the store.

Harry worked later for several department stores finally landing a wonderful job at White Front Discount Stores in California, but they closed later too.

In Dallas he found a job at Target Discount Stores and retired after several wonderful years there because he suffered a major heart attack.

Harry is survived by his cousin Hilde Geisen of Eugene, Oregon, by his cousins in Germany, Urban and Willy Stemmler, Willy’s wife Melitta and their daughters Julia and Roswitha, and family members in California.

Harry is survived by his adoring wife Rachele Goldberger Stemmler, daughter of the renowned cinematographer Isy Goldberger.  For 45 years they had a storybook marriage.  During their married life Harry and Rachele traveled extensively all over Europe where they had family and many wonderful, fine friends.

Harry was a marvelous giving human being and will be missed terribly.

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