Zubritski, Ross Evan

February 2, 1971 - October 3, 2016

Ross Evan Zubritski was born February 2, 1971 at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT to Edna and Larry Zubritski and named after his grandfather Evan Ross. They moved to Florida and he called that home until embarking on his career path. He began as a technician for Philips Electronics under the tutelage of Bill Burke who recommended him to the Home office in Jefferson City, TN. Here he came to the attention of Don and Sharon Geddings and met his wife of 14 years. It soon became apparent through his knowledge of electronics that he had a knack with computers and he entered into the world of IT. This brought him to Illinois and then onto Alabama with LGE. A merger sent him on a new journey and he soon found himself in Texas. During this transition he discovered he was to be a father. In 2001 his life changed as he welcomed his first son Brett. Always the achiever he found himself surrounded by a wonderful community in the computer industry that to this day has been important in his life. In 2004 he welcomed his second son Blake. It was often the joke that mom might need to be checked but there was no doubt they were his sons. Looking at pictures of the three of them at the same young age you would have been hard pressed to guess which was which. The resemblance did not stop there. Both boys inherited his ability to build that he had inherited from his father. He enjoyed spending time with friends gathered around the pool, out on a boat or around a good meal as well as teaching his sons about gun safety, computers, and technology in general, and they could often be found discussing career choices and how to achieve those goals going so far as to discuss flying lessons if Brett was interested in being an astronaut. He enjoyed getting away from it all, going to his lease a few hours away. Ross’ quick wit, edgy sarcasm and ability to read people and situations endeared him to a close circle of caring friends that have stood the test of time and trials. Well known for a dress shirt, jeans and boots and being the go to when one needed a puzzle unwound, Ross was loved by many and respected by those who knew him. He was predeceased by his loving grandparents and his dad Larry. He is survived by his mother Edna, his son Brett and his son Blake. But he was family to all that knew him well.

The family wishes to extend a special thank you to Randie Looney who has been such a blessing after the death of Larry, Rachel McMullen who spent so much time with love with Brett and Blake, the Brocade family that has been a tremendous source of comfort and support and all of his IT family all over the country that has supported each of us.

Ross’ one wish was that his boys be taken care of and have the opportunity to follow their dreams wherever they might take them. In this spirit it is requested that donations be made at gofund.me/RossZ that will be rolled into an education fund for the 2 children in lieu of flowers.

Arrangements are under the direction of: ARIA Cremation Service & Funeral Home 10116 E. NW Highway Dallas, Texas 75238 214.340.8008

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Cecelia Null says:

Ross was so much a very part of my families life for so many years. I started baby sitting him when he was 18 months. old Larry told Edna she could go back to work part time if she got Cecelia to watch Ross. My husband loved him so very much and my older daughters took him in as a baby brother I had a baby when Ross was 3 yrs. and he and Pam grew up like brother and sister for 9 years. He played my friends children where ever I took him. I became very close to his grandparents , we had wonderful times and made GREAT memories. He is all over our picture album books in each home to day. Ross was a God send to me ,
He called me MISSY NULL his whole life when he was around me. I loved him so much and he played a big part in my life for a lot of years. My heart will miss him even if we lost contact in the later years. Ross Missy Null misses you
And God BLESS your sons as I would have loved them as well. CECELIA NULL. From Ross’ past life in Ct.

kim caito says:

I am so sorry of the passing of Ross he was a outstanding guy and was always there if you ever needed anything god bless you and the boys he will be missed a old friend from florida

Dee Dee Reid says:

Sending my love to the family. Ross was a sweet friend and fun patient who we always had a great time with. I am shocked and in tears. I am so sorry for your loss. Rachel I’m praying for you as I know your heart and love for him. May you find some comfort in time.

Keith Anderson says:

Ross, you will be missed my friend!!!
I always looked so forward to the wit and sarcasm that filled everytime you had to answer a question for me!
You meant a lot to those that know you and it’s a sad day in Alabama my friend, sad in Texas of course, and sad anywhere else that you were known! Sad day indeed!!!

Nate Amster says:

I remember Ross

Nate Amster says:

Ross and I met 16 years ago at Pugsleys Library
(It wasn’t a library)! It was a pool hall and bar!
We shared many common interests
Like pool
Shooting( we would go to private land in Seagoville on the Trinity River) and shoot at targets,
Or just sit and talk and enjoy the outdoors!
We also shared a common Polish heritage and
A love of pirogi and golumki(look it up!”)
I vividly remember many an evening at Ross’
Ordering a pizza and watching TV
Well, I watched TV while Ross was immersed
In his computer!
We would sit and talk about all the trials and tribulations
Going on in my life
He would listen attentively
Then he would look at me and give me
His wisest “Rossism”
“It is what it is!”
I extend my sincere condolences to his family
and his sons Brett and Blake and their mother!
Although he was many years my junior
Ross was my confidant
My technical advisor( I’m a techy dinosaur!)
My personal and emotional advisor
And at times,my financial advisor
But most of all
Ross was my friend!!

Robert Sparks says:

I worked with Ross for 7 years. During this time, I never saw him slow down. I remember him saying once, “If I ever slow down it’s because I’ve gone to the afterlife.” Ross walked fast, thought fast, solved technical problems fast, drove fast cars, and was quick to laugh. His wit and humor endeared him to his peers as well as senior managers. Whenever there was a technical problem, he would not rest until it was fixed. It was always “What’s broke?”, and a rush to fix it.

Ross, thanks for your help, your work, your technical genius, and the relentless spirit you brought to our endeavors. You were one of the brightest and most tenacious minds of our times.

John Stevenson says:

Ross was my SE at Brocade for the last 5 and 1/2 years. Or better, I was his sales rep. In that time, we became close friends. We talked about everything and I could tell him anything. He was a shirt off his back kind of guy and a straight shooter. Figuratively – he never did get me out to the lease. Ross had a quick wit, a sarcastic edge, and an ability to read a person or situation better than anyone I have ever known. His spidey sense was typically right on. Ross taught me life lessons that I will never forget and will forever be grateful for. I feel blessed to have had Ross in my life for as long as I did.

Steve Napoli says:

I am very saddened to hear of losing Ross. Ross & I never met in person, but through our conversations and emails, it was apparent to me that he was one of the good guys. He was always honest, sincere, and told it as it was, and he always was there & willing to help. He will be missed. God bless.

Ben Treptow says:

Knew Ross for 6 years and he was a friend. Knowing him was a blessing. High integrity, thirst for knowledge, and hard worker which you don’t find often these days. We had many common interests. He is sorely missed.

Eddie Caruthers says:

OMG,I hadn’t talked to Ross in years and I was part of the pack from The Library with Nate and the game. In fact, I recall Ross staying at my place after he meet with some life issue, like a brother to me. I now live around the corner from Derby and only found out about his death after calling his number and then reaching out to Nate. My sincere condolences and now I’m one more that really miss him.

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