Shen, Moning

July 25, 1963 - January 28, 2017

Moning Shen, 53, of Plano, Texas, died peacefully in her sleep with her family by her side on the evening of January 28, 2017. Her passing was most unexpected.

Moning was an only child, born on July 25, 1963 to father Shen Jingwang, and mother Sun Shiying, in Beijing, China. In a society filled with turbulences, she had a worry-free childhood, loved dearly by grandparents. In her early twenties, she met her future husband Marvin Wu when she was a librarian in a college where they both worked.

In 1989 Moning came to the US to joint her husband who was a graduate student at the time. She worked on various jobs during this period to support the new family. Upon Marvin’s graduation from school, she helped him start and run a small business.  This was also the time that she gave birth to their daughter, Allison Wu.

Moning was a most loving and devoted wife to her husband, Marvin, of 31 years and loving and protective mother to her only child Allison. Despite physical limitations, Moning’s positivity and enthusiasm could always brighten up a crowd, and her kindness and consideration towards everyone she met was extraordinary. She enjoyed traveling, cruises, Mahjong, knitting and reading of detective novels. In recent years the winter vacation to Cancun with daughter Allison became her favorate.

She is survived by her husband Marvin, daughter Allison, mother Sun Shiying, and her many sibling-like cousins with whom she grew up. Moning was preceded in death by her father Shen Jingwang.

A celebration of life service will be held at 1:00 P.M., on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at Aria Memorial Chapel in Dallas.

Arrangements are under the direction of
ARIA Cremation Service and Funeral Home
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Dallas, Texas 75252

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Allison Wu says:

I know I don’t have to write this because you already know, but you were my favorite person in the entire world. You were my dad’s world, and he gave you the world. I know you want me to eat and sleep but I’m lost without you, but you know how much I loved and will always love you, and I will do everything that will make you proud. You know that I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol; I even leave a handle of vodka on my mini fridge to prove I can do this. I know you and grandpa and your mom who you told me so many stories about, I know you all are happy together wherever you are.

Andrew Keodara says:

I am sorry for your loss. I may not know Allison family as well as I know her. I’m sure her mother was just as kind and friendly as Allison. As I wish for the family to finish strong, I want them to know that she will always be with you, where ever you are. Keep your head up high Allison, love ya.

Justin Carson says:

Moning Shen has done a great deal for her family, she has built a strong and caring family who need all of our hearts. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family in their time of need. We join our friends with thoughts of comfort in helping them get over the immense void left behind by the loss of their beloved mother and wife.

吴书娟 says:


范玥 says:


吴元芝 says:

记得我刚去北京的时候 你是那么的年轻 漂亮 温柔贤惠!像姐妹更像长辈一样的照顾着我!想想就像是在昨天。

Brandon L says:

I didn’t ever have the pleasure of meeting Moning. However, her daughter Allison is a dear friend. Moning’s love readily shines through Allison’s cheerful personality and easy smile. My thoughts are with Allison and her father in their time of loss and mourning of Moning and the beautiful influence she was in their lives.

Julien says:

I didn’t know personnaly Mrs. Morning Shen but as a friend of Allison, I wanted to tell my sincere condelances. Apologise for my english, I am french. The only thing I know, it’s Mrs Morning Shen was for sure an extraordinary person, because of the education she gave to Allison. Well, I just want to share my favorite poem of a french author, Victor Hugo. It’s an english translation I tried to make, I hope you will enjoy it : Tomorrow at dawn, when the countryside whitens,
I will leave. You see, I know you are expecting me.
I will go through the forests, I will go by the mountain.
I cannot stay away from you any longer.

I will walk with my eyes fixed on my thoughts,
Not seeing anything outside, not hearing any noise,
Alone, unknown, back bent, hands crossed,
Sad, and the day for me will be like the night.

I will not look at the gold evening falling,
Nor at the far off boats sailing towards Harfleur,
And when I arrive, I will put on your grave
A bunch of green holly and heather in bloom.

Julie Zhang says:

I was fortunate to get to know Moning while both of us were attending the same English Class in 1989. I was impressed with her smile and kindness. We had a lot in common and both of our families decided a two weeks vacation in 1990 driving along the beautiful highway from Dallas to El Paso, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas…… We enjoyed the desert of Arizona, beautiful coastline of California……That was one of the happiest vacations I have ever had. Moning is a great mother, wife and friend. I am deeply saddened to learn that she has left us, but she will never be forgotten.

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