Webb, Thomas W.

April 5, 1938 - January 2, 2018

Thomas W. Webb was born in Lexington, Kentucky on April 5, 1938, and is survived by his loving wife, Beverly Vick Webb.  Other survivors are daughter Sarah Foote, her husband Don, and grandson William of Dallas, Texas. Tom also leaves behind stepdaughter, Alicia Gregorcyk, her husband Gene and two daughters Abigail and Sarah;  stepson Michael Ainsworth, his wife Ginger and their children Spenser, Chance and Masyn of Baytown, Texas.  He was preceded in death by his mother, Anna Hulse King and stepfather, Dr. Phillip King.

He was a 1956 graduate of Henderson City High as was his wife, Beverly.

His first job was transmitter engineer for WJPS radio in Evansville, Indiana.  Later, he was chief engineer and morning DJ for WMST in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky while attending the University of Kentucky where he received his BS in Electrical Engineering.   Following graduation, he went to work for General Electric in Owensboro, Kentucky as a microwave engineer.  When GE went out of business in Owensboro, in 1984, he went to work for Texas Instruments at the Headquarter of the Defense Systems and Electronics Group in Dallas, Texas as a procurement engineer.

Tom represented Texas Instruments at the annual meeting of the Defense Systems Electronics Command in Dayton, Ohio where he received several commendations from the Air Force for component reliability improvement.  Tom was also a college recruiter for Texas Instruments at Texas A&M University in College Station.  He also worked on the Bunker Buster Bomb project in 1991 that helped end the first Gulf War. He later worked for Raytheon and JOM, Inc.

Tom was a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer, licensed in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  He was a Senior Life Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and a Certified Quality Engineer.  He was a Life Member of the American Radio Relay League and a Life Member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association.  He held a First Class FCC Radio Telephone license and an Amateur Radio Extra Class license.

Tom was an avid amateur radio operator from age 14 and communicated with all of the countries in the world (except for North Korea) via Morse Code.   He was also a member of MENSA.

Tom was admired and loved by his family and friends and will be deeply missed.

A memorial service to celebrate his life will be held at 2:00 P.M., Saturday, April 14, 2018 at ARIA Memorial Chapel located at
19310 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75252 with a reception to follow.


Arrangements are under the direction of:
ARIA Cremation Service & Funeral Home
19310 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75252

10 replies on “Webb, Thomas W.”

Kathy Griffith says:

Tom was a great friend and neighbor. He leaves behind, a wonderful family and amazing wife.

Smith T. Bradford says:

A long time friend for 60 years. Many Morse code conversations. He will be greatly missed. 73 TW W9HAK

David Springer says:

Tom was a long and dear friend of mine. We first met in 1958 and stayed in touch for most of these 60 years. I will miss him greatly. My condolences go out to his loving wife Bev who looked after him and cared for him right to the end.

Randy Farmer says:

Bonding over our shared love of Amateur Radio, I knew Tom for around 50 years. We maintained a regular radio schedule between approximately 1978 and 1997. When I moved to the DFW area in 1997 he and Beverly made the long trip from Plano to help me set up my new household west of Fort Worth. We shared Thanksgiving dinner with him and his family on occasion and in general remained close friends. I remember how much pleased he was when we operated the CQ 160 meter contest from his station using his beloved Drake equipment in 2016. 73 OM and RIP.

Randy Farmer, W8FN

Gerry Wood says:

From the 1950’s, Tom has been my best male friend in life. He got me into amateur radio in the ’50’s. He has been a wonderful friend and confidante, and travel companion through the years, including Barbados, the Bahamas, Disney World, Key West, and beyond. I truly already miss my other brother, Tom. We were both born just two days away from each other. I will miss him so much. God bless you, Tom. Forever and ever. God also bless Bev, Sarah, Don and William as they mourn for the passing of Tom.

Charles Harpole says:

I met and was a friend of Tom via amateur ham radio. My stand-out memory of him in college was his extensive effort to learn calculus. A man with a precise and well-developed mind, Tom was also a ham pursuing the difficult exotic areas of the hobby. His is the loss of a find mind. All thanks and respect to his Bev, the true definition of a loving life partner. 73 Tom de K4VUD

Larry Yates says:

For over 50 years Tom has been a friend, mentor and teacher to me. Our paths crossed via ham radio. We both worked in broadcasting. We worked together for almost 20 years. To his lovely wife, Bev, my condolences and to his cherished daughter, Sarah, my condolences also. 73 and rest in peace. I will miss you very much.
Larry WA4PMA

barbara ray says:

sincere condolences, Barbara McIntyre Ray, Class of 57.

Rob Aiguier says:

Tom was a best friend. Tom was working at TI when I went to work there out of college in April of 1987. Tom had just turned 49, and I was 24. Tom quickly became my mentor; a great, practical mentor. But more importantly, we became very good friends, in and out of work. Tom was the kind of friend that I could just hang out with, anytime and anywhere, and we did just that. Monica and I moved into the same neighborhood as Tom and Beverly 10 years ago. I cannot explain how good Tom was to me professionally and personally…true friendship. It’s funny to realize that today I work the same desk (RF/uwave) as Tom did in 1987; not physically, but operationally. It’s no longer TI, but rather Raytheon now. I worked with a part drawing last month that was originally released by Tom Webb in 1992! Tom loved, absolutely loved, talking about all of you that were his friends and fellow HAMs. He also loved talking about his life in Kentucky. He was a very proud father and grandfather and felt extremely fortunate to have been Beverly’s husband; he loved his family. Tom had a very good life. Condolences to the family and all who miss him. Thank you for everything, Tom, especially the special friendship. It was great. 73 Thomas

Bob Bills says:

Tom and I worked together at TI. We made several enjoyable trips to visit a supplier located in Kansas City. You can learn a lot about a person when you travel with them. Tom was first class. During one of these flights, Tom asked what I was reading. I’m a Civil War history buff and was reading a book on the subject. When I told him what I was reading, he paused and then said, “Haven’t they written everything about that by now?” It still makes me chuckle when I think about that. Later on I received a call one evening as Tom was helping Sarah with her history assignment. I had to provide the answer to a Civil War question…… Ha!
I’m sorry for his passing. The world needs good people now more than ever.
Bob Bills

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