Brennan, John "Curt"

February 6, 1947 - August 26, 2019

John Curtis Brennan, Curt to us, was so many things to so many people, and had a lasting positive influence on so many people throughout his rich and full life. He was the second child of Vivian and Jack Brennan, born three years after sister Carole on February 6, 1947 in Buffalo, New York.  Soon after Curt’s birth, the path of his Dad’s work took their young family to Meadville, Pennsylvania, where brother Carey was born, and then to Houston, Texas, where Carole, Curt and Carey first attended elementary school, and then to the last of his parents birthing places, Midland, Texas, where brother Clarke was born.  Curt graduated from Midland High School in 1965, where he played on the school’s golf team.  He attended Texas Tech University for one year before enlisting in the Navy and serving our country with dedication aboard the ship USS Kishwaukee during the Vietnam War.

The following are words of Carole, Carey and Clarke. These are their words of remembrance of their beloved brother Curt who died unexpectedly on August 26, 2019 – five days short of the 32nd anniversary of his marriage to his loving wife Leslie.  We can think of many words to describe the endearing qualities and interests of our brother.  The ones used here are those that made him the special and unique human being we adored.

Genuine, loving, encouraging and positive” – This was especially true when it came to Curt’s relationship with his nieces and nephews.  After leaving the Navy, Curt spent some time living in Austin, Texas, with Carole, her husband Milton, and their children.  The children, especially Brennan, loved their Uncle Curt.  He was always fun.  Which meant that sometimes even though he may have been out late the night before, he was awakened by his young nephew Brennan raising his eyelids and asking, “are you in there Uncle Curt?” Uncle Curt followed Carey’s daughter Jennifer and his son Taylor on Facebook and other social media and was frequently texting or emailing them to express his pride in their achievements and encouragement for the challenges they were undertaking.

Stylish” – No question about this one.  Curt was always stylish, many times one of the best-dressed men in the room.  His niece Lacy commented that Curt could really rock a sweater vest.  And then there was Curt’s black Corvette.  Curt loved his black Corvette and was envied by many of the male members of our family.  If memory serves us, Clarke was the only person that Curt ever let drive it.

“Smart and talented” – Curt completed his college education at the University of Arkansas, graduating cum laude, after which he pursued a successful career combining sales with technology.  Curt was Vice President of UBCSoft, a data analytics company he co-founded in 2005 with his good friend, Jack Unger.  Prior to founding UBCSoft, Curt worked for Silicon Graphics and Filenet as a business intelligence sales manager.  But his talents and interests extended beyond his professional work and career.  Curt was an excellent cook and really knew his way around a grill.  One of his greatest specialties was his famous “Curt-er-burger” which was often requested at family gatherings.  Although delicious, his baby back ribs were remarkable. And his interest in playing golf remained with him throughout his life.  The times he and Leslie played together were some of the best times ever, no matter what course they were playing.

“Funny” – If we had to pick only a single word to remember Curt by it would be funny.  Laughter followed Curt like morning follows night.  His humor brought great joy to us and to him and singularly defined Curt’s personality. We think our brother’s sense of humor may have been borne out of necessity at a very early age.  Carole remembers a picture of our Dad ready to pull her and Curt in a sled one snowy day outside our home in Meadville. Mom had bundled them up in snow suits and they looked like stuffed toys sitting in that sled.  Off they went and when they returned, Mom yelled out “where’s Curt”?   Curt was missing from the sled.  He had fallen off the back, a fact that had gone unnoticed by our Dad.  No worse for the wear, Curt was found laughing gleefully in a pile of snow and wondering what was upsetting his parents.

And then there were the comic skits Curt created.  We could never forget the roller derby races Curt would organize in our parent’s kitchen using colanders and pots for helmets or the goofy “Bellino Brothers” skits he and Clarke would perform or Curt’s hosting late night infomercials for us.  After the death of Carole’s husband Milton, Curt spoke at Milton’s “Celebration of Life” party on July 8, 2017.  Curt demonstrated his special ability to hold the attention of everyone in the room.  His humor and ability to turn a phrase kept his audience entertained.

Clarke expressed our collective feelings of loss after Curt’s death when he wrote to us saying: “My big brother John Curtis – my hero, my protector, my comedic partner.  Everything from the goofy ‘Bellino Brothers’ to hosting late night infomercials, together we kept our house full of laughter. I will miss those days, but I take comfort in knowing that he will bring eternal laughter to all of those in Heaven’s House.”

On August 29, 1987 Curt’s family officially expanded with the marriage to Leslie Dianne Green.

As husband, best friend, confidant, and life partner one could not ask for a more loving, devoted and supportive partner. Curt and Leslie moved from Dallas to Plano, Texas in 1990, and enjoyed the life they created together along with their 2 furr babies, Bella and Alli, which he loved deeply. Always engaging, optimistic and full of life, Curt could talk to anyone about anything, and was the kind of person that people were drawn to. Leslie summed it up: “Curt made me as his wife and partner, a better person for knowing him. He always believed in me and was my strongest supporter. Full of life and love, he will always be part of me.”

Curt’s extended/expanded family includes June Green, mother-in-law, Randy Green and Larry Green, brother-in-laws, and nephew Logan Green.

June Green shared that “Curt wasn’t born to me, but I considered him one of my sons.  Always impeccably dressed, ready with a funny story, Curt was a kind and sweet man.  It was a pleasure having Curt as part of our family.”

Randy Green expressed, “ I will always remember when Leslie brought Curt into our family.  Curt increased the fun factor to our family gatherings (not that they weren’t fun before his arrival).  In addition, once Curt arrived, we got to go to better restaurants.  Our lively conversations on his and Leslie’s back patio after work were always filled with significant laughter.  Curt elevated the class of any room/space he entered.  I am so glad I came to town earlier this year to surprise him for his Birthday lunch and be with him and see him just days before the Lord took him.  I will miss his laughter, wit and all he brought to our family. “

Larry Green added, ”Curt was a sweet, confident, dedicated husband and brother-in-law. He loved fine clothes and especially sweaters, fine foods and barbecuing, indy car racing and his Corvette. His sense of humor was legendary and as a matter fact he told me one of my favorite jokes that I still share all the time. I am certain he is in heaven now with my father.”

Curt is now reunited with the parents he adored and missed so much after their passing, with his brother-in-law Milton Bankston, father-in-law Ralph Green, and brother-in-law Ralph Green Jr. to share with them his abundant love and, of course, his endless humor.

Curt – we miss you so!

Memorial service will be held at DFW National Cemetery ( 2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75211 ) promptly at 1:30pm, September 27, 2019. For those attending you need to be on site no later than 1:15 to start getting in line with your car, single file, in designated lane. The group will leave, driving to service site promptly at 1:30.

‘Celebration of Life’ reception to be held immediately following service at Eno’s Pizza Tavern, 407 N. Bishop Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75208.

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3 replies on “Brennan, John "Curt"”

holly brennan says:

Leslie, I do not have words to express how sad I am to hear about Curt. We loved him dearly and selfishly will miss all the joy and laughter he brought to us all. Love you, Holly, Clarke, Mason and Myles

Robert Mullikin says:

Leslie and Family

Kathi and I want to express our condolence to you for your loss. Curt was a close friend to us and our family and we will miss him as well.
Curt and I exchanged calls 2-3 times a day during the week. I will miss his “wit” and knowledge of the world. From our discussions, I know he was very proud of his immediate family and his extended one. I appreciate all the great personalities Curt introduced me to in person from Smiling Daddy Jack, Phoebe the Loving matriarch, Kerry (the lobster lawyer), Carol and Milton, Holly and Clarke.
Curt was always fun to be around and very generous..he gave me my first promotion when I joined the Corporate world with him at Burroughs. He promoted me to director of R. and D. No!… , not Research and Development, but Ribs and Driving, so typical of his antics.
Leslie, I know you will miss Curt more than any of us because how much you loved him and he loved you. You are the only woman I knew of that could hold your own with him and give it back to him when needed.. Your “That aint going to happen” or your telling him that you would call a “Waaa!ambulense” for him if he was complaining kept him in-line. I know Curt was extremely proud of you and all your work accomplishments, and how you kept your home so nice with all your remodel projects. But I guess Curt had to treat you special as Phoebe took him aside and told him how special you are to their family and he better not do anything to hurt you. His family was so happy to have you join their family.
Leslie, I hope you find peace and comfort as your life goes on. You know Curt would not want you mourn sadly for him the rest of your days but to live your life to fullest and to remember him always. Curt definitely had a huge effect on many us, his memory will continue to make us all better people by keeping his positive outlook going forward. I am so sorry for the loss of Curt but evermore grateful that we got to know him.
Your friends,
Bob and Kathi

Bonner Lacy Bankston Sr. says:

Dear Leslie. First I must apologize for not being available during Your time of need. I was getting right with GOD as My Uncle Curt did. I LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH AND AM SADDENED DEEPLY. HE IS MY FAVORITE UNCLE ALWAYS. GIG’EM AGGIES. HE LIVED A LIFE LILE NO OTJER COULD. ALL MY LOVE MRS. BRENNAN.

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R. Driver

Excellent customer service, they made you feel like you were their only customer. Very helpful and explained what we should expect during the process. They basically took care of our needs during this time. They contacted DFW National Cemetery for us which made it a smooth experience. Definitely will use them again.

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