Pecorino, John P.

January 15, 1947 - July 21, 2013

John passed away on July 21, 2013. He was full of life, humor, and was loved by all who met him. He leaves behind his loving wife, Johnna, stepson, Greg and daughter-in-law, Luzanne, and three wonderful grandchildren, Jaeger, Neal and Wesley. He will be sorely missed and no doubt is already story swapping with God.  Arrangements are under the direction of ARIA Cremation Service and Funeral Home 19310 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75252, 214-306-6700.  

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Scott A Ames says:

John and I worked together, and laughed together. He was my friend. I will miss him. My world is less because he is no longer a part of it.

Kara Ames Morris says:

John had a spark in his personality that warmed a room and always made you feel welcomed and valued. One of my favorite memories with John & Johnna was at an Italian dinner party they hosted. Friends all felt like family in the generosity of their home, brought together in kindness and heartfelt hospitality. John was a character, but real and so kind. I’m sorry for his passing, but my life was blessed and richer having known him.

Diane Goodwin says:

John and I worked together in San Jose for 2 years, and we were all SO sorry when he moved back to Texas. He was always such stimulating company and a larger than life character. We all laughed so much at his stories and antics. I can see him now doing a silly walk down the hall after delivering a hilarious comment. You spread a lot of joy John! I will miss you.

Lois Ames says:

I have considered John a friend for many years. John had a bigger than life voice. He would call to talk business with my husband and I would always know it was him without introduction. He always made me smile. We shared some nice family dinners and conversations over the years. My children always felt welcome at the Pecorino home and helped with pet care as they were growing up.
I will miss him.

Jesus Ramirez says:

I worked with John for about a year. We talked a lot in that time and I always benefited from our conversations. He was always honest, kind-hearted, and just plain funny. I’m happy to have known, John. I’ll miss him.

Gaby Sowers says:

I worked with John for the past 18 month, he had a great sense of humor and always brought some kind of chocolate to work . I am still waiting for him to walk thru the door and give a salute. I will miss him .

John R Sloan says:

John and I were friends, a friendship that took on the guise of brothers that neither of us had. Both of us were from dysfunctional families and enlisted in the Marines to get a sense of who and what we were. We literally bumped into each other in night as we dove for the only space available to us during a mortar attack, a small hole halfway between our respective bunkers and the latrine pit. We landed in a tangle of arms and legs each cussing out the other for getting in the way. A chance meeting it the mess line waiting for our morning SPAM meal and that shared “breakfast” started revealing our shared passion for reading. I was transferred into the same company a few days later and we ended up “bunking” together. Long talks during our share guard duty stints at night provided the perfect catalyst to find out that we were alike in so many ways and different in others that completed each other. I learned that you never challenge a nationally ranked jounier chess player if you only know the simple moves, I never won a game. We rotated back to the States a month apart and remained in contact even after he got out and I remained in the Corps for a career. That closeness helped me through so dark and terrible times in my life and I hope I was able to provide a fraction of his compassion and understanding to him that he did for me. I know I shared his happiness as he found his soul mate and shared the great love he had for her with me. He never tired of telling me about his Johnna and what she meant to him. John’s friendship was forged at Khe Sanh in 1968, tempered by our life’s experiences apart and together and can not be severed by death.

John you’ve always gone ahead of me so I give you one last charge “Square away the Guard at the Pearly Gates” in keeping with the last verse of the Hymn:

Here’s health to you and to our Corps
Which we are proud to serve;
In many a strife we’ve fought for life
And never lost our nerve;
If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven’s scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines.

Love you Brother; you will be missed.

Semper Fidelis

Tammy Graham says:

John had a great sense of humor, he was witty and always a charming gentleman; no matter what hi-jinx he was up to. John has a good soul and all the lives he touched became brighter. His flame will burn eternal in our memories; may he rest in peace.

Mike Anzick says:

I worked with John for over a year and in that little time, I knew I was around someone special. Not just my co-worker but a friend. His stories he would unfold to myself and others were always heartfelt and humorous. I will always remember his face but never forget his smile. Earlier in the year, I remember watching the documentary on “Baseball.” John, myself and another co-worker would always discuss baseball and it’s players. One in particular was Jackie Robinson. At the end of the segment, writers and his wife were discussing Jackie Robinson’s career and hard times. His wife stated that when he passed away, the preacher stated; “Jackie is now safe at home.” These words have so many meanings, as she stated but for everyday people as well. John – I dearly miss you and I know you are now at home with our beloved God-Eternally.

Karen P. Lerry says:

John was a kind soul and I will miss his “As you were” whenever he walked past my desk. Miss you John.

Gary Juliano says:

John was not only my brother-in-law but a friend as well. Although there were some years between us John and I were able to find common ground on many subjects and were respectful of each others points of view. I will always remember the family having dinner together for a holiday feast. John you will always be seated at the head of the table. Thank you John for being a good friend to me but my sisters best friend. You will be missed brother John in a big way. Hopefully we shall meet up again on the other side and continue where we left off. Rest In Peace Brother John

Larry Mager says:

I still laugh over the Italian stories….macaroni stay, water go. No better times than Johnna slaving in the kitchen and you entertaining Tim and I. You will be missed my friend.

Mary Short Abernathy says:

John was a friend to my late husband, Dale Short. He thought the world of him and had nothing but nice things to say about John. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. God bless, Mary Short Abernathy

Riki Camarena says:

John was the first person I met at my new job. I was very nervous as I walked into the room. John’s warm smile as he asked what test was I taking. I replied I was there for an interview. His warm greeting made me think I would love to work with such a welcoming atmosphere. John was known as WDOG by one of the candidates. WDOG stands for Well Dressed Older Gentleman. And a gentleman he was. He is truly missed.


John, you were the love of my sister, Johnna’s, life. You were the perfect host at all of your functions, and, was a very personal person to me. Rest in peace, my friend.

Johnna Anderson Pecorino says:

My precious John….it has only been a short few weeks since you were taken from me suddenly but it feels like years. I miss your smile and the warmth from your gentle hugs. We had such a love and commitment to each other that can never be surpassed. The silence from not hearing your voice or you sharing a quote from your latest book is so difficult. In all the tremendous sadness and loneness, I am forever grateful for the 21 years of love, laughter and caring that we shared. At some point we will be together again and the celebration will be incredible. Until then…..I love you so much.

Loggins says:

I’ve been trying to find John for the past few years; hoping to reconnect. Heartbroken to find that he had passed. We were friends for about 8 years in San Jose, CA. His quick wit and antics kept us laughing (and sometimes led us astray) 😉 for future stories to tell. His passing saddens me greatly and justifies all those crazy things we did as cherished memories to hold in my heart. Jer

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