September 20, 1973 - December 15, 2020

Julie Ann Richards, beautiful and full of life spirit, died unexpectantly on December 15, 2020 at the age of 47 at her residence in Irving, TX. We do not want to honor her with boring facts and figures, but with words and moments from the ones that were closest:

“Julie graduated from Central High School in 1992 where she ran on the Cross-Country team. She was creative and loved arts and crafts, where she taught her grandson, Spencer. She was kind and loyal. She cared about people and worked hard to help others, even if she was in need herself. It made her feel good to know she had helped. Julie loved music and would tell you why she liked an artist or song, all while grooving to her tunes. She always worked hard and if she wanted something she went out and got it, an ethic she passed to her daughter, Tanesha.” -Brother, Robert Richards

“Julie, you were the most kind and loving person. You would have given the shirt off your back. So many memories of when we were young… Bike rides, sleeping in forts, T-p’ing the elderly ladies house down the street by mistake when it should have been her neighbor next door! You had my back when my boyfriend broke up with me and I had to drive home by myself 4,000 miles away. You always made me laugh when it had been years since we saw each other though it felt like yesterday. I’ll always love you Julie, you’re my cousin forever!”- Cousin Kandy Gamache Grantham

“Julie, we love you! You will always be in our hearts. Rest in Peace our beautiful cousin. Love you always Casey and Marsha.”- Cousins Casey Adcock n Marsha Mathews Bell

“Mimi, you’re my best friend! And I love YOU MOSTEST”- Grandson, Spencer Buckley Richards

“There are hardly words to explain Julie. She was warm, loving, funny, kind, and considerate. She loves Spencer beyond thought and she loves Tanesha the same. I will miss her positive attitude and her wonderful hugs; they were the best. But most of all, we miss you Julie.”- Mommy Vicki Richards

Best friends are those who keep us grounded, tell us the reality as it is, and remain with us through our ups and downs no matter the distance that separates us. Julie, you ARE my best friend. We became friends in 1999 when we realized the shit talking meant absolutely nothing, you became the best roommate a person could ask for (we made one hell of a PI team) we traveled (nothing like last minute road trips), and we watched our girls grow up only to become our mini me’s. No matter how long it had been since we last spoke, our conversations always picked up from where they left off… “Hey you crazy bitch” or “sup hoeface”. Julie you were more like my sister. You were one of the strongest women I had ever met and someone who never gave up no matter how tough times got, I’m going to miss you calling to tell me your latest on everything!! But our last goodbye was never said because… Saying goodbye isn’t for us Instead, I will say that I look forward to seeing my friend again, each time I am reminded of you through a phrase, a joke, even a drive around 360. These are the things that will keep us close.” – Best Friend Candice Miner-Stewart

“Julie was beautiful inside and out… She is expressed her inner beauty through her paintings and crafts.. She was a literal diamond in the rough and the walking embodiment of selflessness. If you were down and had no hope of lifting yourself up.. you could always count on Julie and that contagious laugh and smile.. we love you and miss you Mimi!” –Son in Law, Erion Moore

“Mamma Julie was not your traditional Mom. Did she teach us to get good grades and buy us puppies? Yes. But she also taught us much deeper experiences in life that we will never forget-and also not put in writing for the sake of other family members reading this! I love her dearly for being there at times we needed her most, and she will always be with us forever and always” -Tanesha’s Childhood Best Friend Kristina Coulthard

“Dear Mom, you’re my everything. You’re the missing puzzle peace to my heart that I will never get back. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you drove me nuts, but I would never take a moment back. I’m thankful that you were able to complete your 30-year search to find your biological mom, Tamara Scott, and build a relationship, so she would come to know the beautiful soul that raised me to become the mom I am today. Spencer will not forget you. He will be raised with your love, your traditions, and your spirit.  You mean the world to me. What I would give for you to hug me and ram your boobs in my neck just one more time! We love you mostest!” -Daughter Tanesha Richards

There will be no funeral. She would not want that. Only a Celebration of Life will be held. Close family and friends will release 47 balloons for the 47 years of life she lived, and more in counting for each moment she touched our hearts. There will be a live Facebook feed for those not able to attend. In closing, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and know Mimi will be with us always and forever.

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Jordan Nicole Jackson says:

Love you and miss you so much MiMi! Work just isn’t the same without you! Watch over us from up there and know I’ll always be here for Tanesha and Spencer! You’ll live on forever in our hearts, in our memories, and through all of the people that loved you so much. Rest In Peace MiMi ❤️

Tammie Cathcart says:

I got to know you as Pleasure. We had started working togather and caught an bond instantly. I always referred to you as my bestie. We were tight everywhere saw me they saw you. Our bond was so tight we made sure we always stayed by each other until we lost contact. You was around and my kids grew up around Tanesha. I remember when we use to drop off kids togather in morning smoking and laughing. We got our names tattooed on our back at same time you was there for me threw the good and bad times you left with me lot of good memories that I will cherish forever. Man this hurt deeply when we lost communication never in million years I would have thought it would’ve came to this point. I’m going to miss your hugs your encouraging words. Well God gas gained another angel fly high babygirl no more suffering. All you talked about was your grand baby Spencer and Tanesha😢😢
We were supposed to have grandparents day with our grandchildren I’m so sorry I lost contact with you this is going hunt me for awhile you were truly my bestie and I LOVE YOU TIL WE MEET AGAIN BESTIE FLY HIGH AND WATCH OVER ME I LOVE YOU

Cristal Leal says:

She was amazing inside and out and the most selfless person. Soft for those she loved. She helped me get through some of my darkest times growing up and NEVER once judged. SHE MADE A SAFE HOME FOR SO MANY. I love you momma Julie. Fly high beautiful. You will be DEARLY missed and your spirit and soul will continue on forever. The marks you made on peoples hearts will never fade. See you again some day! say hello to my dad. REST EASY. ❤️

Randy Lamoreaux says:

Julie over the last few years you have been my lighthouse. As I fight back my tears and swallow the lump in my throat. I realize my world will not be as bright without you. I truly feel lost and alone. I will miss you immensly. You were always there to comfort and ease my pain, even when you had stresses of your own. You were always there to show me things were not as bad as they seem and give me hope. I pray I can find your strength and determination to continue on. You are a remarkable woman and im fortunate to have had our paths cross in this life. I will remember and cherish you always.

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