Perrett, Ronald S.

May 31, 1954 - September 22, 2013

A Celebration of Life

Ronald Sitman Perrett was born on May 31, 1954, in Monroe, Louisiana, and departed this life September 22, 2013. 


Ronald graduated from Austin College and then received a Masters of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas, Arlington.  He was a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Denton, Texas, managing a sex offender treatment program as well as a Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Aftercare program.  He was a member in good standing of the American Counseling Association and of the Association for the Treatment of Sex Abusers.  While Ron had many attributes, he will be remembered for his attentive listening, generous spirit, deep faith, and unwavering optimism.  He is survived by his partner Lorenzo Garcia, parents Dan and Sadie Perrett, sister Linda Pennington, brother Daniel Perrett, III, sister-in-law Marilyn Tokuda, and nephews Joe and David Pennington.

The memorial service will be held on Saturday, October 12, 3:00 p.m., at the office of RSP Counseling, 100 W. Oak Street, Suite G-107, Denton. A few friends have been invited to speak, and a brief video presentation commemorating Ron’s life will be shown. Light refreshments will be served followed by a short walk to the Candy Store, Ron’s favorite spot on the Square, for coffee and remembering.


Arrangements are under the direction of ARIA Cremation Service and Funeral Home 19310 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75252, 214-306-6700.

8 replies on “Perrett, Ronald S.”

Dale, Jerry, Sue and Judy Gruber says:

We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious Ronny. We wish we could be with you at this difficult time, but know that our hearts and prayers are with you always.

Jerry and Carol Gruber says:

So, so sorry to hear of the passing of Ronnie. It is sad that families become so geographically scattered that we only remember each other as children or young adults. Jerry will remember Ronnie at his best.

Carol and Jerry (Jr) Gruber

Linda Beach says:

Ron was my friend. This broke my heart because I have tried to contact him for two years since his diagnosis.. I missed him and now finding this made me cry. Ron was the kindest, most concerned individual I have ever met!! My condolences to his family. He spoke so highly of all of you and dearly loved his dad and mom!!

Tana Moody says:

I am so very sorry to hear about Ron’s passing. I hate that we did not hear about this until today, I wish we could have been there to say goodbye. He was such a precious man, friend and soul. I had the privilege of working with Ron for approximately 10 years through the juvenile probation office in Cooke County where he touched so many young people helping so many of them through some of their most difficult times. I pray for peace and comfort for each of his family members that he had talked to me over the years about and loved so much. He was an awesome man who is greatly missed by so many.

Mark Martich says:

Sorry to hear of Ron’s passing. My condolences to his family.

Bob Hatfield says:

Ronny and I were best friends during Jr High and the early years of High School. We were inseparable during that time and spent many days together fishing, hanging out and even going on family vacations w/ each others families. We lost contact after I left Texas but I’ve always had him in my thoughts. I was wondering whatever happened to Ronny and so ran a google search and this is where it took me. I’m very saddened to have learned of his passing and wished that we’d connected at some point in time over the past 40 years. How short life is and how quickly time passes by. Ronny was a good friend and I hope had a happy and fulfilling life. He’s in a better place now and in the company of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Bob Hatfield

Hana says:

Today, like most you are on my mind and finally have the courage after the years have passed to write here. From the beginning I called him “Perrett.” He at times was my only friend and confidant. I met him when I was 19 years old, a scared and broken teenager that oozed sarcasm and kept the world at an arms length. He truly helped mend my heart and taught me how to recive love and live proudly of who I was. He was endlessly patient, kind , understanding with no judegments, and helped mold me into a better human. His laugh was contagious and I never stopped telling jokes just so I could hear it fill the room. It has been years and I miss him like it was yesterday. Without fail he always shared loving stories aboout his family and partner and moments that meant so much to him. He helped the forgotton, the outcasts, the broken hearted, one’s that society would deem dispensable. He was proud of who he was as a man and a human. Oh thank you, Perrett for imprinting on the endless souls that needed you. I hope you knew how loved you were and you are forever existing like a Phoenix.

Lola. Campbell says:

I didn’t find out he passed till Christmas 2013 but Ron was my best friend i wish i told him so i loved him but wasn’t in love i still remember how his friends left my paintings i gave him i guess as if i was at the memorial in his office the squares not the same without him i can’t even go in the texas building anymore the cocktail bar is where his office was he helped me understand what and was im not a huge fan of the movie temple grandin but i respect the great woman but i tear up at that movie because even though her teacher doesn’t look like my beloved mr.perrett he sure acted like him and i guess you could say he was my teacher i was a little version of grandin and he not only had a positive impact on my life i didn’t know my impact till he let me know i was petrified to take my first cross county bus in 2011 but i did it for him God made a way i ended up in Denton before he died and recall surprising him at the candy store he had no clue i was behind him ms joyce had to keep a poker face but after 10 seconds of him rambling i go hey Buster! he turns around and goes oh my gosh its Lola what are you doing here i said i came here for you we had a lovely visit and cought up and i forgot how tall he was and how short i am he gave me the biggest hug at least 10 mins my friend from church popped in cause she was my ride home she said it resembled an old dad type hugging a kid honestly he wasn’t a dad figure he was my friend and i loved him but also loved him as a brother we laughed and cried and rejoiced and when he got sick i still saw my friend and prayed for and with him and when i had my emergency spine illness i never wanted to worry but i wasn’t sure id live and i only told him in a sense to pray but i made it now im an artist and autism advocate and not the shy scared youth i was God used this sweet tender gentle giant to affect the lives of so many and im blessed to be one of many whos paths he crossed i recall my first adventures in autism conference after he died i saw the crowd at Unt and it kinda was like the scene where temple speaks up i saw the crowd saw the booth and thought mr perrett would have loved this and my booth he encouraged my art and told me i was smart and believed in me when others laughed and said i was stateschool material i will always cherish his memory not forget the lessons he taught me nor will i ever forget him I know its been 8 years but it took me a while to properly grieve but God bless you you dear sweet wonderful beautiful man and your heart for others till we meet again someday i love you as a friend and cherish the beautiful person you were

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