Ivershen, Alex G.

May 31, 1978 - January 5, 2014

Alex G. Ivershen, age 35 of Garland passed away on January 5, 2014.  A Celebration of Life service will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M., on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at the ARIA Memorial Chapel in Dallas.

In lieu of flowers please, make donations to Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance at
or mail donations to Eagles Den Animal Haven and Rescue Inc at 1453 Campbell Road, Clarkton, North Carolina 28433.


Arrangements are under the direction of

ARIA Cremation Service and Funeral Home
19310 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75252


96 replies on “Ivershen, Alex G.”

Dr. Sameh Yamany says:

Alex, you will be really missed. The best and the most intelligent colleague I worked with.


Kevin Landry says:

My heart breaks for your wife and family. You were much too young to be taken from us all, but I’m proud to have know you for the time I did.

Sherrie Taylor says:

When reason fails, pray for peace. Alex, you will be missed.

Thu Trinh says:

You always made me smile when I saw you. You will be missed Alex. My heart felt condolences to the family.

David Newton says:

Katya and the family are in my prayers. It is hard for me to imagine the world without Alex. He was a great friend and a man that I am proud to have in my life.

#45 will never be forgotten.

Shari Jacobs says:

My colorful colleague you will be missed SO MUCH!

Dave Minson says:

Alex you were a great friend and teammate – you will be missed !!

Jon Traver says:

A great friend and the best linemate a guy could ever had. Always a smile and never a cruel word about anyone. I am a better person for having been his friend. Rest in Peace Alexi, you will be missed.

steve gedansky says:

we will all miss you at the monthly poker touramnet

Matthew Smith says:

Many a great game played with and against Alex. My thoughts are with your family.

Jenn Traver says:

Seeing #45 flying down the ice too fast ..towards the net always makes you smile ..not sure I have ever met anyone with as much spirit (all the fun kind) …When I think of Alex it makes me smile and laugh instantly
~RIP #45 you are unreplacable
Love, Jt

Tim Holland says:

Peace brother. There are none like you & you will be missed.

Mike Yaw says:

I am sorry to hear that we have lost a good man. Alex was always fun to be with at our monthly poker night. He will be missed!

Mark Dunavin says:

We are all in shock. Although you were taken at such a young age, I know you got the most out of every moment. You will be missed.

David Clark says:

My prayers and condolences go to your family Alex.

John Neese says:

I will always remember you for the good times we shared on and off the rink. We played a game together as friends, but over the years those bonds became more and more like those of family. I know that I speak for everyone who laced up skates with you, brother…you will always be missed, and never be forgotten. Rest in peace, Alex.

Chris Leath says:

I am at a loss. Alex was a great guy on and off the ice. There was never a dull moment in the locker room when he was there. Katya and his family will be in our prayers.

David O'Hagan says:

I was always afraid #45 would find a way to break out all alone into the open ice. I was shocked and sad to hear the news. Rest in peace, Alex.

John Castle says:

Played against Alex for years, and with him on a few occasions when I subbed in net. Great player, and great person. You will be missed!

Alex Crews says:

Christine and I were blown away and very saddened. Our thoughts go out to Katya and family. We’ll miss you.

Robert Saxon says:

Alex, I’m shocked and very sorry. You were unafraid of most anything. You had an excellent analytic mind. I know you’ll be missed.

David Gunaseelan says:

Katya…my condolences to you and your family. This is an unbelievable loss…Alex was truly a great man and an awesome friend. If you need anything at all, please let me know.

Clark Good says:

Alex you will be missed. Your family will be in our prayers.

Ravindra Chittimoori says:

Alex, you are truly one of nicest people I encountered in the last 12 years. I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to speak the truth in all circumstances. You will be missed.

Ravi Chittimoori

John Gerst says:

Alex was brilliant at everything he put his mind to, whether it was designing/developing software, playing hockey, or just telling a joke. His quick wit and mischievous smile will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

Craig Smith says:

A great guy to play hockey with and even a greater guy to hang out with. They say a sense of humor is a sign of intelligence, which makes Alex the smartest man I knew! RIP #45, you will be missed!

Dan Garfias says:

Katya, my sincere prayers go out to you and your respective families. When we were forming the first SD hockey team and we heard a Russian was joining, I wondered if there would be a communication problem. There was. But I was the problem. Alex & Sergey had to deal with me constantly asking “how do you say ‘this or that’ in Russian?” It was their penance for being on the team with me. My great joy during these years is remembering choice phrases which are best left for another time. I loved Alex, who didn’t.

balaji ratakonda says:

AI – We are going to miss you a lot. Thoughts and prayers with Katya and family. I am so blessed to have known you as a colleague and friend for the past 12 years. Poker nights will never be the same without you.

David 'Chuy' Vasquez says:


I am so very sorry to hear about Alexi. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

RIP #45

Chris Huff and Family says:

We are without words to express how sorry we are to hear this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Alex’a family and your family! What a loss of one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known! If there is anything thg we can do please let us know. I have not seen arrangements to lay Alex to rest yet but Deanna and I would really like to come pay our last respect to Alex. If anyone has any information please let us know.

With our deepest respects,
The Huff family

Nataliya Hoffpauir says:

Alyoshenka, please know how much we will love you forever and ever. Your god son, Nicholas will always have you in his heart! To say that we will miss you is to say nothing. Rest with peace, lyubimui Gysya.

Kirill says:

Леха, так жаль что твоя яркая жизнь стала такой короткой. Спасибо тебе за твою искреннее гостеприимство и доброе сердце. Ты был настоящим и отзывчивым другом. Искренне, Кирилл Розин.

Deanna Huff says:

Leshenka, you will be deeply missed. You were one of the best people I’ve known and you always knew how to put a smile of everyone’s face. Just a joy to be around. Never a dull moment. My only regret is that Chris and I did not make an effort to come see you and Katya in the past year….
My deepest condolences to Katenka. We love you, sweetie! And we are here for you if you ever need anything!

Albert Avanesov says:

Dear Alexey,

We will really miss you. We are all in Russia do not want to believe in that. How sad it is. Your are the best friend for us, our honor. You house was like home for us. With all my respect to you, we will keep you forever in our hearts and memory. Really regret about that shocking fact.

please be strong, it is great loss for all of us. No words to express all feeling….

Alexey Krukov says:

Скорбим и помним, ты на веки в наших сердцах. Семья Крюковых, Лошкаревых, Ерохиных.

Никита Шацкий says:

Это был человек на которого я всегда мог положиться на сто процентов. Таких людей за всю жизнь встречаешь одного -двух
В нём часто сочеталось несочетаемое в других людях. Мне доставляло огромное удовольствие общаться с ним. Спасибо, Лёх, когда нибудь ещё увидимся

Mark Turner says:

Alex made me laugh and smile broadly every time I met with him. His energy, intelligence and enthusiasm for all he did impacted me in the most positive of ways. He inspired me, and still does, to constantly try and improve myself. He was, and still is, just an incredibly positive Light in my Life.

Wei Dong says:

Alex – I still remember your story about how Inet chauffeured you in a limo from airport for your interviews as a new grad, conveniently left the curtain closed, saving you for the best impression of Dallas. They were certainly smart and got their money worth for that ride. au revoir and see you on the side.

Shelby Langen says:

Alex was one of the most vibrant engineers ever. Never a dull moment when Alex was around, the office will never be the same. Prayers for the entire family.

Ben Elliott says:

I am still at a loss of words. There isn’t anything that I can say that would adequately explain how much Alex meant to me. He was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Dallas and I will miss him so much. I rarely laughed as much as I did in his presence and I will forever remember him and the impact he has had on my life. I miss my hockey buddy. I loved him and love you still Katya. RIP#45

Heather Broughton says:

I will always remember Alex as the brilliant “kid” who never grew up. I had many a good laugh with him over the years and always admired his abilty to play hard/work hard. My thoughts and condolences go out to your wife and family.

Robert Smith says:

Alex – I’m very glad I had the opportunity to get to know you – we at the poker group feel the same way many of your other friends and teammates obviously do…we all loved your spirit, competitiveness, and presence. I, and many others, will miss you….it won’t be the same without you buddy.

Kisha Cooper says:

Alex, we can never replace your intelligence, your drive for success- and on a personal level, your wit, the way you could make anyone laugh and feel comfortable. Instead of “good morning”, I’ll miss your friendly greeting of “hey, troublemaker!” You will be missed by all. See you on the other side, friend.

Katya, my heart and prayers are with you. I wish you peace and comfort.

Rob Free says:

Alex, I have always respected you and sad to hear that you are gone. I wish I had known you better. I’m happy to get what I got. Sincere condolences to your family.

Quenie Sun says:

Alex, you’re so talented in so many areas, your brilliance, your energy, and your sense of humor will be missed. No words can express the sorrow, only wish you to R.I.P.

Fred Chen says:

Alex, you will be missed.

Jeff Raybon says:

Katya…My family was stunned to hear the tragic news. Our prayers are with you. Alexi was a friend and someone I could count on. He was fun loving on and off the ice and you both had a very strong impact on my kids. Alexi, rest in peace

Charles Chibuike Osuh says:

Little did I know when we met before the holidays that it would be our last on earth.
Lest, I would have insisted that you deliver on my request that day. For all the 14 odd years I have known you, Alex, there was never a dull moment with you. You were as bright as you were personable, with an incredible ability to make people feel at ease. Your candle burned out so quickly, but yet it was brighter than the shining stars. I will greatly miss you Alex.
To Katya and the family, may you be comforted by the memories you share, and knowing that Alex Ivershen while here on earth, used well all the talent God gave him.
May the soul of Alex Ivershen, and that of all the faithfully departed rest with the Lord—Amen.
Adieu! Adieu my brother.

Charles Chibuike Osuh

James Bryant says:

Alex was a great person and a great engineer. I will miss him dearly.

Jay Cherry says:

Alex was a wiseguy at work, the kind you look forward to seeing. Definitely among the brightest few of my work colleagues. His gregarious smile kept you on your toes, and his ability to spot the best solution was uncanny. He worked hard and played hard. It’s difficult to understand that we’ll be without him now.

Thanks for sharing the hospitality of your home with me. It was a pleasure knowing you.

— Jay

Sunil Kumar Gupta says:

Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel for missing you.

Haytham Darkazally says:

Alex, safety meetings wolfing down 20lbs of crawfish and oysters wont be the same. They were great times I will always remember. I will miss you man!

Sincerest condolences to Katya and family.

Yu Wang says:

Alex, you are such a smart and energetic guy. It is a real loss to us all. You will be missed.

Fangming Huang says:

Still remember at poker table, you showed me your hand, and told me why you fold a “A” and “7”. You predicted many people will play in this round and “A” is not good enough in that situation. I am still using this rule when I play now.

Lee Ivy says:

I am deeply saddened to hear about our loss. It’s been a while since I’ve been back home, but when I think of Alexi, I only feel joy and warmth. What a character, what loyalty, what a fun spirit he has. I am so sorry for all my friends back home, and for Katya, I hope you can find warmth in knowing how much we loved Alexi!

Eric Wilson says:

Alex – truly one-of-kind with a good heart. One of the smartest people I know.
May he rest in peace.

Ina Huang says:

Alex, I’ve known you for almost 10 years now – those years have been full of great memories and fun times that I will continue to remember and cherish. You will be missed by all.
Katya, my deepest condolences to you and your family.

Larry says:

Such an unfortunate loss. Alex was a wonderful person whom we were all lucky to have known and spent time with. Even if a lot of it was trading paint on the ice. He will truly be missed.

Andi says:

I will forever love you ‘My Crazy Russian’. You will so dearly be missed. May your legacy always live on.

Javier Jelicic says:


It is much too hard to find the right words to express the sadness and sorrow that I feel by your such premature departure.
You lived a fast and furious life, lots of “gusto” amigo. You will be truly missed and never forgotten.
Goodbye and may you rest in peace.

Doug Dickerson says:

It really hurts to see Alex gone. He was one of the smartest and funnest guys I’d ever met. It was an absolute priveledge to have worked with him. We will miss him greatly. Condolences to the family.

Brent says:


You will be greatly missed. You are one of the sharpest people I’ve ever worked with and I will cherish the good times we had together. My condolences to your family.


Dmitry Ovchinnikov says:

Alex, you are one of the greatest and easiest guy I ever met on my way, and I met you so far from home. I don’t even see other persons like you around. I’m proud to know you and angry with you! Angry because you left this reality too quick. I’ll miss you man, really miss. See you…

Katya, Alex still in our hearts and minds, be strong.

TJ Andrews says:

RIP brother… Very sad to hear the news. 🙁

Mark H. says:

Alex will be greatly missed as a friend, a brilliant engineer and a hell of a poker player. Always a class act and friend to everyone. I can’t imagine the heartache for his family and loved ones, my sincerest condolences.

Kevin Kintz and Family says:

Alex, They say only the good die young and you were one of the best. You were a great teammate and friend. You will be greatly missed by all those that had the pleasure of knowing you. RIP SD#45

Katya, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Trey Sleeper says:

Alex, I’m really not sure how to convey my feelings. You were the most brilliant engineer I’ve had the pleasure to interact with in my entire career. I pray for peace for your entire family and hope they find peace in that you are now with our Lord.


Natalia Tochilova says:

Безутешное горе, невосполнимая потеря … Ты был для нас примером успешности, жизнерадостности, профессионализма. Мастер юмора (как твой отец) и добрая открытая душа (как твоя мама). Мы всегда будем любить и помнить тебя “наш американец”. Точиловы. Кулешовы.

Bob Wilkinson says:

You were so full of life and potential yet to be realized – it is difficult to find words. I knew there was something special about the young graduate I interviewed 13 years ago and you never once disappointed. It was an honor to call you friend, to work together, and to “engineer” together over these many years. Your speech the day I left Tektronix meant more to me than you knew – for that I can never repay.

I pray that your soul is at peace and that Katya and your family can find resolution and comfort. I miss you Alex.

Алексей Крюков says:

Я не знаю как передать слова скорби. Я так скучаю по тебе. Ты для мня был примером. На твоей свадьбе ты сказал “если хочешь что-то добиться, просто возьми это”. Я делаю как ты сказал. Леша мне тебя будет не хватать. Твой племяш.

Dana Sleeper says:

No matter when I saw you, there was a smile on your face! I remember the first time meeting you all those years ago during College Recruiting at Inet! You were one of my “Prize” hires! And coming into the office years later – you would say “Dana! My favorite Recruiter!” – So Smart and too young to be gone. Peace be with you and we will see you again, my friend…
And prayers to your wife and family

Christopher Semturs says:

I am deeply sorry to hear about the death of Alex. Words can’t express how saddened I am to hear of your loss. I always respected you as a great colleague and a very nice person.
You will be missed Alex.

Colm Costelloe says:

Alex you were the brightest most passionate person I’ve ever worked with. Your unique brilliance will be sorely missed.
My condolences to your wife and family.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.


Srini V says:

Miss you, Alex. Rest in peace.

Jason Young says:

I am proud & honored to have worked with Alex over the past decade. He set the bar for the rest of us, and always did it with humor, a big grin and a wink. I think we are all better for having known him. My heartfelt condolences to Katya and family.

Geoff Bourne says:

Alex, the world has lost a brilliant person. We will miss you.

Joe Harvell says:

Alex was an amazing person. As so many others have already said, he was talented, brilliant, energetic, any funny. But what I remember most about Alex is just how likeable he was. He had this aura of confidence and positive energy that was captivating. I can still picture him telling a joke, with a warm smile and a quick wink. I will miss you, Alex.

Eric Smith says:

A quick wit and even quicker intellect. Alex, you were one of the most interesting personalities I ever worked with. You will be sorely missed.

I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

Eric Smith

Gayatri & Srinivas Vishnubhotla says:

Alex, you will be missed. It’s our privilege to be your colleagues at work for such an intelligent,smart, vibrant and joyful person like you. Sincere Condolences to your family!!!

David Hirt says:

Alex, you will be greatly missed. It is so hard to express my feelings and sorrow.

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you (Philippians 1:3).

Sergey Maslyakov says:


We have known you for more than 13 years. You always were an example for others to follow. Whatever you did, you always went full strength and failure was never an option for you. You had a lot of qualities that people around you admired. You were very intelligent, smart, hospitable, and accommodating. We mourn the insurmountable loss that hit us so hard and sudden. We will always remember you, our dear friend.

Requiescat in pace.

Michael Zhang says:

Very shocked to hear we lost you. I still remember played poker with you almost 7 years ago at Beaverton, I always hoped to play with you again but did not happen, then never again. Worked with you before Thanksgiving, then that would be the last time. You are great, I learned a lot from you.

Hope you are at peace and go well. We will miss you.

Shirley Wilson says:

“Dreams shape the world” ~ Neil Gaiman

Thank you for being the big-vision guy, for being a patient sounding board, for being a supportive (albeit grumpy 😉 ) cheerleader.

My heart, prayers, and sympathies to Katya and family.

Струковы. says:

Боль утраты не выразить словами. Любим, помним, скорбим. Светлая память о тебе навсегда останется в наших сердцах

Nina Ozerova says:

Lyolya, it is difficult to find the words to express my feelings. For those more than 15 years we knew each other we’ve been together through different situations from weddings to gardening, from traveling to the other side of the world to cozy evenings at home, from paying poker to painting the walls, etc. In every situation you were showing you passion, brilliant intelligence and your energy. You were more than the best friend; you were part of the family and you will be always in our hearts. You will be missed a lot.

Katya, you know I’m always here for you, stay strong.

Agnes Crentsil says:

You had a candid ability to explain the most complex topics, very intelligent, and yet so humble. We last spoke late November, you were so passionate about your work and the information you wanted to present and how you wanted it to look. Your enthusiam was infectious. You are dearly missed. Rest in Peace.

Gina says:

I am deeply saddened by your sudden departure. It was a privilege to work with you and we will miss you for a long time to come.

Gina says:

I am deeply saddened by your sudden departure. It was a privilege to work with you and we will miss you for a long time to come.

Holly Stachyra says:

You are definitely going to be missed. My sincere condolences to your family in this time of sorrow.


Manuel Stopnicki says:

Alex, I have been fortunate to be working with you for two years, but I just needed two minutes to realize how gifted you were. Then, I discovered the passionated, driven, witty person that I got to admire and respect. Wherever you are today, I’m sure you are hard at work making it a better place, but to use your favorite French line: P… de merde, tu vas nous manquer!

Alan Hope says:

Goodbye Alex, it was a joy to have known and worked with you. May you rest in peace. God bless your family

Cat says:

Gonna miss ya skinny Russian. You always brought a smile to my face. Prayers and warm fuzzy hugs to your family and the hockey community.

Elaine Flesch says:

Alex you will be missed not only by your intelligence but also by your awesome sense of humor. May your soul rest in peace.

My deepest sympathies to your family in this difficult time.

Mark White says:

Been an absolute pleasure working with you over the years. You shall be truly missed by all who’ve had the benefit of being in your presence..

Kim Guevara says:

Rest in peace. Heartfelt condolences to family and friends.

Bob Evans says:

I only now heard of Alex’s passing, having left the company some years ago. Alex was a mentor to me and one of the most brilliant engineers I have ever worked with. Condolences to all family and friends – Bob (the GeNet guy).

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