Palmer, Peter P.

February 14, 1961 - March 6, 2014

February 14, 1961 – March 6, 2014

Over the past couple of years, Peter’s favorite scripture became something that he had practiced and held onto during his up and down battle with cancer. The verse reads, “He will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You (Lord).”  (Isaiah 26:3)  His courage and bravery was a demonstration of this verse.  No matter how difficult the journey, he remained hopeful, trusting in the Lord for all things.

Peter Patrick Palmer was born in Manchester, Jamaica on February 14, 1961, a sweet Valentine weighing over 10 pounds!  He was the youngest of 13 other siblings, raised in a Christian home.

Peter was determined to make a better life for himself and was diligent in his studies. He was always interested in seeing how things work.  He would pull apart electronics and try to put them back together again.  His first job was in Jamaica at the telephone company.

He received a scholarship to travel to one of three countries to get his Masters Degree.  He chose St. Petersburg, Russia!  He spent a year learning the language, and the final five years achieving his masters in Telecommunications Engineering.  While there, his son Anton was born.

In 1993 he was offered an engineering position with Nokia World Headquarters in Finland.  He traveled to almost every country in the world.  About three years later, he was transferred to Nokia’s offices in Sydney, Australia.

Little did he know that when he was relocated to the Irving, Texas office in 1997 – on a temporary assignment – that Texas would become Anton’s and his permanent home.  He met his wife, Alainna in December of that year.  From the moment they met, they were inseparable!  Alainna fell for his amazing physique and his “to die for” Jamaican accent!  Peter called her his “Cinderella”.

Their daughter, Emily was born in 1999, and the family bought a house in Frisco.  In 2001, they found a church home in Plano where he rededicated his life to Christ.  He was actively involved in church, teaching Sunday school for the four to five year old children.  The kids adored him!  He had a silliness about him that made the kids want to be around him.  When word got out that he had an amazing singing voice, he was quickly recruited on the praise and worship team.  Just watching him worship the Lord with such fervor had blessed many people.

One of his favorite quotes learned from his dad was, “Labor for learning before you grow old; for learning is better than silver or gold. Silver and gold will vanish away, but a good education will never decay.” Never tiring of learning, Peter pursued a second Masters Degree in Business in 2005.  This year he celebrated his 21st year with Nokia.  He would frequently instill in his kids the importance of putting God first in everything, and taking education seriously.

Nothing was more important to him than God and his family.  Especially during these last couple of years, his area of focus became even more centered on the importance of family.  Anton, the prodigal son, reunited with Peter, Alainna and Emily in January after almost seven years.

Peter was an extraordinary man.  When people would come to visit him at home or in the hospital while he was sick, guests would leave feeling encouraged by him sharing how God was at work in his life – about hope, trust and patiently waiting on the Lord.  He never gave up hope, and fought to the very end.  Last Thursday, March 6th, he went to his permanent home in eternity – face to face with Jesus!  What a glorious celebration that must have been in heaven that day.

Reading some of the notes he jotted down during his illness, he wrote and quoted Larry from Veggie Tales, “God is bigger than the boogey man…or Philippians 4:7…‘And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  He entitled it, “The Truths”.

Peter Patrick Palmer, age 53,  of Frisco, Texas passed away on March 6, 2014. A Celebration of Life Service will be held at 2:00 P.M., Saturday, March 15, 2014 at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship 4141 International Parkway, Carrollton, Texas 75007. There will be a reception in his honor following the service.

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Niki Blake and family says:

Precious Alainna, Emily and Anton…..oh how God knows you and loves you and feels your loss! But OH I imagine what a moment it was when Peter saw Jesus face to face! I am praying for God’s embrace to wrap all of you in His perfect peace as you figure out how to do this next season of life without your precious one here with you. I know God is not done with your story (Peter’s story) and I know it will continue to bring others to Him through the testimony of the truth you have lived. xoxox

Gary, Peggy and Anthony Ucella says:

Even though our family knew Peter only the last several years, we quickly became like old friends, he had that way about him. Peter could make others feel instantly special and important. The best thing you can say about someone is they loved God; Peter loved his Lord and Savior. It seems most every conversation we had it came back around to praise God and be grateful for what He did for us. Even in Peter’s worst pain and suffering in the hospital he was concerned about being able to “entertain” his visitors. He loved his wife Alainna and children; Emily and Anton, if there were such a thing as regret in Heaven it would be that he is separate from them for the time being. To his family, when we think of Peter we will be joyful because we know we will all be reunited and worshiping our Lord together in eternity not just at church on Sunday! Our hearts are just a little less full with Peter gone. John 14:1-3

JD & Elaine Danielson says:

I rejoice with you, that Peter is no longer in pain and that he has met our heavenly Father face to face. How incredible that must have been for him! I praise God for how He used your life as a testimony with every nurse and doctor that walked in Peter’s room. I know, without a doubt, that God used this heartbreaking time to birth something new in the heart of Emily. I know that God will now nurture and grow that within her and she will be a strong testimony to many who meet her. Peter may physically be absent – but his spirit and influence is a ripple that will continue on through the lives of those he touched and impacted!

Experiencing loss ourselves, JD and I know that the road ahead of you will be difficult and challenging. We will pray for you as you journey through the grieving process and learn to live within a new normal… We love you guys deeply Alainna – and are here for you.

Continuing to stand with you in prayer,
Elaine and JD. <3

Jessica von Frank says:

We shared your joy when you met fell in love and married.

We shared your happiness as Emily and Anton grew the love of her family and god.

We admired your grace and courage during the challenges of Peter’s illness.

We send you love and peace with Peter’s passing over to God’s home.

Peter is still here in our hearts and will live with us there always.

Love your cuz Jessica and her family

Midge & Ron Fletcher says:

So sorry to hear of Peter’s passing. Only met him once, but was impressed with him, his sweet wife, children and his home.

Steve Hodges says:

I had the priveledge of performing praise and worship music with Peter at a nursing home ministry that he and Alainna started. The little old ladies loved Peter and his amazing voice. My favorite song that Peter would sing was “Mansion over the Hilltop”, and afterward he would joke about everything he was going to have in his mansion in heaven

Though often tempted, tormented, and tested
And like the prophet my pillow a stone
And though I find here no permanent dwelling
I know he will give me a mansion my own

I’ve got a mansion just over the hilltop
In that bright land where we will never grow old
And someday yonder we will never more wander
But walk the streets that are purest gold

Cynthia says:

I came to know Peter when he joined choir at Bent Tree. The joy of the Lord was all over him and I rarely left his presence when he didn’t leave me with an encouraging word and a hug. Ro and I quickly came to love this man. As I learned of his sickness, I watched this sweet man of God worship with his white mask on, hands raised, still blessing the name of Jesus. When his cancer worsened, I went to visit him at the hospital in hopes of encouraging him. He poured love into me that day instead. I remember I asked him, “How is it that you encourage me when it’s you that is sick? Your spirit is so full of joy.” I’ll never forget what he told me. We were on the couch in his room by a big window, with sunlight pouring in. He looked up and said, “I know that most people consider this a good day when the sun is shining and all is well. But where I come from, we drew our income from the land and knew that if it didn’t rain, we would be bad off. And so I came to love the dark, rainy days.” That word picture will forever stay with me. In the midst of his devastation, he was choosing to see all that God had for him in it.

My heart is sad that he is no longer with us, but I celebrate that he is with the Lord that he loved so dearly!

Blessings to you, Alainna, Emily, and Anton! How thankful you must be to have had him as husband and father. God used him so mightily to touch our lives and we’re so grateful for his life.

Toby & Sonia Oaks says:

Peter’s smile, encouraging words & joyful countenance are all pictures that come to mind when reflecting on him. It is our prayer that you, his dear family, would experience our Savior’s comfort and embrace as you walk through this time of great loss. That He would sustain you, support you, and lead you, pouring out His love on you in your grief. We appreciate Peter and appreciate you and thank God for the Palmer family.

Kimberly Riordan says:

My dear sweet Alainna, Emily and Anton, Peter was an amazing disciple of God and so loved by all the lives he touched. God gave him amazing gifts that he used every day to help others. Special hands and a beautiful voice to use every week as we worship with others in the nursing home. A voice to sing Gods word, hands to use to play beautiful music on his guitar as he comforted them all and pulled them closer to our lord and savior. A warm heart that was always open to everyone in need of comfort. Peter was so dedicated to spreading the word and doing just as God asked him to do. “Do to others as you would have them do to you” Luke 6:31, and that’s exactly what he spent his life doing. We will miss those times spent with him and he will never be forgotten. He is in a wonderful place now with our father.

Love and memories

Denne Johnson says:

Alainna….this is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful, courageous, gifted yet humble man. I remember when you found each other and am so happy for the meaningful relationship and loving family that evolved from that encounter. They say you can’t fight Mother Nature but I think the same can be said for true love…it is also an undeniable force! You, Emily, Anton and Peter are in my thoughts today. I will dance in tribute…nobody wants me singing! 🙂 wish I could have been there but know my heart is. Doug and I send love and hugs. Denne

Phillis Moore says:

We’ll always remember the first time meeting your family that day at Staples in Frisco, Texas. Only God knows who He wants to be in each other’s lives for the good, as well as the challenging times. Thanking Him for knowing you and the promise of seeing the larger than life you again! We will continue to support and love Alainna and Emily in your absence. Always with love and gratitude ~ Gene, Phillis & Geneava Moore

Collette and Darius Ogrizovic (Uncle Pete's Neice and Husband) says:

I certainly miss your calls. Your voice is on my recorder. Your lovely wife is the most darling person. My goodness, I just love her. We ALL miss you very much. With love, Collette

Patty says:

I met Peter in choir and he wasn’t there for long before he became ill but I would see him worshipping in the services and oh how he loved his Lord and Saviour!
He was always so very positive and encouraging even while journeying through his trial. Love for his sweet family was apparent and he will truly be missed but rejoicing in heaven. Prayers are with you Alainna, Emily and Anton. May you be blessed with cherished memories of Peter. Love to your family …

Bryan Amason says:

Dear Alainna, Anton, and Emily, I just found out today about Peter passing away. I am so thankful to what a blessing you and your family was to my daughter Megan and I. I will never forget that, and I know Megan will not either. Your family is definitely a Godly example of what we should be as Christians. I only wish that I had been in better contact with you all over the last several years. I have left a message with ARIA with the best number to reach me at, I hope that I hear from you soon so that Megan and I can meet up with you. We love you guys and we are sorry for your loss!

Bryan Amason

Patricia Williams says:

Hi, I am an Peter’s ex co-worker from the Jamaica Telephone Company in Mandeville, Jamaica. I just heard today that he passed. May the Lord continue to strengthen you all in this difficult time and may his soul Rest in Paradise.

Janet Insang says:

Will never forget your sojourn with us at JTC Mandeville.Your laughter was infectious, and seems to have stayed with you as is evident in your photo. Rest well bro, may your loved ones be comforted.

Janet Insang says:

Peter it was really a pleasure working with you at the Jamaica Telephone Company’s Mandeville exchange.We shared your joy in taking up your scholarship to fulfill your ambition. So sorry you never came back but have no doubt you brightened the lives of those you met with your infectious laughter.
To Peter’s family, may God grant you all the strength and peace to bear your loss…cherish the memories.

Andrea 'Betty' Bailey says:

Peter and I grew up in the Halifax hills of Manchester, Jamaica, a former school mate, youth fellowship member of the Bethany Moravian Church. I recall how proud all were when he went to Russia to study. Although we lost contact, I always remember the brilliant vibrant person he was. I too followed him to Jamaica Telephone Company in 1985, following in the steps of a trailblazer. May his soul rest in peace

Elvira Caballero says:

Quiero dejar mis condolencias a la familia de Peter, hoy en su cumpleanos, fue muy impactante para mi enterarme hace 2 meses atras que el habia fallecido.nos conocimos en Rosario Argentina en 1998 el es una persona que forma parte muy fundamental en mi vida,La ultima vez que hablamos x telefono el me dijo que estaria bien, siempre hablando con tanto amor por su Hijo Anton, y su familia.Ahora he visto con mucha claridad los designios de Dios.solo me queda decir Gracias mi querido Peter por tu amor y gran alegria que contagiabas a todos.
Con todo mi amor Maria.

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