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Marshall, Dahl

September 11, 1937 - April 4, 2014

Dahl Marshall was born September 11, 1937 in San Antonio, Texas and died April 4, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.  Dahl was the son of the late Jeanne Whitehead Ulmer and the late Albert E. Marshall.  Dahl graduated in 1956 from Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio and attended Rice University.  He later transferred to the University of Texas at Austin where he earned his undergraduate and Master of Science degree in Economics in 1960.  After college, Dahl enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served in the Infantry at Fort Benning, GA. and earned the rank of Captain.  After the Army, he began his career in the financial industry.  In 1968, he moved to Houston and joined Cullen Center Bank and established the Trust Department. Years later he moved to El Paso where he managed the Trust Department for State National, MBank, Ameritrust, and other names as the bank’s ownership changed several times during the late 1980’s and early 90’s. He retired with Chase Bank in Dallas.  During his career he served on several non-profit and charitable boards of directors.  He was a supporter of the Arts and education.

Dahl is survived by his three sons: Christopher and Robert of Dallas, & Paul and his wife Teresa and their children Annabel and Alexander of Sunnyvale, Calf. He is also survived by his cousin Nancy and her husband Ray Lister of Houston and their children and grandchildren. He was the nephew of the late Althea Whitehead Hedrick and her husband Arthur of Harlingen, Texas.

Graveside services will be held at San Jose Burial Park, San Antonio, Texas on April 12, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. The family requests that in lieu of flowers that a charitable donation to an organization of your choice may be made in his memory. 

Arrangements are under the direction of:
ARIA Cremation Service & Funeral Home
10116 E. NW Highway
Dallas, Texas 75238

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Linda Ontiveros says:

My sincere condolences to the family. He was our Trust Manager and I too made the move through the different bank mergers and acquisitions in El Paso along with Dahl. May you find comfort and peace at this difficult time.

PAT IVEY says:

I was Mr.Marshalls nurse at his Drs office for several years and he was always a pleasure to see. He had a read dry sence of humor which I loved…My sympathy to his family because I know he will be missed. May God comfort you in this time as only he can do..

Marybeth Bonner Wimberly says:

I worked with Dahl at Cullen Center Bank in the 70’s. He was a wonderful, brilliant man who gave me every encouragement and opportunity in my career one could ever hope for. I keep him alive in my heart – I will always treasure the privilege I had of working with him. He and his family are in my prayers…..

Barbara Lee Brown Akkerman says:

Dahl and I grew up on the same block and were in the same classes in Beacon Hill Elementary School. Dahl, my sister Dorothy and I spent much of our childhood playing together. We three loved putting on shows and circuses in our garage.

Dahl was an extremely intelligent, inventive and talented person – fun, too. When talking to me or Dorothy on the phone, Dahl would sometimes say “hold on a minute” – then race down the block to knock on our front door to surprise us as we waited on the phone for him to continue the conversation. He got a kick out of that.

Even in elementary school, he was a piano virtuoso – we kids thought he was as good as Oscar Levant, the famous pianist of the movies. He was an amazingly fast runner – my mother nicknamed him “Mile-a-Minute-Marshall.” Mama used to drive him to school along with us.

Dahl used to make the most intricate little buildings and forts out of toothpicks or matchsticks, incredibly detailed. One year we both got hamsters; I had to keep mine in a cage in the garage, Dahl kept his in their house. One very cold morning I went out and found my hamster lying lifeless in the cage. I called Dahl crying, and he came down and fussed at me for keeping my hamster out in the cold. Dahl put together an elaborate funeral for the hamster, using an empty tin can for a coffin, even sealing the lid on with candle wax, and he engineered a sort of winch and hoist mechanism for lifting the “coffin” and placing it in the grave we dug. I cried, we all sang, and we buried the hamster with full honors. When Dahl went home later, he called frantically and said for us to dig up my hamster, as his hamster was “lifeless” too, but his Father said it was probably just hibernating and they managed to revive him. We ran out and dug up “Cookie” – but unfortunately after being hermetically sealed in a tin can for hours, he really was dead.

Recently I saw Dahl’s email address on the reunion website, so Dorothy and I emailed him, and we enjoyed catching up on the phone and by email.

I hope this message isn’t too long; I wanted his kids to know what an interesting child their father was, and how much we cared about him.

I pray for his family – I know they will miss him. There is probably some beautiful piano playing going on in Heaven right now.

Barbara Lee Brown Akkerman

Keith Ellis says:

My Father served in the Army with Marshall at Ft. Benning in 1962. My Dad passed away three weeks ago and I found a letter that Marshall and my Dad co-authored in 1962. I would like to share it with you if you are interested. My EM is [email protected].
Thank you, and my condolences on the loss of your Father. Having just lost mine, I understand your grief. TY,
Keith Ellis

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