Poston, Eva Jill

June 27, 1957 - August 4, 2014

John 3: 16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”

This particular verse is dedicated to my prayer partner and friend of 17 years.  Eva Jill Poston loved god and now she is in a place where she has everlasting life with her father in heaven and has no more aches and pains.  Jill is now able to take her beloved pooch Rocky on some much needed walks in heaven.  My friend is singing with the angels now and I know that she is at peace.  Jill is such an amazing friend and would do anything for you.  We prayed together every day for about 10 years.  That was my friend until the end.  She loved to listen and play classical music. Jill loved to read and write (she penned a volume of poems titled (Spiritual Vitamins).  Jill loved her Ford Mustangs when she was able to drive.  She loved people and had a very kind heart.  If she ever wanted to give you a peace of her mind she would privately do it to the lord because JP (that’s what she loved to be called) never liked conflict. Coming up on last few weeks here on earth JP was opinionated and held nothing back.

I praised god for her and her love for Christ. Her love for Christ showed up through the love that she gave to me and several of her friends and her god children whom she loved dearly.    JP loved Football but she loved the DALLAS COWBOYS”HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS”.  Jill Poston could talk football with the best of them and America’s team was her team.  She would have the stats of each NFL team and the wins and losses each week.   Her favorite piece of clothing was her beloved Dallas Cowboys Hats.  She had a variety of them and would proudly wear everyday regardless if the Cowboys had a  winning or losing season .  And maybe the Dallas Cowboys can bring home another Super Bowl Win in 2014 one more time for my awesome prayer partner to beam down a smile from heaven.  JP I miss you greatly but I am praising god that you my friend are finally resting.   Love you prayer partner.  “IT IS WELL IN MY SOUL” – Vonia Reed

Jill and I first met in 7th grade and she and her Mom adopted me in as part of their family.   When I think of all the experiences, feelings, highs and lows of the last 45 years I cannot think of a single one that Jill was not there to be a part of.   We shared times of rolling on the floor laughter and times of much heartbreak.    She was always someone I could talk with and she had a special way of knowing exactly what to say.  Often she could put into words what I could not express myself.  I was blessed in this life with a real friend who I loved and loved me in return. – Martha

To Our Beloved JP
Mixed emotions cloud our minds,
We never met a person so thoughtful and kind.
You smiled despite the all the pain you felt, your positive attitude made our hearts melt.
You touched the lives of those you met,
You were an amazing person who we will never forget.
Our hearts are broken but yet filled with joy as we say with one accord, our JP is rejoicing with our Lord.
Your devotion and unconditional love we will certainly miss, but we know you’re hanging with Jesus and, giving his feet a gentle kiss.
You might be gone from this earthly place but we will again see your smiling face.

With so much love from your family,
Camille, Don, Kim, Crystal, Kayla (Jellybean), Camryn (Hot Rod), Elaine and Nikki.


I have no words to explain the abundant blessing JP gave me. When I first met JP I was in a state of depression and struggling with my faith due to some personal disappointments. I took a position as a part time home health nurse along with my full time job.  Eva Jill Poston was my first patient but she was quick to tell me “just call me JP”. 🙂

Over the years our patient/nurse relationship grew to a an amazing spiritual friendship. 

My time with the home health agency ended but my friendship with JP only grew stronger. I was supposed to be a healing help to her but instead JP became a spiritual healing to me. The love of Christ shown through her and radiated warmth and love to those around her. 

She showed me what true love was and I knew that if JP could go through her pain  and yet continually praise God there MUST be a special strength coming from above. Sometimes when I would bring a little token of gratitude to her she would say “I don’t know how I am going to repay you” and I would say “ You already have!” I miss her laugh, smile, and wit.

 However, I have the hope that I will see her again in our heavenly home. I envision her whole, happy, running, praising our God, FREE from ANY pain that she had to endure for so long. Her crown will be full of stars as she has lead so many to Christ. Her home will be full of beautiful, happy, animals, especially a “Rocky” or two. I see her joining in God’s holy choir of angels as she leads a solo with her silver flute as it reflects off the streets of gold. I can’t wait to hear that harmonious flute musical. I long for that day and the time to just sit at our Lord’s feet with all the loved one that have passed  but now are free from this earthly pain.

“JP, THANK YOU for your love, friendship, patience, prayers. Thank you for showing me the love of our Father above. Thank you for encouraging me to be myself and to do all to the Glory of God. I can NEVER repay YOU.”  With all my love.. Julie

The words and emotions are still very difficult to express over my ( our ) loss of our dear sister, friend , angel from GOD, JP. Even though I saw her rarely, she so profoundly touched my life, in such an heartfelt way. She was never judgmental and always so very understanding. She never missed a chance to speak of and praise our father GOD. In her life, though most always in severe pain, she always made GOD a priority in our conversations. She kept me focused on his word, and never backed away from her beliefs of what He expected from her. I’ve lost a very special sole, whom GOD needed more. JP may GOD hold , and keep you close to him. You worked hard for those wings, so wear them proudly. We SHAW see each other one day again! I love you , my sister.   Peace …be still. Jewel Parrish

Arrangements are under the direction of:
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Dallas, TX 75238

3 replies on “Poston, Eva Jill”

vonia reed says:

My beautiful prayer partner-rest in peace as your angels surround you with beautiful music.

Marcie Mccoy says:

To my little sister Vonia I thanks God for you and the love that you have for other, now Jill can rest in the arms of the Lord. You know you are in my prayers. Your Big Sis. Marcie

Laura Green says:

Vonia, you’re in my prayers as you have lost a wonderful friend. I would often here you talk of Jill. I know you have lots of wonderful memories to cherish. You are the example of a true friend. May God bless you richly and bring you comfort each day.

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