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Pearse, M.D., Jack H.

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July 18, 1928 - December 24, 2014

Pearse, M.D., Jack H.

Dr. Jack H. Pearse, age 86, of Dallas, Texas passed away on December 24, 2014.  Private services will be held at a later date.

Arrangements are under the direction of
ARIA Cremation Service and Funeral Home
19310 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75252

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Teresa Mekelburg

July 05, 2015 1:30PM

He was the best!

Christi Herrick

December 31, 2014 2:24PM

I am lucky enough to remember not only Dr. Pearse, but also his mentor, Dr. John Straub. When I was a kid we drove 80 miles when we needed Dr. Straub. On his retirement, he recommended another good man - Dr. Pearse. I remember the days when you could call the Yuma Clinic in the morning and visit Dr. Pearse that afternoon.

Kenneth Scott Family

December 31, 2014 12:46PM

Dr. Pearse was the best doctor anyone could have asked for. He treated everyone with his great bedside manner, kindness, and skill. Truly a great person.


December 31, 2014 12:07PM

The Doctors of Yuma...Dr. Pierce and Dr. Good and Dr. M Fisher were the absolute best.
My family their families all thrived on the care The Yuma museum has Jacks and Jane's Uniforms from a long time ago service to our country on display...There are many whom loved and cherished the good Dr. RIP in Heaven Dr. Pierce and healing for the family...Joan was your housekeeper....and I received a present from one of the kids...A White double album -Beatles record set...That was stolen just before leaving on the way to Yuma from Daly City 1971.....My heritage lies in will I someday....

Gary Blessman

December 31, 2014 10:42AM

To the family and especially John, I offer my condolences. While you have dealt with death over the years, this one is personal and I pray you come through the experience a richer person.

Deb Mekelburg Higgins

December 31, 2014 10:13AM

Jane, LeeAnn, John and families: We are wishing you many blessing for peace and comfort. Jack was such a blessing in all our lives here. I will never forget when I was in labor with Travis and about 20 hours into it. Jane came over from the clinic and sat with me and had me start pushing even though I didn't have the urge to push yet. I was so tired by then. When it was finally time to deliver several hours later, Jack and a young intern were scrubbing in the next room. I could hear Dr Pearse ask the intern if he had the calf pullers ready. The young intern was from a ranch family himself and he new after this many hours they might have to pull this kid out. Travis Bronc Rogers definitely made entrance. I gave a push as Dr Pears got to the end of the table and Dr Pearse caught Travis as he came flying out.
Our thoughts are with you. Love and peace to you all.

Mary Lee Foster

December 30, 2014 7:30PM

What a great man. I loved him

Sue Westfall

December 30, 2014 7:01PM

One of the last of the Dr. Marcus Welby, MD's. His patient care shepherded my family for 20 plus years with kindness, skill and attentiveness. Prayers of gratitude for Dr. Pearce and love and prayers to all the family in a loss shared by many. This attentive and kind physician now rests in the eternal care of the Great Physician. Can imagine they'll have enough notes to compare to last eternity!

Peggy Dreher

December 29, 2014 11:28PM

Dr. Pearse delivered me and was my doctor until I graduated from high school. Even when I was really sick, I enjoyed going to the doctor. My most memorable appointment was when my mom tried to get him to convince us that liver was good for us. He said it was like eating the oil filter on a car and he sure wouldn't eat it. Mom never made liver for us again. He was a funny, gentle, dedicated doctor.

Jason Hoch

December 29, 2014 9:43PM

This man delivered me, gave me inoculations and stitches. He was a great doctor, and always made me smile. I never knew him as an adult, but he left an impression on me as a child that lives with me today. I could only wish that all docs had his charm, sense of humor and bedside manner today. He will be missed. To his family: he impacted so many lives in yuma, colorado. Even to this day, people still remember him for who he was: a great doctor who took the now rare personal approach to medicine. Many people from yuma are celebrating his life with you...especially considering he brought so many us of into the world. Dr. in a billion!!!

LeAnn Wyatt

December 29, 2014 9:36PM

Dr.Pearce brought both of my children into the world. I was a ver young mom and he was such a kind amazing man. My parents lived across from him and Jane, later my sis and her family. He had such an amazing sense of humor, I know he touched so many lives as he did mine.

David Engel

December 29, 2014 8:12PM

i can't count how many time you made a house call for my asthma or how many times you were always there at the hospital to help me with asthma and even stitches
You were always kind and caring with a sense off humor that was calming. You and you wife was a blessing to us!
I pray for grace and comfort for you family through this!
God Bless you and thanks for giving yourself to many of us!
David Engel

Wendy Wyatt

December 29, 2014 6:35PM

Dr. Pearse was the only doctor I knew throughout childhood. He was the epitome of kindness and gentleness. What a gift to the town of Yuma to have such a warm and wonderful doctor. My sympathies to Jane and all his family...

Renny James

December 29, 2014 6:02PM

It is no exaggeration that Dr. Pearse saved my life on June 5, 1979 when I crushed my spine.

Before then he was our family doctor and regardless of the situation, he was the kindest most gentle doctor I have known.

What a wonderful & beautiful legacy he leaves.

Robin Mitchell Albright

December 29, 2014 5:58PM

I remember spending sleep overs at the Pearse's, they were always so kind to me. I thank Dr. Pearse for his years of service to our family and our community.
Blessings to the family!

Denice Baucke

December 29, 2014 5:37PM

Our thoughts and prayers to the family. I worked with both Dr. Pearse and Jane as well being their patient. He was a great man, so calm and reassuring to families when they were afraid and knowledgeable to those who worked with him!

Bill Jackson

December 29, 2014 5:30PM

Jack and Jane were great neighbors and friends. He was a family doctor in the rue sense of the definition. Condolences to his family. He will be missed by the hundreds he touched in so many ways.

Ann Blomstrom

December 29, 2014 5:04PM

Dr. Pearse delivered 3 of our children. Jane was always with him in the delivery room. What a team they were! I appreciated him so much. We also took one of our sons to his house on July 4th when he got bit by a dog. He stitched him up and was so kind. We still miss having him as our
doctor. Our prayers and sympathy to Jane and family.

Brenda Newbanks Goble Butcher

December 29, 2014 4:53PM

When my first son was born, at 10lbs 9 1/2 oz, Doc said I'm going out for steak after that one. He's half grown. When I was preg with my second child, he told all the nurses "Oh she just has big babies" during delivery Jane say's "Oh, my gosh, then looks down at me and say's Oh we think there's another one. Sure enough one 7'6 1/2 the other 6'9 1/2 What a wonderful couple, R.I.P. Dr. Pearse you brought many Blessings into the world!

DeAnn Rawson Sewell

December 29, 2014 4:41PM

My prayers are with you all. Dr.Pierce and wife Jane took care of me and my family Most of my life. He will be missed.

Cheryl Mekelburg

December 29, 2014 4:41PM

Dr. Pearse put me in the hospital when I was about 9 years old with blood poisioning. That was the first time I met him. In 1969, as soon as he delivered my daughter, Amy, Jane weighed and measured her and she was as big around as she was long, so Jane said, "Well Jack, if the Green Bay Packers ever take girls to play football, Amy will be the first to go." In 1972 he delivered Jason, 1976, Sally, and 1978, Adam. When I was terrified in the middle of the night by my husbands seizure, I begged him to come to our house, and he came,at 3 a.m. In 1983 I rushed Adam in to see Dr. Pearse to remove a tick. He took the tweezers, did a little work, and walked over to me, looking at me over his glasses, and said, "Cheryl, it's a ROCK!!!!!" (The kid had fallen out of the car on his head). This wonderful man worked from sunup to sundown for our community, and for this, I loved him dearly, and Jane as well because she always stood beside him. I will miss this larger than life doctor. They don't make them like that any more!

Debra Meis

December 29, 2014 4:21PM

Sorry to hear that Dr. Pearse has passed away. My condolences to his family. He was a wonderful doctor and took really good care of all his patients in Yuma because they were it seemed his extended family.

Bunny Ambrose

December 29, 2014 4:10PM

He was an excellent doctor and just an all around good guy. I was always so grateful to him for taking such good care of my Dad over the last difficult months of his life.

We Bunny Ambrose

December 29, 2014 4:05PM

He was an excellent doctor and just a good guy. I will be forever grateful to him for taking such good care of my Dad over the last months of his life.

Barb Jackson Ingalls

December 29, 2014 2:57PM

Dr. Pearse and Jane were our family friend for a long long time. Jack and my Dad would have water fights during summer lawn mowings since we lived across the street from each other. Love the family so much! He delivered 2 of our 3 children and was our Doc for so long!! Have missed their presence in Yuma-town and send our thoughts and prayers to Jane, John and LeeAnn and families.

Jana (Edwards) Brinkerhoff

December 29, 2014 2:53PM

My condolences Jane and LeAnne, So many fond memories of Dr. Pearse. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Much love
Jana Edwards-Brinkerhoff

Kathy Koenig Haruf

December 29, 2014 2:42PM

One of MANY stories was I was pregnant with my third child and I had two girls. This was in the day before ultrasounds and he and Jane were convinced I was going to have a boy! I told them there had not been a boy on my mother's side for 5 generations. He induced my labor and stood by my side with a blue tie on and Jane in blue scrubs- and lo and behold I gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy !! My sympathy to all his family.

Shannon Edwards

December 29, 2014 2:30PM

Dr. Pearse was my doctor in Yuma Colorado for as long as I could remember. His compassion and bedside manner were second to none, I consider myself lucky to have been one of his patients. He will be made missed.

Tony Rayl

December 29, 2014 11:45AM

I knew Dr. Pearse only toward the end of his long and illustrious career in Yuma, Colorado, where he is a legend. I can claim, though, to be one of the last people he stitched up as he had to visit the ER in Yuma on a Sunday afternoon after I got my lip split open in a town team basketball game. A super nice guy, and epitome of a great smalltown doctor.