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Wu, Ming Chin

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January 7, 1922 - August 7, 2015

Wu, Ming Chin

As a young child among the middle of his siblings, he learned to be very independent after his parents died.  He loved learning and took an opportunity traveling to Japan for his college education.  Before finishing his study, the war broke out and he was drafted by Japan.  He was deployed to South Asia like many others, under colonial ruling.  He returned to Taiwan shortly after his older brother was killed during an alliance bombing.

He married Yueh-Chiao shortly after an arranged date, an old fashioned tradition in their culture.  Even though they dated for such a short period of time, the marriage undoubtedly lasted.  Together, they raised a family with five children, three girls and two boys.

Ming trained himself to be an engineer opposite of his education in political science.  With his engineering skill and interest, he led his company by designing and manufacturing parts for the military.  He loved his work and continued working before he retired at 70 years old.

Even though there were times the family struggled financially, he and she managed to send all five children to college.  They even supported each ones’ pursuit of higher education in the United States.  He witnessed all of his children and grandchildren taking up careers as engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and consultants.  The importance of becoming a contributing citizen also extended to the younger generation as well.  He and Yueh-Chiao had 10 grandchildren, and all of the younger ones are carrying on the passion they had kindled.  That is the treasure and pride he cherished most, as he said often.

Ming enjoyed outdoor sports, playing basketball when he was younger, and hiking and fishing later.  He never said “I am too old to do . . . things”.  At the age of 70, he joined a group of young people and hiked up the Jade Mountain, one of the highest peaks in Taiwan.  However, his lifelong passion was fishing, which lasted for more than six decades.  He was an avid fisherman.  Anything to deal with fishing was serious business to him and he made it known that his knowledge and passion was second to none. In the past, he even raised earthworms for baits, crafted his own fishing hooks and rods, and weaved fishing nets to suit his own style of fishing.

After he moved from Taiwan to California, 20 years ago, he continued his fishing expeditions.  He would study the route of public transportation and took bus rides to California’s coasts, lakes and rivers.  He’d even take exhausting trips that might require multiple bus transfers, spending more than half a day only to be able to enjoy less than a couple of hours of fishing.  That’s what he enjoyed.  To him it was worth it.

His fondness of fishing never faded.  He moved to Dallas and resided here at Signature Pointed about three and a half years ago.  During this time he was recovering from a sudden illness.  Regardless, he retained his passion for fishing and kept his gear ready to go.  He Googled  the near-by lakes and ponds and even planned to purchase a small boat and scooter – exemplifying his own independence and desire.

After dealing for two years of being weathered with heart problems, his health finally strengthened and became relatively stable.  That allowed him to enjoy a peaceful, worry-free retirement.  He often said  this ‘borrowed time’ was a gift from God.  To acclimate to his new surroundings, he relearned a different language, used new hi-tech gadgets, met new friends, and gave up eating Chinese food every day.  He did all of this with an open heart and open mind.  Ultimately, he’d always let us know how thankful he was for this ‘borrowed time’.

He departed without saying ‘good-bye’ because he knew he would stay in the hearts of those he touched and encountered.  This time, he left this world to explore another new world as he had done before.  He will keep living a good life as he said often.

Ming Wu – being remembered at 10:30 A.M., Monday, August 24, 2015 at Signature Pointe on the Lake located 14655 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75254.

Arrangements are under the direction of
ARIA Cremation Service and Funeral Home
19310 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75252





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Frances Chang

September 05, 2015 1:08PM

Frances’s Notes for Dad' Memorial Service -
- Thank you, thank you for coming to join me and my family in this gathering, to say GOOD-BY to our father and to tell that he will be always remembered in our heart In each of our own way.
-- father was a man of few words might be because our mother did most of talking when they were together. After he moved in here at Signature Pointe, he got even quieter, not because of mom, but because the language However It didn't stop him to be a sweet, nice guy. He greeted people with his BIG smile, sincerely, and always; as you probably have felt that.
- Dad endured lots of changes in the last few years, his health, the moving, loss his spouse, and other events. He never complained about the hardships, he just moved on and continued the bright prospects for the future, even when he had been 90 years old.

- It had been mentioned, he liked fishing and natural (outdoor) activities, but it's not just hobbies, it really was his living philosophy.
When we were very young, he took us to hike into a remote mountain, we probably were lost at a time, the kids were whining, but dad stayed cool continued searching the trail on a hand drawn trail map. Finally we did get to the destination where he wanted to nurture us to have experienced the beauty of a mountain draped under the big blue sky. In that afternoon, we were there watching the moving cloud, admired the tall mountain, listened to the bird singing as we were sitting on the steps of a temple and drank the tea served by the monks .
There, at that time, I inherited his passion, the gift he gave me to love the calm beauty of the nature, and the Zen of hiking in the woods. Much later, when Dad became unable to travel himself, I shared my trip plan, my journey and the pictures I took of each trip with him. He would view my pictures with a satisfied smile, as he had traveled and enjoyed no less than me.

- While growing up, mom steeled the family ship sailing on its course, Dad, on the other hand, exemplified what’s the quality of living, to endure, to look forward, to tolerate, to love and to enjoy a good deal of something bring peace, happiness and harmony.
And, I cherish what I have learned and inherited from him.

Patrick and Johanna Su

August 23, 2015 12:13AM

We will always remember our times with Grandpa, especially fishing in Monterey. He was always happy when he was around his family. We will miss him.

Steven Lo

August 22, 2015 5:52PM

In his life he moved from Taipei to San Jose to Detroit to Dallas. Now he is in Heaven, where he finds the best Japanese restaurant, the best fishing spot and casinos with the best odds.

With love and wonderful memories, Steve

Stewart LO

August 22, 2015 2:26PM

Grandpa was a chilled and happy person. May he rest in peace.

Kevin Ping Chang (Grandson)

August 21, 2015 3:17PM

We all know about Ah-gong's penchant for fishing but the one thing I will highlight is Ah-gong's adventurous spirit. If there was an opportunity to fish, he would take it -- anywhere, anytime, anyplace. My most memorable trip I took with him was to Lake the middle of winter. I went to up to ski Kirkwood and took him fishing at nearby Caples Lake. At the end of the day, we regrouped and you could just see us both beaming with happiness. It was one of the better apres-ski experiences I've had as we shared our day of skiing and fishing conquest over a casino buffet with much lost in translation. Ah-gong, you will be missed. Catch that big one wherever you may be!