Smith, Jeremy S.

August 20, 1981 - October 24, 2015

Was born August 20, 1981 in Dallas, Texas.

Jeremy has a twin brother Matthew and a younger brother Andrew, a father Jesse Smith and mother Mary Shafer Smith, grandmothers Margaret Goodlett Smith and Carolyn Gurnee Shafer, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends all of whom mourn his passing.  Jeremy also is mourned by Verity White of Worthing, England.  He loved her and was loved in return.

As a child Jeremy showed an early aptitude for reading and science.  He volunteered at the Museum of Natural History in Dallas, Texas when he was a teen.  In high school he marched in the band playing the baritone and euphonium.  After graduating from Lake Highlands High school he attended the University of North Texas and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology.  After graduation Jeremy worked at the Emergency Animal Clinics in Dallas and Richardson and later at Wave Form Systems, a laser medical technology company.

Jeremy was kind to all his met, and he was known for his quick wit and his warm compassion.  He possessed a keen interest in science and history.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing by natural causes of Jeremy Shafer Smith in Dallas, Texas on October 24, 2015.

The world has lost a beautiful soul.

A Memorial Service will be at 2pm on Sunday November 1, 2015 at Aria Northwest Highway.

Arrangements are under the direction of:
ARIA Cremation and Funeral Home
10116 E Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75238

13 replies on “Smith, Jeremy S.”

Lisa Ninkovich says:

Jeremy was a kind hearted gentle soul with compassion, genuine caring for animals, and a spirit that allowed you to feel comfortable telling him things about yourself that maybe weren’t so easy to tell others. A real gentleman who was raised by wonderful parents and siblings who loved him. Jeremy never made any enemies while at the Emergency Animal Clinic and even the animals were drawn to his kindness. We will miss you!! Love to his family, and especially my dear friend Mary. God bless you.

Michael Singletary says:

We take every opportunity to tell you–and each other–that we’re friends. There’s always something else to say, but…too soon, man. I’m still wishing I could let you know about every update, every release and every piece of news that would catch your fancy.

Try not to be creeped out if I message your Hangouts.

I’m going to miss the way you settle down arguments and add balance to discussions. The way you sounded so polite and nice, but could firmly stand your ground greater than anyone who yells.

We’ve discussed recruiting a lot, including the last day we spoke. We’re not going to replace you–even before we lost you, you weren’t replaceable. None of us are.

But we’re also not going to let everything fall apart. I know you wouldn’t like us ending our great game family because of you, and I won’t put that burden on your shoulders. We may go somewhere else, but…well, you know how Blizzard is. We’d be wandering off anyway.

…Eclipse Phase will have to wait, though.

But we’ll keep going. We’ll remember you and keep going. We’ll try not to put too much pressure on the newcomers in your name and keep going. Even if you’re not here in body, voice or text, you’re still with us.

It isn’t realistic of me, but if you feel like visiting, let me known. Be comfy. Aka’magosh.

Charlie Newcomb says:

Jeremy will be deeply missed by all that knew him. I had the honor of training Jeremy with Wave Form Systems.
I was just in Dallas last month, and his kindness had grown.
My deepest condolences to his family and friends. He touched many people.
I am a better person for having known him.
Rest easy.

Charlie Newcomb says:

Jeremy was a humble and sincere guy.
I had the honor of training him at Wave form.
I was in Dallas last month, and he was his normal genuinely humble self.
My deepest condolences to his family, he will be deeply missed by all of us.

Karen Trusler says:

Jeremy, the world is a poorer place without your kind gentle soul. What a lovely young man you were, we always enjoyed your visits to the UK, you were caring, easy to talk to, clever and so much more, an all round good guy. We are all heartbroken, our sympathies go out to your family. Rest in peace dear Jeremy.

Jamal Joseph says:

He was one of the most kind hearted people you could ever meet, and would take hours to talk to you about whatever may have been eating you, and a rock to all hisfriends. He will be greatly and deeply missed

Linda Macdougall says:

My sincere sympathy to the Smith family in this time of sorrow. You are in my thoughts and prayers now and in the days to come.

Sandy Millmore says:

Only met you once. You were great. RIP xx💋

Sandy millmore says:

A truly good soul. Xx

Sarah Doldersum says:

I didn’t know you well, but I knew you well enough to know that you were a very good person. Even from a country away, behind s computer screen, I could feel your warmth of spirit right from the start. I’m sorry I never talked to you more, I had some stuff going down, you know how it goes… I’ll see you much later. Thank you for treating me like a friend. <3 my heart and my prayers are for your family and friends: I'm sorry they've lost such a great guy.

Mary Shafer Smith says:

It is with deep gratitude that the family of Jeremy Smith responds to these messages.
To all those who wrote what Jeremy meant to you, I as his mother must say it gives me comfort. To hear the ways in which he bettered your lives is the best encouragement you could have offered. I would very much like to respond personally to many of you. If you are willing to stay in touch by email, I would love to share updates and thoughts as well as uplifting memories.
This has been a terrible shock to us all, but many of us have felt his spiritual presence with us even still. That thin veil between us and the other world does allow some communication, I think.
Thank you for your words about my son. He has two other brothers who possess the same traits of integrity, wit, intelligence and compassion. And his brothers would like to stay in touch with Jeremy’s friends. In this way, Jeremy becomes a conduit for us all to connect through him.
I know my son would want us to remember the good times. On that note, I plan to share memories of him in the days ahead with those of you who miss him so greatly.
Bless you all for your flowers, your kind thoughts, and mostly for being his friends. I am so very touched by the number of people coming in from out of state for his service.
My son lives on and will make his presence felt if you are open to it.
To Verity and her folks: your flowers were stunning. And your messages precious. I would love to stay in touch. My email is [email protected]

Mary Shafer Smith says:

I am Jeremy’s mother and want to thank all of you who sent messages about my son. Your words and flowers and presence warmed my heart.
I would love to stay in touch with any of you who are willing. And I feel blessed that you loved my son.

robinet flynn says:

It is expected that children will bury their parents so it is particularly painful when the opposite occurs. May the words at Isaiah 33:24 and Revelation 21:3 and 4 bring your family comfort.

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