Stone, Frank W.

December 27, 1924 - September 28, 2013

On September 28, 2013 at 6:15, at 88 years old, Frank Wayne Stone took his last flight.  Frank was born to Archie Frank Stone and Lula Mint Weatherford in Lamar County, TX on December 27, 1924.  Frank spent his early years in Borger, TX where he developed a passion for airplanes. Frank started flying with a crop duster in West, TX at the age of 12, and soloed at 14.  He enlisted into the Navy at 17 where he flew Hellcats aboard USS Boxer in the Pacific Campaign in WWII.  Frank met and married Marcia Murphy in Miami, FL and they moved to Dallas in 1957.  Frank hired on with Braniff in 1952 and flew with them for 32 years.  Frank owned several nightclubs and lounges in Dallas from the early 60’s to late 80’s; the Blackout, the FlyBoy, and the Cockpit.  Among Frank’s greatest passions were flying, traveling, gold mining, meeting people, joke telling, having a beer with his friends.  His greatest passion of all was animals.  He is survived by his wife, Marcia Murphy and daughter, Laura Paige Griffin and husband Jerry Griffin, beloved cat, Gabriella, step-grandson, Chris C. Griffin and his wife, Loretta Griffin, and great-granddaughter, Angela Griffin.

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14 replies on “Stone, Frank W.”

Monty Sparks says:

Frank was one heck of a great guy! I spent many a wonderful hour listening to Frank tell his stories and enjoyed every minute of it. He will truly be missed.

George Gantous says:

Frank, thank you for being you. I wish had done this sooner.You saved my life at 37,000ft over the jungles of Brazil. Hope I get to see you again.

Carol Wooley says:

Frank instructed at Dalfort where I got my 737 type rating. I was honored to have him as my copilot on the check ride.
Always enjoyed visiting with him at many BISE get togethers. A very special guy.

Terry Sauder says:

Dear Marcia,
Frank was one of the truly great pilots of our time. I am a retired SWA pilot who was fortunate to meet and get to know Frank from the Old Fly Boy days. He will be missed by all Braniff and SWA pilots that had the opportunity to be in his presence.
I am certain that he is still in the left seat flying the Braniff Pumpkin.
Please accept my condolences.
Capt. Terry Sauder
SWA #641

Chuck Scott says:

What a guy and what a life! Crop dusting and soloing at age 14. A combat carrier fighter pilot in WWII and an airline captain for many years. Married to the same gal he started with. Wow. Not many like you Frank. Wish I could buy you one last beer. So many good times at the Flyboy and the Cockpit. Here’s a toast to you and what you stood for. Godspeed on your journey West.

Terry Sauder says:

Dear Marcia,
Oh, what wonderful times I experienced with Frank at the Ole Fly Boy. A truly outstanding pilot and good friend.
As a SWA pilot (in the early years) Frank welcomed us with the philosophy of fellow aviators. For that I will always be greatfull.
I am certain that Frank is still up above flying the Braniff Pumpkin.
May God Bless you and Captain Frank.
Terry Sauder, Capt.(Ret.)

Leroy Carroll says:

I knew Frank through my tenure at BI. He was a great guy. The world will be a darker without him

Capt. Bill Riddle says:

I had the privilige of knowing Frank when we were both instructors at the Southwest Airlines Simulator in Dallas. The man had more stories and I suspect 90% of them were true. He was a legend in the business and what a pleasure 100% of the time it was to know him. Smooth landings, Captain Stone.

Bob Skinner says:

It certainly was a pleasure to have
known you in the early days at the
Flyboy/Cockpit. Boy how time Fly’s!

Terry Smith says:

No doubt Frank was a great storyteller! I met him in the late 60’s at a Braniff pilot’s gathering and listened to a few stories at the Flyboy. Frank and my Dad were on the USS Boxer at the end of WW2, Frank flying the F6F with VF93 and my “old man” flying the F4U with VBF93. One of his favorite stories was about the day the Boxer was recovering F4U’s during heavy seas. Frank was on “vulture’s row” when an F4U received the cut just as the fantail went on a down roll. The F4U floated down the deck, caught one of the last wires, hit the 5inch deck gun, and ended up backwards in the barrier. The pilot jumped out and was ok. Frank ran into the pilot again at Braniff 10 years later. It was my “Old Man”!

Lou Garvin says:

Godspeed Frank and thanks for the wonderful memories at the FlyBoy and Cockpit. Be looking to swap stories there with my Dad, USAAF WWII.

debbie harvey says:

Frank was a pilot’s pilot! He had the best flying stories and the sweetest, kindest heart. A man who loves kitties is just that way.

Paige stone griffin says:

Dear Daddy,
I can’t tell u how much I miss u, everyday is an awful day without u and the nights, well I spend them wondering where ur flying now.
You truly were and are my Hero and you were my rock, I feel so off balance without you to guide me, I hope you will let me be your co-pilot one day soon but knowing you the way I do and your sence of humor, I’ll probably be on standby!

Paul Smith says:

I had the good fortune of meeting Frank at the Cockpit while I was on a DAL layover in 2008-2009. His stories of WWII Navy flying and Braniff were amazing. What a life. Thank you Frank!

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