Celebration of Life Service

The Aria Celebration of Life Service Includes: 

  • Personnel available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to respond to the initial call. 
  • Arrangement conference  
  • Coordinating service plans with cemetery, crematory, clergy, and other parties involved in the funeral  and/or final disposition of the deceased. 
  • Recording and retrieval of the death certificate and disposition permit 
  • Basic service of funeral director and staff 
  • Filing of necessary legal documents 
  • Obituary composition and placement on Aria Funeral Home Website 
  • Removal of the deceased from place of death 
  • Refrigeration 
  • Bathing and Sanitary Care of Remains 
  • Use of facilities/staff/equipment for service at one of our 4 chapels (2 Hour Maximum) • Transportation to crematory 
  • Alternative Cremation Container* 
  • Crematory Fee 
  • Guest register book 
  • Temporary Urn 

Additionally, we offer a complete line of Urns, Cremation Jewelry, Floral Arrangements, Custom Printed  Materials and Memorial products to assist in honoring your loved one. 

*Sec. A 716.151. CREMATION CONTAINERS. (a) Human remains must be placed in a cremation container that: (1) is made of combustible  materials suitable for cremation; (2) provides a complete covering of the body; (3) is resistant to leakage or spillage; (4) is rigid for easy  handling; and (5) protects the health and safety of crematory personnel.

R. Driver

Excellent customer service, they made you feel like you were their only customer. Very helpful and explained what we should expect during the process. They basically took care of our needs during this time. They contacted DFW National Cemetery for us which made it a smooth experience. Definitely will use them again.

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